Administrative Council Minutes

Thursday, September 9, 1999 8-10 a.m.
Cumberland Room

Present: John Adams; Joe Barnes; Dow Benedict; Grover Boyer; Marie Carter, Monte Cater; Pete Checkovich; Frances Dolloph; David Dunlop; David Eldridge; Andrew Graham (SGA treasurer); David Grove; Lynn Hanson; Al Ingle; Sharon Kipetz; Debbie Langford; Ernest Lyles; Valerie Owens; Alan Perdue; Mark Stern; Libby Sturm; Shelley Tharp; David Thompson; Anna Mary Walsh; Jim Watson; Karl Wolf; and Harry Young.

Dr. Dunlop opened the meeting with an explanation of the Administrative Council being an informational exchange. He asked that each member offer things that have occurred in their areas.

Perdue: A Mercer classification group from the state is visiting campuses and working with Human Resource directors and each institution to do audits to see if anyone is classified too highly. Those being reviewed: any person with a new classification as of January 1, 1994. This group will be meeting with the employee and/or the supervisor. Dr. Dunlop noted that classified employees of Shepherd College are the highest paid in the Mercer classification system in the state, but the College has been conservative when looking at upgrades. One earns an upgrade through assignment of new duties or job responsibilities. It is not done just because the people are providing greater service to the college.

Young: two residence life specialists will be hired to handle the residence halls. Harry will continue to oversee operations in that area. Dr. Dunlop complimented Harry, Sharon, and their staffs for getting things organized in this area for the students as the fall semester began.

Graham: reported that the Student Government Association is attempting to provide a good example by fundraising efforts. He stated that SGA would provide $500 when organizations indicate a need for it, but are encouraging them to become active fundraisers. Announced the Silent Auction in the Shepherdstown Men's Club on Oct. 8th and the Children's Carnival on Oct. 30th (games, face-painting, prizes). Proceeds will go to the Shepherd College Health Center. He stated that SGA has met with members of the Commuter Forum to work out a solution to the concern of commuters and will include commuters as much as possible in events. SGA is trying to provide a one-page explanation of branches of SGA/campus organizations, "Everyting I Need to Know, I Learned from SGA" and has started a master calendar to avoid event conflicts. With the concern of garbage in the residence halls, Dr. Ingle stated that the garbage in Westwoods would be reopened and as of today, all students would be given garbage bags for their trash, with encouragement to "tie off" the bag to avoid a mess. Students are asked to place trash in chute at bottom of steps of each building. Maintenance will remove the garbage to a dumpster. The wire is being raised behind Kenamond Hall so that truck can get to the trash room. There's still a problem with removal of trash at Turner Hall but they're looking at ways to make refuse location more accessible Andrew commended Judy Brandenburg for coordinating the display of the WV exhibition, Unheard Voices, dealing with sexual assault. Announced that ACS representative, Julie Zuercher, will attend the next Administrative Council meeting. Dr. Dunlop stated that a pizza party was held at Popodicon for student leaders to discuss concerns. Constructive ideas were given to help the campus and we've started the year on a positive note.

Eldridge: having looked at the numbers after the first three days of classes, everything looks good. Continuing with more information in ACROBAT reader format, available over the www (some of it not linked but interested parties have been informed). A benefit for the department chairs is that the current updated class listing shows overrides. There were increased registration times during the summer so students could register up to the first day of classes. Dr. Dunlop stated that we've reached our target. He commended Karl Wolf, Pete Checkovich, Charles Carter, and Frances Dolloph for attracting quality students, providing someone to visit community colleges to attract transfers, providing a program in the community college for students to have another chance to succeed academically, improving advisement expertise and attracting students at Shepherd College at South Branch, through the " political storms."

Hanson: announced the Health Fair on October 7th, sponsored by the Nursing Dept. There will be free flu shots (courtesy of the Berkeley County Health Dept.); HIV testing; cholesterol screening; and testing that coincides with National Depression Screening Day. All Shepherd students in the two-year and four-year nursing programs will participate. $500,000 scholarship money given to the Nursing Dept. by Mr. Leonard J. McCormack which will provide eight full scholarships for Nursing students. She commended Monica Lingenfelter for pulling everything together for this gift to become a reality. Mentioned the NLN onsite visit from the spring returned results that the Nursing Department passed all areas. The B.S.Nursing program is being revised to eliminate testing of registered nurses who wish to earn a degree from Shepherd.

Barnes: noted that the new addition to Library will be twice the size of present building. The librarians have recruited a new librarian, Deborah Greene. He stated that bidding on the library system procurement has progressed. They have an opportunity to install a WINDOWS and web-based program. This will be implemented during Christmas break when the fewest students are here. Noted there would be a loss of 30 parking spaces when addition is completed. Announced that the Library will be open 24 hours during final exam week. Extended hours in the spring will depend on the needs of the students. Dr. Dunlop stated that we'll need to look ahead to prepare ourselves for inconveniences (construction vans, holes in walls, dust/noise, etc.) and to encourage people to be patient as construction continues.

