Classified Employee Council Minutes

Special Classified Council Meeting
April 24, 2002

Present: Brenda Feltner, Tim Haines, Steve Parrotte, Dan Starliper, Paul Schwan, Paula Scott, Peg Swisher (alternate), Anna Mary Walsh, Karl Wolf, Racquel Yerbury. Guests: Paul Allen, Bob Dingas, Ken Harbaugh, Ed Magee, Rachael Meads, Howard Seiler, Donna Semler, and Cindy Snyder.

Anna Mary Walsh, chair, called the meeting to order.

The main purpose of this special meeting was to discuss the percentage of pay increases for all Shepherd College employees that would be recommended and voted on by the Shepherd College Board of Governors at an 8 a.m. April 25 tele-conference. Anna Mary asked Ed Magee, Vice President of Administration and Finance, to meet with us to explain the percentages and answer our questions.

Ed explained that each group (faculty, non-classified, and classified) would receive 3% of that group's total salaries. This 3% recommendation was decided by executive staff. After this year's percentage of the equity step is funded, classified employees would receive approximately 16% of the "gap" on the classified salary schedule.

After much discussion, it was M/S/P "that Council recommends to the Shepherd College Board of Governors that the non-classified raises average 1.5% and the additional money be added to fund the classified employee salary schedule."

There being no further business, it was M/S/P to adjourn the meeting at 11:14 a.m.


Brenda J. Feltner
Classified Employees' Council Secretary

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