Administrative Council Minutes

Minutes of the September 22, 1997
Meeting of the Administrative Council

Opening Remarks, President Dunlop: The Constitution defines the mission and membership of this body and gives Dr. Dunlop the authority to appoint additional members as needed. The Assembly Secretary will serve as Secretary to the Administrative Council. The mission and purpose of this committee is information exchange and discussion. This is not a legislative committee. See the Constitution for a full list of responsibilities.

1. Dr. Starliper will chair a "committee on committees." Its purpose is to set guidelines for committees so that committee work may begin this semester. Membership includes D. Starliper, Chair; V. Owens; D. Eldridge; F. Coy.

2. Employee Severance Plan Update, President Dunlop: The plan is moving forward. Currently the process proposes an October window for application and a November window for the administration to determine if the applications are viable. Re-appointments will be made based on workload and student demand.

3. Enrollment Update, President Dunlop: While official statistics are not due until October 1, it looks like Shepherd is up 75 FTE's, in accordance with the Strategic Plan. Also, adjunct usage is down even while enrollment is up.

4. NCATE Update, President Dunlop: Shepherd has received positive feedback from two outside consultants. The Chair of the on-site visit will be making a preliminary visit on October 13. The Chair has indicated that Shepherd is well prepared for the visit.

5. Library Addition Update, President Dunlop: $4.4 million is in the bank for the Library addition and the Byrd Center for the Study of Congress. An additional $1.1 million, derived from state lottery proceeds, may arrive early. A bill in Congress should provide another $2.5 million. A private group has pledged to establish an endowment to generate moneys to maintain the Byrd Center. Architectural renderings are being done for fundraising purposes. Committees will be formed to oversee the new facilities.

6. Faculty Senate Resolutions, President Dunlop: 1) The administrative revisit of the faculty merit pay program is being reviewed by the Senate. 2) Each administrative unit will periodically participate in a structured review of the office and its functions. This review is separate from annual reviews and will probably take place every 3 to 5 years. Dr. Coy noted that the faculty appear to be more interested in a review of officers as opposed to offices. Senate members and the administration will meet to discuss this issue.

7. Financial Aid Update, President Dunlop: There has been an increase in the number of awards given (approximately 4x more). The majority of awards have been processed smoothly. The number of complaints is, however, growing. Four people have recently resigned from the Financial Aid office. Pete Checkovich is chairing a task force that is charged to make Financial Aid more efficient and reduce the number of errors.

8. Parking Update, President Dunlop: Dr. Dunlop has addressed the stories in the local paper. There is ample parking on campus. However, Dr. Dunlop has planned to work with the town, and to address parking policies. Members of this committee were encouraged to attend the October 2, town meeting in Reynolds Hall. An impact study of the effects of the proposed bypass should be completed by the end of the semester.

9. Membership Reports: Dr. Coy noted that there is a need to consider the allocation of space with growing enrollment. Mr. Wolf noted that 275 to 300 prospective students and parents participated in the first Open House of the semester. Dr. Stern commended the admissions office and the Faculty for the increasing quality of recruitment efforts. Dr. Watson noted that Burkhardt money is at $6 million, and will provide 20 scholarships at $5,000 each. Dr. Dunlop noted that $100,000 is available for special projects with matching funds. Dr. Williams noted that the Fall Assembly meeting date needs to be set by the President's Office.

10. Final Words, Dr. Dunlop: This committee will meet once a month with a trial day/time of Thursday, 8 am, the specific date to be announced through Dr. Dunlop's office.

Submitted September 23, 1997
Kevin Williams, Assembly Secretary

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