Wolf: Admissions has had a good recruiting year. Staff will soon be off-campus recruiting. Admissions will be hiring another Admissions counselor to replace Scott Bradford-Doleman. Hope to have someone by the end of September.

Benedict: Commented on the quality of the new faculty added to the college this year. Division heads discussed budget priorities among the divisions at their work session. With grant money, we were able to bring in a speaker who spoke on the topic of Kosovo. The musical performances held in Reynolds Hall are in full gear; the Shepherd College Marching Band has already won awards. There is a writer-in-residence for the Appalachian Heritage Festival (Sept. 27-Oct. 3) through the English Dept.

Walsh: announced the annual bulk mailing for the Admission Office will be this Saturday, Sept. 11th from 7:30-about 1:00 p.m. in the Butcher Center. This is a fundraiser sponsored by the classified employees. Funds raised go to the Shepherd College Classified Employees Children Scholarship Fund. Additional volunteers are always welcome.

Stern: Stated that, since Senate Bill 547 drives the Strategic Plan, it's important to provide information by different areas for the strategic plan report. Information should be sent to him by early October for the Executive Staff to review before it's sent to state office. Stated that Jim Pantle is co-chair with him for the North Central report. (Dr. Pantle will be writing the report). The draft will be completed by fall, 2000. The committee will be here either fall, 2001 or spring, 2002.

Dolloph: encouraged all to visit Shepherd College at South Branch. Stated their newsletter, Ramblings, is online under the Shepherd Comm. & Tech. College's website ( Enrollment (350 headcount) is an increase. The Paramedic program's classes are being taught in east Hardy County. Voiced concern that there is a misconception that Shepherd College does not want S.C. at South Branch. She expressed appreciation for support of the main campus throughout the past year. Stated South Branch will be using video-conference 24-hours a day, once the computer system gets hooked up. It will take a lot of cooperation with the Shepherd College faculty for the real-time class. David Thompson has been working with Bell Atlantic to make this happen.

Thompson: Stated that efforts did not pan out with Bell Atlantic integration mobile facilities. He's hopeful they can get it working this semester. This past summer, the computer center's staff designed and built the residence hall network services. He believes that, with more marketing and advertising, students will begin to use technology more. Will be meeting with David Grove to set up plans to wire other residence halls for computers. Announced that 30 faculty members attended the workshop held by Computer Center dealing with server from web browser where course content can be found by user. Stated that the state has purchased 400 titles of computer-based training (Microsoft Office, Windows NT, & Oracle). This will provide staff and faculty with useful skills. This is not available yet. (Still need something to create a document with html). It will be available when his staff attends seminar and returns with material to install (a two-week period). Dr. Dunlop stated that the work in the residence halls is much appreciated. Students may not be aware it that exists. Dr. Ingle stated that wiring could be done during the daytime, and completed during the spring semester.

Boyer: Announced that data registration and ticket information created by the Computer Center is working. The new student parking lot between Kenamond and Cree Halls is open. Signage is in place across campus. Until Library breaks ground, he believed that parking should be adequate. Thanked Dr. Ingle for his help. Dr. Dunlop commended our Shepherd College police for placing second in the state in shooting certification. (Second to Berkeley County Sheriff's Department). Staff member, David Kelvington, placed first in the state.

Cater: Stated that, by this weekend, eight Shepherd College teams will be competing. Commended Mark McCoy for the Shepherd College band. They work together to provide the band with practice time on the football field.

Sturm: Mentioned the senior program, where senior citizens may enroll in class at West Virginia colleges. They may attend one or two classes and have tuition waived but it has to be through permission of instructor. There must be at least 2 spaces remaining in the class before the senior citizen may register for one of them. Dr. Eldridge stated that this bill passed the legislature last spring but it has to be developed by the Board of Directors. (Nominal charge for audit, available only to West Virginia resident). Dr. Dunlop suggested that Dr. Eldridge meet with the division chairs to discuss this. There will be an article in the next Shepherd College Picket which will provide pertinent information concerning the Financial Aid Office. Mentioned the Higher Education Program for students that will accommodate part-time students who are independent and out of school for at least two years.

Checkovich: Announced that Christine Lundberg is the new director of the Small Business Development Center. They are in process of hiring a business analyst. Workforce development: working with 7 major printers and some small business printers. There will be a new director of a print institute. This institute will provide certification and is expected to be implemented by January, 2000. There will be tuition for regular courses but at a competitive rate. Stated there was a fear that Shepherd at South Branch would be take over by another insititution. If they are not under Shepherd's umbrella, Shepherd will lose 500 FTEs.

Carter: Stated she was in the process of meeting with leadership for staff to set up training session meetings. Executive Staff has gone through a training session. A survey is being designed to identify training needs. She is working with Anna Mary Walsh of Classified Employees Council to choose specific topics to help with needs for staff areas on campus. Announced the training session for the Administrative Council will be on Friday, September 24th. Dr. Dunlop stated that the Executive Staff had met to discuss issues that will be covered.

