Shepherd College Assembly Minutes

Spring Meeting
Mon. April 12, 1999
Reynolds Hall

The meeting was called to order by moderator, Laura Neal.

MSP to approve the minutes from the fall Assembly meeting.

Ms. Neal asked if there were any questions about the proposed constitutional amendment, which was on the reverse side of the agenda. There being no questions, she stated that a ballot will be sent to all members of the Assembly on this issue.

Dr. David Eldridge presented the list of graduates for 1999. MSP that the list be accepted.


Floor was opened for nominations for officers. Motion passed by acclamation that Laura Neal be moderator, Anna Mary Walsh be secretary, and Carl Bell be parliamentarian.

Motion passed by acclamation that Dr. Jean Ouedraogo be faculty representative to the Student Life Council. It was noted that this council meets every two weeks.

Nominations for faculty representative to the Shepherd College Board of Advisers were Anders Henriksson and Mike Jacobs. By secret ballot at this time, Anders Henriksson was voted the representative.

Reports to the Assembly:

1. Advisory Council of Classified Employees ( Harry Young)

a. Announced that the bill which would have lifted the cap from the 20-year increment was not passed.

b. Stated that there is a post SB547 Compensation Committee but no adjustment to upgrade the schedule for classified employees is in sight.

c. Stated he is currently serving as chair of the ACCE and, in this position is the classified employees representative on the State College System's Board of Directors.

2. Advisory Council of Faculty (Rhonda Smith)

a. Stated that the scholarship bill was passed. Central Office has to develop rules/regulations for this.

b. Discussed the adult grant program which entails tuition waivers for those 65-years and older. Also available is grant money for part-time students who are 25 years and older. Community and Technology College work bill and development passed.

c. Mentioned the funding is available for the completion of the Shepherd College library addition.

d. Stated that there is money allocated for strategic planning.

e. Stated that HB3019 which deals with the new community college for the Eastern Panhandle in Moorefield will be under the guidance of the State College System's Board of Directors. This will be a free-standing institution where 20% of its faculty may be tenured.

3. Faculty Senate (Anders Henriksson)

a. Stated that they are still struggling with the merit pay issue.

b. Discussed the student evaluation of faculty. The system is still under discussion in the way to handle the process (not to influence merit in any way).

c. Mentioned the General Studies Assessment Committee's philosophy on General Studies.

d. Stated Faculty Senate's recommendation to the Administration that the fall convocation be discontinued.

e. Announced the faculty's recognition of Dr. James Moler for his years of service with the Shepherd College Foundation.

4. Classified Employees Council (Dan Starliper)

a. Announced that the annual luncheon and meeting of the classified employees would be held on April 13th.

b. Expressed appreciation to Dr. Dunlop for representing classified employees on issues at Shepherd and in Charleston, and Harry Young and Ed Magee for serving as interim vice presidents this year.

c. Announced that there is approximately $32,000 in the Shepherd College Classified Employees Children's Scholarship Fund. $3,700 of which was awarded to children of employees this year.

d. Expressed appreciation to all those who served on committees and boards this year.

5. Administration (David Dunlop)

a. Stated that $700,000 is being sent to Shepherd to complete phase II of Snyder Hall.

b. Reported that there is a committee working with the architecture firm for the addition to the library. He stated we need to use that money as soon as possible so that it won't be recalled.

c. Explained that Phase II dig related to the football field is almost completed. An historic foundation was found in that area. Recommendation will probably be received to continue to Phase III. Although there is no time to do that before football season, it will begin at the conclusion of football season this year.

d. Stated that the administration has not been told anything about the new community college to be placed in Hardy County, so we're planning to hold classes at South Branch until told otherwise.

e. Stated that the same bill that created the community college stated that every college will be evaluated. There will be a new formula for funding and a third system of governance (that will include the community colleges) is being discussed.

f. Announced that Shepherd College is sponsoring a meeting with the legislators of the eight surrounding counties in West Virginia, the eight school superintendents, and Jim Spears of James Rumsey Technical Institute to plan servicing the two and four-year educational needs of panhandle residents. One plan concerns disbanding our community and technology college and replacing it with a similar Division, but with a different name. It would save millions (which will infrastructure, a financial aid office, president, administrative positions) and would solidify higher education in the eastern panhandle. He stated that Concord College has no community college but has two-year degree programs.

g. Stated that we do not wish to change standards but need to address the way we deal and treat our students. With other colleges and universities coming into our area, enrollment is becoming more of a concern for us.

At this time, the following faculty and staff were honored with certificates/plaques of appreciation:

Retirement: Jerry Smith and Jennifer Soule

35 Years of Service: Paul Saab and Jerry Smith

30 Years of Service: Anna Jenkins, Robert Jenkins, Calvin Leatherman, James Pantle, John Stealey, Patricia Stealey, Eugene Volker, and Robert Willgoos

25 Years of Service: Cheryl Holmes, Loretta Holmes, Edward Phillips, and Haydon Rudolf

20 Years of Service: John Shade and Joyce Webb

There was an announcement made of the open reception of the Student Honor Show (annual student art exhibit) at the Frank Center this evening at 6:00 p.m. All are welcome.

Meeting adjourned, followed by a reception for honorees held in the Shepherd Room of McMurran Hall

Respectfully submitted,

Anna Mary Walsh
Secretary for the College Assembly

Result of the ballot sent to all members of the College Assembly dealing with the proposed constitutional amendment:

105 For the Amendment
9 Against the Amendment

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