Classified Employee Council Minutes

April 5, 2001

Present: Paul Allen, David Cage (alternate), Brenda Feltner, Geraldine Hammond, Johnette Jackson, Cheryl Layton, Paula Scott, Libby Shanton, Dan Starliper, Larry Turner, Anna Mary Walsh, and Karen Wempe. Guests: Ken Harbaugh, Peg Swisher, and Dan Yanna.

Anna Mary Walsh, chair, called the meeting to order.

It was M/S/P that the March 1, 2001, minutes be approved as distributed.

Association of Concerned Classified Employees
Anna Mary gave a detailed report on ACCE's meeting with Governor Wise and Senators Lloyd Jackson and Bob Plymale on March 20. She also reported on ACCE's meeting on March 21. Please see her attached reports.

Board of Advisors
Dan Starliper reported that the Shepherd College Board of Advisors met on March 15, 2001. Please see his attached report.

Scholarship Committee
Peg Swisher reported that the committee is waiting to review scholarship applications. As of 2/13/01, the scholarship fund had a balance of $41,235.86. There are twenty-seven employees participating in the payroll deduction plan.

Ken Harbaugh is checking into possible one-day bus trips to Washington, D.C., or surrounding areas for dinner and theater events. This could be done as a fundraiser for the scholarship fund.

Staff Development
Johnette Jackson reported a balance of $7,427.36 in the staff development fund. There were 117 employees who participated in the customer service seminars presented by Rie Wilson. Johnette heard many good comments about this seminar. She also reported that thirty employees participated in the cholesterol screening.

Buildings and Grounds Committee
Karen Wempe reported that they met on March 15. She stated that Ed Magee, our new Vice President for Administration and Finance, will replace Alan Perdue on this committee. Ken Harbaugh will replace Marsha Branch as the representative from classified employees.

The following items were brought before this committee:

Joan Pope made a request for advertisement signs to be allowed on the chain-link fence at the south-end of the football field for fundraising purposes. These signs would only be up during football season.

A concern was raised regarding insufficient lighting at the Miller Hall crosswalk. Dan Yanna spoke with Jim Schmitt, who has agreed to reposition the light from the southeast corner to the northeast corner in an effort to increase visibility.

Ken Harbaugh brought before the committee several safety concerns: (1) the sloping rear entrance to Ikenberry Hall; (2) the placement of sandwich boards in the street and at the intersection of King and High Streets; and (3) the crosswalk between the Library and the College Center.

A new Campus Safety Committee, a sub-committee of Buildings and Grounds, has been created. The following are members:
Grover Boyer (Security) - Ext. 5374
Dan DePalma (Faculty Rep.) - Ext. 5350
Luoluo Hong (Student Affairs) - Ext. 5172
James McNeel (SGA) - Ext. 5301
Karen Wempe (Classified Employees) - Ext. 5052
Dan Yanna (Director of Facilities) - Ext. 5236

Dan Yanna updated Council on several construction projects: (1) the archaeological issues dealing with the library addition have been resolved, so construction will resume; (2) the McMurran clock tower is being assembled and it is looking good; (3) the Knutti Hall elevator is on schedule; and (4) there is a pull off at the entrance to west campus (across from Sheetz) so people can view the wayfinders (which are not here yet).

Old Business
Ken Harbaugh reported that he has collected a total of $53 for the Classified Employees' "Buy-a-Brick" campaign. Council still needs money for this very worthwhile project. Please give your coins or dollars to Ken Harbaugh (Ikenberry Hall), Johnette Jackson (Butcher Center), or Anna Mary Walsh (Knutti Hall).

Anna Mary announced that the annual Classified Employees meeting will be Thursday, April 19, Dining Hall, from 12 noon-1:30 p.m. Dr. Dunlop has allowed a half-hour release time. Mary Beth Sibert will be sending out notices for this event. Please remember to RSVP to Mary Beth.

Dan Starliper emphasized that nominations for Classified Council reps. from the various categories and for the ACCE/Shepherd College Board of Advisors reps. should be okayed by the nominees before our annual meeting. The category list is attached to these minutes.

Ken Harbaugh distributed the list of classified employees who will be recognized at the annual meeting. Tim Haines and Ken have been working on the program.

New Business
Ken Harbaugh also distributed a copy of the Shepherd College Classified Employees Council Constitution. Because of new legislation, the Council's Constitution will have to be modified to reflect changes. Anna Mary will ask Melinda Landolt if she will help with this. Dan Starliper and Cheryl Layton also volunteered to assist.

A concern about the possibility of all students having to purchase laptops in the future was brought before Council. Discussion ensued as to the possible financial burdens on the students and on the college. Council hopes that the college investigates all aspects of this endeavor before acting too quickly.

A concern was brought before Council regarding the housekeepers frantic spring cleaning schedules in the residence halls. Dan Yanna responded that he has met with Luoluo Hong regarding mechanical and housekeeping requirements during the summer. They are attempting to work out a schedule that is fair to all.

Dan Yanna informed Council that he has advertised in the local newspapers for two non-classified positions that will replace the two ServiceMaster positions. Council is glad to see that these two positions will be Shepherd positions, but extremely concerned that they were advertised as non-classified at such high salaries. Council feels very strongly that these two positions would probably fit into the classification system. When new unclassified positions like these are added, it is a way of working against the classified system.

Another Council concern was that of a classified staff member being allowed to work from home. Anna Mary and Dan Starliper will check into this allegation.

There was a discussion about the use of annual leave by employees. If there are policies in any department which may prohibit an employee from taking leave when requested, the employee needs to sit down with the supervisor to discuss the issue.

Anna Mary reminded Council and all classified employees that the evaluation of President Dunlop will be Thursday, April 26. The time set aside for classified employees is 11-11:45 a.m., Blue-Gray Room in the College Center. Please try to attend!

She also reminded Council that the Womenıs Caucus will sponsor "Bring Your Child to Work Day" on Thursday, April 17.

Staff Changes
Transfer: Ed Magee to non-classified

Farewell: Rudy Dietz, Dining Hall Pat Knopsnyder, Dining Hall

There being no further business, it was M/S/P that the meeting be adjourned at 11:10 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Brenda J. Feltner
Classified Employees Council Secretary

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