Classified Employee Council Minutes


Present: Agnes Tabler, Robert Jenkins, Karen Wempe, Sally Urban, Anna Mary Walsh, Shelley Tharp, Paul Allen, Dan Starliper, Pat Sherwood, Karl Wolf, Cheryl Layton. Stacey Wright, Ricky Clark , Brenda Feltner, Guests: Ken Harbaugh

Anna Mary Walsh called the meeting to order.

It was MSP that the minutes of the 3/9/00 meeting be accepted as read.

No report

Board of Advisors:
No Report

Scholarship Committee:
No report

Staff Development:
No report

Buildings & Grounds:
No report

Old Business:
List of concerns were sent to Dr. Ingle, and a response received. Potential questions were discussed and drafted, based on those responses. Anna Mary Walsh will send these to Dr. Ingle.

New Business:
It was brought to the attention of the Council that morale is very low at the dining hall, and it is affecting the work environment.

Since one of the purposes of the Classified Employees Council is to encourage the improvement of working conditions of classified staff, it was MSP that a letter be sent to the Vice President of Student Affairs voicing our concern about the morale problem at the dining hall and to offer a recommendation that some form of positive reinforcement be offered to help alleviate the problem.

A concern was also raised about a classified employee position being eliminated at the Dining Hall. This will be taken to the appropriate administrative level.

REMEMBER! Annual Meeting will be held April 19th. $4. Mark your calendars now.

Nominations will be taken at that time for representatives of each category. Please be thinking about who you would like to represent you in the upcoming year--don't be too shy to volunteer! Please check with someone before nominating them!

New hires:
Sara Maene, Computer Center
Teresa Burns, Procurement
Carla Spears, Procurement
Lynn Brandt, Div. Nat Science and Math

Janette Graves, Admissions
Barbara Sandagata, Cafeteria
Joanna Dove, Cafeteria
Tina Southard, Cafeteria
Mabel Underwood, Cafeteria

MSP meeting be adjourned. Annual meeting and luncheon will April l9th, 11:30-1:00 the Dining Hall.

Pat Sherwood

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