Classified Employee Council Minutes

April 8, 1998

Members Present: Geraldine Hammond, Robert Jenkins, Paul Allen, Karl Wolf, Dan Starliper, Harry Young, Agnes Tabler, Johnette Jackson, Karen Wempe, Anna Mary Walsh, and Marsha Branch. GUESTS: Bob Maidhof and Stacy Wright

Mrs. Walsh welcomed Mr. Bob Maidhof and Mrs. Stacy Wright to the meeting.

Mr. Maidhof gave a brief summary of the Dining Hall and some of the problems being faced and improvements which have been made.

The heating problem in the Dining Hall is due to the fact that it was changed from electric to gas which is hotter. He has installed large fans and ordered T-shirts for the workers which should be cooler than the shirts they now wear.

The problem with the plastic containers will be remedied. As soon as the current supply of plastic container is used, the Dining Hall will go to styrofoam containers for those patrons who use carry-out.

The biggest problem with the Dining Hall is that it needs to be renovated. The seating capacity will not accommodate the number of people currently using the facility. It needs painting or paneling, a new ceiling, and some new furniture. All of these renovations could be done for a fraction of the cost of building a new Dining Hall.

Mr. Maidhof and Mrs. Wright thanked the Council for allowing them to attend and share information concerning their area of campus.

Mrs. Walsh called the meeting to order.

The minutes of the March 11, 1998 meeting were approved as distributed.

Harry Young stated that the annual increment has been raised to $50. The raise for Mercer should be 3.5% this year.

Anna Mary Walsh will send thank you letters to the Mr. Doyle, Mr. Manuel, and Mr. Snyder for all their work in getting the annual increment increased.

The next meeting will be in May in Petersburg at South Branch.

The Classified Employees Annual Spring Meeting and Luncheon will be held on Tuesday, April 14, 1998 from 12 noon to 1:30 (Dr. Dunlop has granted 1/2 hour release time). Those employees with 20, 25, and 30 years of service and retiring employees will receive special recognition. There will be a 50/50 raffle held at the Luncheon.

Anna Mary Walsh asked that retiring employees with 25 or more years of service be given a token of appreciation. MSP that in the future all retirees with 25 or more years of service be given such a token from the College.

Anyone interested in running for Classified Employees Council is encouraged to let someone know so that they can be nominated. All employees are encouraged to serve their fellow employees in this way.

The computer training held during Spring Break went very well. Money is still available for anyone interested in attending a seminar or workshop. Employees wishing to have 1-on-1 computer training should contact Johnette Jackson for more information. Staff Development Committee is still working with a physical therapist to get them to come to campus and meet with Dining Hall personnel to discuss ergonomics. A session with the Maintenance Department will be scheduled at a later date.

Harry Young stated that the RA's do room inspections on a regular basis. There is a fine line between students privacy rights and the responsibility to the campus to keep rooms and residence halls in a sanitary condition. Part of the problem with the trash will be eliminated when the Dining Hall changes over to styrofoam. Harry with speak with Jack and Sandy Castle as well as Dave Grove concerning the trash problem in the residence halls. He will bring any information he has to the May meeting.

Alcohol use on campus is an ongoing problem especially with underage drinking. Student drinking on campus is becoming stricter. Shepherd College has a cooperative agreement with the local police to combat underage drinking. Shepherd is using a program with students which includes an educational program as well as an assessment program. Several students have directly benefited from this program and are now working in the program with other students.

The Affirmative Action Committee is recommending to Dr. Dunlop that new hires be given a mentor. There was some discussion as to the responsibility of supervisors in acclimating their employees to campus life. This matter was tabled until the May meeting.

Karl Wolf made a motion to have the Council recommend to Dr. Dunlop that the Dining Hall be renovated and expanded as soon as possible. The motion was MSP.

Karl Wolf made a motion to have the Council recommend to Dr. Dunlop that planning be done to improve the appearance of the Rams Den. The motion was MSP.

The next meeting of the Classified Employees Council will be held on May 13, 1998 at 9 a.m. in the Blue-Gray Room. All meeting are open.

Respectfully submitted,

Marsha A. Branch
Classified Employee Council Secretary

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