Shepherd College Assembly

Fall Meeting
Monday, April 14, 2003
Reynolds Hall at 4:10 p.m.

The meeting was called to order by Moderator Laura Renninger.

Report of the Registrar

Ms. Tracy Seffers announced there are approximately 630 students on the list of graduates, combining August/December 2002 graduates with the May, 2003 "candidates."

She stated that some students will not fulfill all requirements and may not be eligible to participate in commencement. It was MSP to accept the list as distributed electronically the previous week.
MSP that the list of graduates be accepted.


It was MSP by acclamation that the following serve for the 2003-04 term:

Moderator: Dr. Laura Renninger
Secretary: Ms. Tracy Seffers
Parliamentarian: Dr. Joyce Webb
Student Life Council: Dr. Robert Willgoos and Dr. Anna DeVito
Advisory Council of Faculty: Dr. Sylvia Shurbutt; Alternate: Dr. Ed Snyder
Faculty Representative to Shepherd College Board of Governors: Dr. Anders Henriksson

Advisory Council of Classified Employees

Mr. Tim Haines reported that HB2224 was a positive bill in that it removed the 20-year increment cap of classified employees. The negative impact was that the legislation changed the structure of the Classified Employees Council by reducing representation to only five categories instead of our six categories, the chair of the Council to be voted upon by all classified employees, making the Board of Governors position a non-voting representative, and changing the one-year term to a two-year term for all representatives. These were of concern to classified staff at Shepherd College and he indicated that the Council may wish to see changes made to this through legislation in the 2004 legislative session.

Mr. Haines stated that classified employees will be nominating candidates for the following at their annual luncheon/business meeting on April 17th: Classified Employees Council chair, Board of Governors representative, and Advisory Council of Classified Employees representative. The classified staffıs constitution has been amended to reflect the changes as a result of HB2224 and these changes will be voted upon by all classified employees attending the meeting.

Advisory Council of Faculty

Dr. Sylvia Shurbutt distributed the Advisory Council of Facultyıs brochure which includes their goals.

She highlighted the points of HB 2224:

1. By July, 2005, Potomac State will no longer be autonomous; it will be a regional campus of WVU
2. Concord & Bluefield Colleges will undergo extensive study to determine administrative duplication and areas of collaboration.
3. Bluefield State C&T will operate under the new entity of New River C&T, located in Beckley and led by a provost reporting to Bluefield State College.
4. Glenville State C&Tıs service area will be divided between Fairmont & the New River C&T (administratively linked to Bluefield State College).
5. Employees will receive wages electronically.
6. The obsolete faculty salary schedule has been abolished. She stated there may be a plan to get the Legislature to look into one for faculty like the one for classified employees.
7. The 10% salary increase upon faculty promotion has been abolished.
8. Probationary faculty members need only receive notice of non-retention by March 1st. She noted that if the faculty member has been with the college for two years, itıs handled in a slightly different way.
9. The Board of Governors will adopt policies regarding the balance between adjunct and full-time faculty by July 1, 2003. (These policies include discouraging the hiring of part-time employees instead of full-time solely to avoid paying benefits.
10. CTC will have greater flexibility in hiring adjunct staff.
11. HB 2383 Teacher Education Certification Changes is a bill that will require WV Department of Education to submit comprehensive Teacher Certification Plan to LOCEA prior to July 1, 2003 (no signature)
12. HB 2052 and HB 3035 deal with the PROMISE Scholarship Awards (no signatures)
13. SB 105 Cigarette Tax ($.55 tax) Signed by governor
14. SB 433 Premium Payments for PEIA Retirees (public employees cost sharing and coverage plan): no signature

Senate President's Report

Dr. Robert Willgoos covered the following topics:

1. Equitable pay system: the Merit Committee did an excellent job within the realm of suggesting changes.
2. Change in grade appeal policy
3. Students who cheat cannot drop a course until the issue is resolved.
4. Agreed to establish a committee to review idea of faculty unionization.
5. Library fee
6. Change in qualifications of McMurran Scholar (from 3.7 GPA to a 3.8 GPA)
7. Increase amount of information‹ask for minimum from various groups
8. Look into grade inflation
9. Request to Master Planning Committee to take environmental concerns into consideration when plans exist to review buildings.

Dr. Willgoos that any issues can be sent to him by e-mail if they'd like to see them brought before the Senate.

President's Report

Dr. Dunlop stated that the Budget Advisory Group has met to discuss recommendations sent by the campus community to help the institution save money.

He stated that no college has closed as a result of the cutbacks. He stated that there will be a new center called the New River Center, a facility in Beckley which is being funded by Senator Robert C. Byrd's office.

He stated that tuition increase might be accepted at the 9.5% level if the college or university can demonstrate they are meeting the goals of HB2224 and the compacts are being followed.

The HEPC is scheduled to make decisions regarding allowable tuition and fee increases at its meeting on April 24th. We are working on our ³Progress Presentation² for the two-year and four-year programs which are tentatively scheduled for April 23rd. Thus, at our May 8th Board of Governors meeting we will most likely be asking the Board to consider possible increases in non-mandatory fees. These requests are being delayed until after we know how much the HEPC will allow the mandatory fees and tuition to be increased, as this decision impacts the others.

Dr. Dunlop reported that the governor cut all state budget bases at 10% and salary budgets by 3%, plus mandated increases in BRIM and PEIA. Beginning 2004, we will hopefully have an increase in enrollment and peer equity money.

If we need to make cuts, weıll need to re-evaluate. But weıre hoping to maintain staff positions and programs for a year. If FY2005 takes another 15% cut, weıll have to have a different approach in dealing with employees and programs. Shepherd College is a good deal. We are high quality and low cost. Neighboring states are raising their fees, oftentimes more. Good students will not feel the pinch (PROMISE scholarship students).

He announced that there will be three Budget Advisory Group meetings after April 24th. After that time the committee will make recommendations to the him and heıll carry these to the Board of Governors.

He congratulated Karl Wolf who was selected by the Shepherd College Alumni Association to receive this year's Outstanding Alumni Award. Dr. Dunlop stated that Nora Roberts will be our commencement speaker.

He stated that the North Central Review celebration took place last week. We have received a letter from NCATE for accreditation, citing no weaknesses.

In closing, Dr. Dunlop noted that he had spoken to the brother of Jessica Lynch a day after she was rescued in Iraq. On behalf of Shepherd College, he offered a full scholarship to her but we did not wish to have this publicized. A letter was sent to her family with a written offer.

MSP we adjourn the meeting.

Meeting followed by recognition of employees and reception held in their honor in the Shepherd Room of McMurran Hall.

Recognition of Employee Milestones

Those honored were:

Retirement: Ms. Mary Porter, Department of Nursing (1985-2003)

35 Years of Service:
Mr. David (Ed) Fincham
Mrs. Judy Kepple
Dr. Hang Yul Rhee
Dr. John Schmidt

30 Years of Service:
Mrs. Henrietta Eby

25 Years of Service:
Mrs. Marsha Branch
Mr. Roger Hamood

20 Years of Service:
Dr. Kathy Reid
Mrs. Nancy Roesel
Ms. Veronica Scott

Respectfully submitted,

Anna Mary Walsh
Shepherd College Assembly

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