Classified Employee Council Minutes

Special Classified Council Meeting
April 7, 2003

Present: Present: Bonita Brooks, David Cage (alternate), Brenda Feltner, Tim Haines, Geraldine Hammond, Dan Starliper, Paula Scott, Peg Swisher (alternate), Agnes Tabler (alternate), Phyllis Taylor, and Deneatta Williams. Guest: Ken Harbaugh.

Tim Haines, chair, called the meeting to order.

The purpose of this special meeting was to present to the Council for approval the revised Shepherd College Classified Employees Council Constitution. This revision was necessary because of the changes mandated by the passage of House Bill 2224. It was M/S/P to approve the italicized, bold-faced changes in the "Revised Shepherd College Classified Employees Council Constitution." This revised Council Constitution will be distributed to all classified employees for review and will be voted on for its acceptance at our annual Classified Employees meeting on Thursday, April 17. There was much discussion and many comments regarding the unfairness and discrimination that these mandated changes would have for some of our classified employees.

The major revisions in our Council Constitution are the following:
1. The Shepherd College Classified Employees Council will be referred to as the Staff Council;
2. The merger of categories 6 and 7 (which means less representation for those two categories);
3. The separate election of a non-voting chair;
4. The election of an ex-officio, non-voting Board of Governors representative;
5. Two representatives each from Categories 1, 3, 4, 5, 6/7, with one elected alternate for each council member; and
6. The term of office will be two years beginning the first of July in each odd-numbered year, and Staff Council members are eligible to succeed themselves.

These changes outlined in H.B. 2224 were not supported by our Council.

There being no further business, it was M/S/P to adjourn the meeting at 9:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda J. Feltner
Classified Employees Council Secretary

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