Classified Employee Council Minutes


Present: Anna Mary Walsh, Sally Urban, Harry Young, Karl Wolfe, Robert Jenkins, Shelly Thorpe, Agnes Tabler, Dan Starliper, Cheryl Layton, Marcia Hanifan, Karen Wempe, Pat Sherwood. Guests Dr. Ingle, Dave Grove, Ken Harbaugh

It was MSP that the minutes of 7/8/99 meeting be approved as read.

Harry Young report the on meeting of 8/9/99. It was a single item agenda, on Series 62. The ACCE board is not pleased with the article as written, for two basic reasons. 1. Critical retention which enables the institution to bonus to critical positions, based on need, (subverting the present system), 2. No time line for reviews and appeals of upgrade requests by employees. Harry will keep the council informed of the progress of this bill.

Arrears Issue‹State may put arrears payroll into effect. No further information available at this time.

Dan Starliper reported on the 7/14/99 meeting. Barbara Pichot is the Chair, and Lee Morgan is the Vice Chair of the Board of Advisors for 1999-2000. Dr. Dunlop gave an update on the higher education legislation, especially regarding EWVCC in Moorefield. Dr Ingle discussed progress of the new library (ground breaking could be as early as late winter), and the beautification efforts on campus, and the planning process the lead to these changes.

Ken Harbaugh reported a balance of $32,415, which will drop with the recent retirement of several employees. It is the suggested goal of the Scholarship Committee to reach a total of $50,000 within 4 years.

$3400 was awarded for the fall semester. The Committee will review and recommend any changes to the guideline for awarding scholarships.

Classified employees are reminded they can always sign up for payroll deduction donations. Please contact any member of the scholarship committee or your representative to receive the form. Deductions can be as little as $2. At this time, we have 24 employees who contribute in the summer months, and 30 during the academic year. Come on folks! Call Ken Harbaugh (5252) or any of the other committee members today! (Robert Jerkins, Elizabeth Shanton, Karen Wempe, Joan Pope, Peg Swisher, or Betty Ecton)

HELP is NEEDED for the Junior/Senior Mailing! When Aug 28th 8AM (7 for set up) til 2 PM (especially need help 11-2) At the Butcher Center, Lower Level. This brings in a sizeable contribution to the Scholarship Fund. Please call Ken Harbaugh (5252) and sign up!

No report

See attached. MSP to endorse the proposed language of the overtime policy.

Marcia Hanifan asked if it was possible to have the hours worked noted on the paychecks. Shelley Thorpe will check into this and report back.

Location of NEW POSITIONS postings was questioned. Such openings are posted on the Shepherd College Web pages, and in the Shepherd College Record, as well as at the Human Resources Office.

It was again noted that since the Record is not published in the summer, and that all supervisors are not posting the vacancies. The Council would like to see the Record published at least once a month during the summer months for communications pirposes.

Development of emeritus status for classified, and non-classified employees was discussed. A committee was formed (Dan Starliper, Ken Harbaugh and Anna Mary Walsh) to make recommendations and report back to the council.

William Madigan, Maintenance, Mable Underwood, Simona Kelican, Barbara Sandagata, Cafeteria.

Joan Pope to non-classified, Jack Castle to College Center.

Areta Bonnell, Robert Crouse, Bobby Williams, Maintenance, Scott Bradford-Doleman, Administration, Lisa Clinton, Virginia Cross, Cafeteria.

MSP to adjourn formal meeting. Next meeting Thurs, Sept 23rd, 9AM at the Cumberland Room.

Meeting was then turned over to Dr. Alan Ingle, Vice President of Administration and Finance. Dr. Ingle identified three areas of development:

1. Landscaping--most of the initial work has been completed. The planting of flowers will wait until the drought subsides. The changes were designed to reduce the workload on the physical plant staff. All the mulchbeds are now in place.

2. Post and Chains--also already in place. More may be added at a future date. Cedar posts were chosen over pressure treated lumbers because they are longer lived, and age more attractively.

3. Signage--new signs will replace the old, and will be of a uniform design, where feasible.

Computer enhanced photos were presented showing the proposed "finished product." These photos can be viewed at Ikenberry Hall. Room 201.

Upcoming improvements include--Screens around the satellite dishes, a plaza displaying the three flags (West Virginia, US and Shepherd College) and spotlight at Knutti. a directional map kiosk at Knutti., all hopefully in place by mid winter.

An opening meeting at McMurran Hall, Aug 25th (time) for the proposed plan for the Library and the Byrd Center was announced.

Individuals are encouraged to email Dr. Ingle (aingle) with thoughts, ideas and questions.

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