Shepherd College Classified Employees Recognition Day

April 19, 2001

Anna Mary Walsh, Classified Council Chair, gave the welcome and opening remarks. Appreciation was given to all the Council representatives who served this past year.

Dr. Dunlop extended his greetings. He stated that classified employees have approximately 1,635 years of service at Shepherd College. This is an average of nine years per person. We will be losing 5.3% of that experience through those employees who are retiring. He said that Shepherd College has an excellent reputation due in part to its classified employees. The people who work here reflect on the institution.

Dr. Dunlop and Anna Mary Walsh recognized the following retirees:
Robert Jenkins - 31 years
Harry Young - 31 years
Vergie Smith - 13 years
Harold Delauney - 12 years

Dr. Dunlop and Anna Mary then recognized those employees who have worked at Shepherd 20+ years:
Agnes Tabler - 40 years
Reuben Swope - 35 years
Karl Wolf - 30 years
Henry Boyer - 30 years
Melinda Landolt - 25 years
Brenda Feltner - 25 years
Anna Mary Walsh - 25 years
Lexa Long - 25 years
Lay Huor - 25 years
Dale Hunter - 25 years
Dave Grove - 20 years

Dr. Dunlop and Anna Mary then recognized Harry Young and Robert Jenkins as Classified Employees Emeritus.

Advisory Council of Classified Employees (ACCE)
Anna Mary gave an annual report from ACCE. See previous Council minutes for further details.

Shepherd College Board of Advisors
Dan Starliper gave a summary of this group that meets monthly. There will be a 4.5% increase in tuition and fees for next year. Beginning July 1, 2001, the Board of Governors will oversee operations of Shepherd College.

Staff Development
Johnette Jackson thanked Dr. Dunlop for his generous allocation for staff development and the committee: Paul Allen, Nancy Roesel, Pat Sherwood, and Dan Starliper. She also thanked Marie Carter for her help this year with organizing the Customer Service Seminars. With her assistance, 117 employees attended these seminars. Positive responses were received from employees regarding these seminars.

Our initial appropriation was $19, 612. We've encumbered $13,017.96, leaving a balance of $6,595.04. We processed 52 staff development applications for 36 employees.

Scholarship Committee
Peg Swisher reported that the beginning balance was $31,500. We currently have $36,500, with thirty-three employees participating in payroll deduction. McKen's has contributed $6,000. The Scholarship Committee awarded $3,500 last year.

Shepherd College Foundation
Melinda Landolt gave a report and thanked the classified employees for buying a brick for the Scarborough Library project.

Nominations for Elections
Dan Starliper proceeded with nominations for the Shepherd College Board of Governors, Advisory Council of Classified Employees, and the various categories. Results of these elections will be forthcoming.

Vince Gonino won the 50/50 raffle which benefits the Shepherd College Employees Children's Scholarship Fund.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Brenda J. Feltner
Classified Employees Council Secretary

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