Ingle: Stated the areas of Public Safety, Information Technology, Procurement, and Physical Plant are focusing on organization and doing well. Ed Magee is working on the EPIC system. They are in process of hiring a director for the physical plant Dr. Stern has worked with them on capital management. The five-year plan is available for review by anyone. Some money has been allocated, some has not. Stated they've been getting expressions of interest in the master plan process. The strategic plan and capital plan go hand-in-hand. Stated that Grover Boyer is chairing a committee to work on the safety plan. Analysis by David Grove worked on in the spring. (Had money to do this from the state). Humidity control is being repaired in Cree Hall; working on bringing Wellness Center up to WV Code standards. Announced: Bookstore can be reached at so students may now purchase books online. Public Safety: fulltime certified police protection 24 hours a day. Recycling: color coded cans for trash/recycling containers. Recycled materials in boxes (paper) are to be taken to a central place in buildings. Signage: clear and concise (now in place). SMARTeam (Schedule Maintenance and Repairs Team) is in place; good program, leadership fluctuates. Library team is doing a good job. Depending on hardness of ground, they can work through the winter on archaeological dig. Campus beautification: the flag plaza at Knutti Hall will have a spotlight on the flagpole at night; flag of Shepherd College will be added to American and West Virginia flags. Wayfinder will be added. As proposals are developed, ideas are welcome. ID card: working on whom to use and how it will work (one card for all purposes). Consultant: have hired a site consultant to look at parking lots and see how best to use them. Dr. Dunlop mentioned that we may have to create a gravel parking lot for overflow.

Adams: Announced that the Career Development Center's (CDC) Class of '99 Survey will begin in October. Academic offices/departments who need this information for their assessment reports will be invited to add questions to the survey form. Robbie Cordle & staff have started annual Senior Orientation sessions for all graduating students. The CDC Office works in conjunction with the Registrar's Office in providing career information and application-for-graduation. Also, Dr. Myers's Class Survey is conducted at this time. CDC's annual Career Day is scheduled for October 28th (this will be the first of six this year). Sally Urban is working with students looking for co-ops and internships. Washington Gateway has been funded with state lottery funds for another year, bringing the total to $900,000 since 1991. Gateway sponsored activities this year have included: the Junior High Washington Gateway Academy (102 children from throughout the state in July); courses that require 20 % of class time in metro area (Betty Ellzey's Shakespeare class, English Dept, --six trips to plays planned); Saturday Bus to Washington/Baltimore (10 trips scheduled, Baltimore trip on 9/11 sold-out); and class/department trips (5 trips scheduled for Communications, Honors, Political Science, and Physical Education classes). Washington Semester Internships (two fall semester interns, Bob Wise's Office and Affiliated Sante Group), internship stipends (six students received financial assistance for their commute to metro area).

Owens: Announced the visit by LOCEA (Legislative Oversight Committee of Education and the Arts) at Shepherd will be November 16-17th. This committee will be meeting with the president and his Executive Staff and presentations will be give by students, faculty and staff.

Kipetz: Announced there are two positions being advertised for "live-in staff." Because of the enrollment, students are still living in the residence hall lounges. Stated that Haydon Rudolf was a tremendous asset to Student Affairs and, with his leaving, there has been a shift in responsibilities among their staff. Rev. Lyles is helping her with the international students. John Adams is the chief judicial officer. New this year is ongoing training for the highest court representatives. Things that will be covered are haze assessment, sexual assault, drugs, alcohol, racism, and sexism. Rachel Meads is training the residence hall assistants and continues to work on the PASS program. They're working on recycling. They will be part of the Admission Office's Open House Saturdays (Sandy Stroech of Community Services will also be participating). Dining Hall will close at 12:30 on days of Open House so there are no students still eating when guests need to have lunch. The Crisis Team is being proactive. Student Government Association office has been moved upstairs and Student Affairs is working closely with the students to maintain good communication.

Dunlop: Stated that Mark Stern and the Strategic Planning Committee have updated the campus mission statement. This has gone to the SGA, Faculty Senate, and Classified Employees Council for approval. The upcoming legislative session is important for higher education. Anything written to replace Senate Bill 547 should occur this year. There is a committee to put together information for the legislative session. The two consultants (Dennis Jones & Aims McGuinness of the National Center for Higher Ed. Management Systems) seem to be as neutral as hoped. Our top priority is addressing campus operating budgets. With SB547, SREB addresses the averages for faculty. Problem now: on the average, the college system is only funded at 74% of the SREB. Shepherd College is funded at 60%. With salary being our largest item, no money is left for new initiatives.

Watson: Working through concept of alumni being able to pay their dues through the Bookstore's online service. Reported that alumni have served as volunteers in recruiting for Shepherd College and expressed appreciation for their help.

Meeting adjourned at 10:10 a.m.

Next meeting: Training meeting on Friday, September 24th in the Cumberland Room from 8:30-11:30 a.m., followed by lunch.

Submitted by Anna Mary Walsh

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