Shepherd College Assembly Minutes

Fall Meeting
Monday, October 5, 1998 8:00 a.m.
Reynolds Hall

The meeting was called to order by moderator, Laura Neal.

Moved by Mr. Saab, with a second to approve the minutes from the spring Assembly meeting. Motion carried.

Dr. Stern preceded introductions of new faculty by introducing the chairs of each respective department who, in turn, presented new faculty.

Dr. Hope Maxwell-Snyder presented Dr. Jean Ouedraogo, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages.

Dr. Rob Cleminson presented: Ms. Karen Pugsley, Visiting Assistant Professor of Nursing. Ms. Anna DeVito, Assistant Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies

Dr. Irving Tucker presented Dr. Katherine Snyder, Assistant Professor of Psychology.

Dr. Edward Snyder presented Dr. Peter Vila, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science.

Dr. Mark McCoy presented : Dr. Rebecca Brown, Assistant Professor of Music (Choral) Dr. Scott Beard, Visiting Assistant Professor Music (Concert, Recital Series) Dr. Bruce Kelley, Assistant Professor of Music (Director of Theory/Oral Skills)

Dr. V.J. Brown presented Dr. Elena Ermoleava, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Dr. Stern welcomed all faculty and wished each member a good academic year.

Mr. Harry Young introduced new classified employees (since the last Assembly meeting):

Ms. Krissy Bell, Financial Aid Office
Mr. Mark Bell, Civil War Center
Ms. Susan Bly, Financial Aid Office
Ms. Kim Calhoun, Financial Aid Office
Mr. Delbert Cox, Maintenance Office (Mail)
Ms. Rachelle Davis, Admissions Office
Mrs. Rachel Drake, Library
Ms. Stephanie Eannottie, Resident Life Office, Student Affairs
Ms. Debra Langford, Purchasing
Mr. Louis Mello, Dining Hall
Mr. Steve Parrotte, Wellness Center
Mrs. Joy Phillips, Health Center
Ms. Dorothy Roman, Bookstore
Mrs. Peg Swisher, Academic Affairs (Certification Specialist, Dept. of Education)
Ms. Shelly Tharpe, Business Office
Mr. Larry Turner, Security Office
Lajuan Watson, Community & Technical College
Mr. James Welsh, Computer Center
Nina Woolpert, Health Center

Mr. Young reported that there is $25,000 in the Shepherd College Employees Children's Scholarship Fund. This year $3,400 will be awarded in scholarships. He thanked those employees who are contributing by payroll deduction.

Reports to the Assembly:

1. Advisory Council of Classified Employees (Mr. Harry Young)

a. The focus of this year's agenda will be on continued funding of the 3.25% for salaries and removal of the 20-year cap on employees' annual $50 increment.

b. He stated that this will be a very active year for higher education and communication with our area legislators.

c. Mr. Young stated that, because he has become chair of the ACCE, he is the ACCE representative on the Board of Directors.

2. Advisory Council of Faculty (Ms. Rhonda Smith)

a. Chancellor's presentation:

l. He requested $2.7 million from the Legislature for the WV State College System. The Legislature had concerns with this amount.

2. He suggested that each campus establish a priority list for budget allocations.

b. Mr. Joseph Peters, Chair of the Board of Directors, stated that there was a proposal from WVU for WV residents 60 years of age and older to take classes free of charge

c. Agenda for ACF's October meeting: Governance.
Current discussion of the one, two, or three board idea.

d. Graduate Education. Two colleges have submitted requests for graduate education:
Concord College (Business) and Fairmont College (Criminal Justice)

e. Future topics to be discussed are: recruitment; use of technology; library enhancement; diversity, implementation of handicapped accessibility, community & technology colleges as free-standing institutions; and others. She asked that faculty email their ideas to her.

f. Ms. Smith stated that she had requested and received information from Dr. Stern's office dealing with the use of adjunct faculty as well as faculty overloads.

Remarks from the President:

Ms. Marie Carter: introduced Ms. Carter to the Assembly. Commented that he hopes to have more time to visit offices and departments this year.

Faculty Mentors: new faculty have now been assigned mentors. He's asked the mentors to visit his office with the faculty they are mentoring to help all become better acquainted.

Stadium Project: stated that, in addition to the football stadium, Shepherd will receive new locker rooms and restrooms that will be in compliance with ADA policies. The open meeting between the town and college communities provided an assortment of ideas. The Stadium Committee has recommended that the architect concentrate on the most "low profile" design which will be least objectionable to the community.

Library: stated that we are in process of requesting statements of interest. 1999 is the projected groundbreaking. Paving of the old Boteler Hall lot will be done to compensate for lost parking as a result of the Library addition. When an architect is chosen, there will be an expanded Library Committee to provide input for the addition.

Governance: Mrs. Peggy Hawse has been hired to provide a study dealing with the viability of a new campus in the South Branch area, separate from Shepherd College.

There will be a broader study by the Legislature dealing with the number of boards governing higher education. He stated that Shepherd's position is that we, as a college, are in a better position with funding if we remain a two-board system. He also stated Shepherd's position that it is in the best interest of both two-year and four-year colleges that community colleges not have a separate board.

Assessment Workshop: Fri. & Sat. Oct. 8-9th will be an assessment workshop for all areas of the college to attend. He stressed the importance of attendance at one of these sessions.

Homecoming: Special thanks to Joan Pope and the Raffle Committee who raised over $1,000 for the Shepherd College Children's Scholarship Fund. Thanks also goes to the Hall of Fame Committee which was responsible for the tree planting in memory of Dr. A. Gordon Slonaker and the Cress Creek Alumni Golf Tournament, which raised over $10,000 for Shepherd College.

Now on email: Faculty Senate minutes.
Administrative Council has now moved to listserve to help in communication.

Campus Planning: It is a state requirement that we submit a campus plan every ten years. Campus planning will deal with things which the Strategic Planning Committee does not cover. (Examples: marketing the campus, perception of campus, next building, etc.)

Concerns of those present:

Staff for custodial services and security
The President hopes a subcommittee designated in Administrative Council will deal with this and where this concern will be on the priority list. Budgetary restraint is the main problem.

Athletic track elimination at football field
Dr. Dunlop stated the track will need to be eliminated for the following reasons:

1. With our soccer team using that field, there is no space for out-of-bounds if the track remains

2. The new seating for the stadium may affect the track's existence

3. Although people use our track there are no lights for extended usage. He suggested that we think about space on west campus in a place where we can refine it as money is available.

Byrd building: the area that was "forgotten" for repair
Dr. Dunlop stated that Governor Underwood has promised $650,000 from his budget to finish off the ground floor.

Meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m.

Submitted by

Anna Mary Walsh
Secretary, College Assembly

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