Shepherd College Assembly Minutes

2000 Spring Meeting
Monday, April 10, 2000
Reynolds Hall

Called to order to Moderator Laura Neal.

MSP to accept the minutes from Fall, 1999 Assembly meeting.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments: Ms. Neal opened the floor to questions about the two proposed amendments. With no response, she announced a ballot would be sent to Assembly members.

Dr. David Eldridge presented the list of candidates for graduation. MSP we accept the list, if those students complete all their requirements.

Elections: The floor opened for nominations. Nominated were:

Ms. Laura Neal, Moderator
Dr. Laura Bischoff, Secretary
Dr. Joyce Webb, Parliamentarian
Ms. Lynne Hannah and Dr. David Wing, Student Life Council representatives.

Discussion on representative to the Advisory Council of Faculty occurred at this time. Dr. Ed Snyder commented that the last ACF meeting was held at Shepherd College and it was stated that, with SB 653, this advisory council would be dissolved.

Mr. Harry Young stated that the Advisory Council of Classified Employees had reviewed the bill and planned to continue in an unofficial capacity so that they will be able to operate and allowed to stay organized. It is ACCE's intent to meet and the representatives knew this would be on a campus-to-campus basis, with consent of college presidents.

Dr. David Dunlop stated that, as long as there is no law that prohibits it, he supports ACCE and ACF continuing to meet. On July 1, 2001, all campuses will become independent with their own independently-operating boards. There will be a "loose association among presidents" just to stay together on issues of collective interest among the institutions in regions in our state.

It was MSP to send out a notice to faculty for a volunteer for the positions of both Advisory Council of Faculty representative and the Advisory Council of Faculty alternate. If there are more than two volunteers, the list will be sent to faculty for a vote.

MSP that the nominations be closed.

Reports to the Assembly:

Mr. Young announced that the next meeting of ACCE would be on April 25th at West Liberty State College. Both Advisory Council of Classified Employees for the state colleges and for the universities systems will be meeting on May 11th to make plans about the interim period.

Ms. Rhonda Smith: no report.

Dr. Robert Willgoos stated that issues which the Faculty Senate discussed this year were:
1. The Committee for Ethical Standards/Research (which is in the process of being formed).
2. Parking issue (for which a task force has been formed)
3. Qualifications of full professor and clarification of same in the Shepherd College Constitution.
4. Faculty status of Shepherd College librarians

Mrs. Anna Mary Walsh stated that the Classified Employees Council continued to maintain communication between the Administration and classified employees and held it as a top priority. Each vice president as well as the President and the Executive Vice President of the Shepherd College Foundation attended at least one of our monthly meetings to keep us informed about current happenings, their future plans, and the general picture of the campus.

Along with the faculty, students, and administration, classified employees met with legislators in November and discovered that most of our institutions in the state share concerns and issues that we'd like to see discussed and solved as legislation is written about higher education.

Members of our Council met with representatives of the Division of Highways and executive board members of the Student Government Association to maintain communication with the state dealing with the unsafe conditions of the Rt. 480 crosswalk and stated that we will continue to make it an issue until the safety concern is answered.

Always looking for ways to keep those who've provided a great service to the College, we submitted a recommendation to the Dr. Dunlop for recognition of classified employee emeritus status, with criteria of the employee leaving the institution with at least 20 years of service and having shown exemplary performance in his/her job and actively participated in issues of importance to classified employees and in the life of the College. The president and his Executive Staff have shown support of this.

She expressed appreciation to Dr. Dunlop for his continued effort to provide funding for staff development for classified employees and hoped that tradition would continue. She thanked those faculty, staff, and administration who have supported the Shepherd College Classified Employees Children Scholarship Fund in their help with fundraising as well as payroll deduction. She thanked all those who served as representatives to the Classified Employees Council this year: Sally Urban (vice-chair); Pat Sherwood (secretary); Karl Wolf; Stacy Wright; Dan Starliper; Harry Young; Agnes Tabler; Shelley Tharp; Cheryl Layton; Judy Brandenburg; Karen Wempe; Brenda Feltner; Connie Shirley; Paul Allen; Robert Jenkins; Marcia Hanifan; and Ricky Clark.

Dr. Dunlop stated that the biggest issue this year was Senate Bill 653. Delegate John Doyle asked to have a four page distribution to the Shepherd College community (he was co-chair with Senator Lloyd Jackson in working with the INCHEMS consultants). He stated the bill has some ambiguity (what some areas mean and how to interpret them). There are four areas:

1) Governance: most significant change from where we are. We're moving from a Board of Directors and Board of Trustees to one Policy Commission which will deal with statewide policies. On July 1, 2001, local advisory boards will be taking the responsibility of the Board of Directors. All will be done under the supervision of the Policy Commission. This runs the risk of pitting each campus against each other. The Legislature believes that, with one Policy Commission, they'll have less problems coming to the Legislature. This may work in reverse.

2) Budgeting Process: we will be moving away from an enrollment-driven budget. It is the desire and intent of the Legislature to provide new money with growth equal to the general revenue growth of the state. Equity will be determined by comparing each institution by peer group nationally (which will be chosen by the Policy Commission).

3) Community & Technical Colleges: Our CTC will go to a geographically separate location. The provost becomes a president and the CTC's president reports to Shepherd's president. The bill provides Fairmont, Shepherd, and Marshall to be independently accredited, but administratively linked. He stated that leasing space in Martinsburg is being discussed for classrooms, offices, and computer labs. The city of Martinsburg is anxious to have us. We're collaborating now. Some departments working collaboratively may choose to offer classes in Martinsburg. We're moving in the direction of autonomous budgets. We already have the separate curriculum and faculty handbook and personnel policies that's required.

4) Graduate Courses: through discussions with Del. Doyle and Sen. John Unger, they believe that one graduate program (content I Education) will be handled by Shepherd College. We may partner for other graduate programs.

He does not see graduate being owned by Shepherd in the foreseeable future. It may be that all of our progress will be collaborative. Bruce Flack of the Central Office stated that the Legislature means for us to use either in-state or out-of-state institutions in our collaboration. North Central is amenable with how this works.

At this time, Dr. Dunlop made the following presentations by presenting a token of our appreciation to the following retirees: Haydon Rudolf (26 years); John Shade (21 years).

He presented a certificate of appreciation to:

30 years of Service: Dr. Walter Hanak; Dr. John Landolt; Mr. Harry Young

25 years of Service: Dr. Charlotte Anderson; Dr. Roland Bergman; Mr. Lawrence Crouse; Mrs. Brenda Branson-Johnson.

20 years of Service: Mrs. Nancy Holben; Mrs. Judy Eggleston; Mrs. Cindy Snyder; Mr. Mark Holben; Mrs. Geraldine Hammond

He announced that a reception in their honor will be held after the Assembly meeting in the College Center Pub.

He outlined some highlights for the year:

1. Peace Talks (will be reflected in the next Shepherd College Magazine).
2. New fieldhouse floor in Butcher Center.
3. New fundraising ideas.
4. Library project (moving along; hopefully, will break ground this summer).
5. Stadium project (hoping the field will be ready in the fall).
6. Campus master plan (stated the new Policy Commission may not require one).
7. Assessment is coming along nicely (North Central's key focus will be on assessment).
8. The critical thinking skills of our freshmen are above the national level.

He stated that North Central will be here in less than two years. Shepherd has chosen not to delay their visit.

MSP to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Anna Mary Walsh
Secretary, Shepherd College Assembly

NOTE: Voting Results on Amendments

Amendment 1:
For: 95
Against: 17

Amendment 2:
For: 93
Against: 19

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