Administrative Council Minutes

Thur. Oct. 28, 1999
8 a.m.
Cumberland Room

Present: Dow Benedict; Grover Boyer; Marie Carter; Joan Pope (for Monte Cater); Pete Checkovich; David Dunlop; David Eldridge; Al Ingle; Sharon Kipetz; Debbie Langford; Monica Lingenfelter; Greg Fleisher (for Rev. Ernest Lyles); Ed Magee; Barbara Maxwell; Valerie Owens; Alan Perdue; Dan Starliper; Mark Stern; Libby Sturm; David Thompson; Anna Mary Walsh; and Harry Young.

Young: reported that the resident assistants are working well with the campus police. Grover Boyer stated that the training with the RAs dealing with drug issues and why the RAs should not handle things that could be evidence has been educational.

Checkovich: Announced that the Executive Staff is in the very early stages of looking into the possibility of Shepherd College locating a branch in Martinsburg.

Kipetz: Family Day on Oct. 23rd went well; over 1,000 ate in the Dining Hall. There will be a vigil for domestic violence tonight on the midway. The Career Fair is happening today, with about 64 employers/representatives from graduate schools. She thanked Grover for securing parking spaces for the employers. Announced that a consultant will be coming to talk with them about perception/needs of Dining Hall and Ram's Den. Stated that wiring in Thacher and Shaw Halls are almost complete. Miller Hall is next and, hopefully, money will be available to wire Westwoods. Student Affairs is working with the Art Dept. in establishing art clusters. Stated that the art students seem to be congregating around Shaw Hall. Looking at educational opportunities that can happen in the halls dealing with art students. Announced that Mary Beth Sibert was appointed the Administrative Assistant for their office and Mary Beth will be working with the international students. She will be attending training to work with INS forms. Stated that a crisis/response team has been developed (members are from the Health Center, Campus police, residence hall staff, and Wally Gage, ServiceMaster employee for physical plant). Announced the organizations of the Student Government Association will be having a children's carnival in the College Center on Saturday, Oct. 30th. Games will be reasonably priced. Open to the community. Dr. Dunlop commended those responsible for the successful Family Day event.

Pope: stated that their was a good attendance at the football game on Family Day. Announced that fall sports are finishing and the volleyball team is currently in tournament play. The football team is ranked sixth in the northeast in NCAA Division II regionals. Announced there is a vacancy in men's soccer coach position. Dr. Dunlop sends out sports bulletins to those on campus who have requested them. These used to be sent as a unit but now individual sports bulletins are sent. If anyone prefers only certain sports bulletins, please notify him.

Magee: announced that our payroll checks tomorrow will be from the new EPIC payroll system. Commended Carolyn Kerr for getting the system up and moving. She, Kathy McIlroy and other staff from their office worked weekends to get this system in operation. The Direct Deposit forms will be distributed with checks. For those who wish direct deposit, as soon as the form is returned with voided check stub, it can be processed. Stated Shepherd has received another clean audit. Wished to thank Stacy Wright; Ken Harbaugh; Bob Maidhof; staff of Registrar's Office and Housing offices for assessing dues; Procurement for fiscal inventory; Alan Perdue for letters written; Human Resources for leave data; Library; and Financial Aid Office. It was a college-wide effort and he appreciates everyone's help. Dr. Dunlop stated that under SB547, we needed to bring in additional students to pay for faculty/staff salaries instead of reducing faculty/staff positions. The student/faculty ratio is 20.6:1. During the Butcher and Riccards' years, student/faculty ratio was 22:1.

Benedict: Announced continuation of Reynold's Hall Music Series; events are on Tuesday nights. They have been well-attended. Ed Herendeen will be beginning a new series of plays in repertory style. Traditional age students are doing these. Jean Ouedraogo has developed a French Studies Week with an assortment of events. There are four art exhibits: young artists (Frank Center); Rhonda Smith's (Studio 105, Shepherdstown); Shepherd students (Lost Dog Cafe, Shepherdstown); and art students' exhibits (Blue Elephant, Fifth St. in Frederick, MD and in Leesburg, VA). Stated that the Frank Arts program was granted the right to bring in study group to establish our needs. Results were that the facility was built for a lesser number of students than those currently using the facility for art, music and theatre. Dr. Dunlop stated that we have three strong programs and it's unfortunate that they're housed in the same building. Short-term plans to deal with this are to place three trailor units on campus in January to accommodate these students.

Carter: distributed the results of the survey training needs with key information on needs as expressed by members of the Administrative Council. Classified employees' survey has been distributed and is due next week.

Starliper: TIAA-CREF representatives will be on campus Nov. 10-11th. There will be an open retirement seminar at 9:00 a.m. and new employees are urged to attend. Stated that there will be a PEIA rate increase in November. He will be sending a memo on this soon. Stated that those earning $15,000 or less will see no rate increase. Single will not increase as much as family. There has been no notification that managed care will be increasing.

Eldridge: Announced that student registration will begin soon. We'll have our first class on the Southern Regional Electronic Campus. Betty Myers and he are setting up the website. Anyone may take this course but no special fee for student registration in other courses at Shepherd. He stated that tuition is lower than even South Branch because no services are provided. He stated that there would be a meeting with Mr. Healey from the Board. We plan to discuss the matter of keeping the Degree Inventory of the Central Office up-to-date. One program that the Central Office should have in the degree inventory for Shepherd College is Technical Studies (AAS). Announced that ethnicity can no longer be listed as required information. There was discussion that, if "unknown" option is not available, we'll have to find out how to give that information to Central Office. There was idea of being able to designate as the federal government does on forms ("Other" or "Unknown"). Dr. Stern stated that next year's report will have to indicate it's a shift in data report. Dr. Eldridge stated it's mandated by the state that immunizations be up-to-date when students are admitted. Since Shepherd was in violation of this, it was decided that a hold would be put on a student registration until immunization is completed. Noted that South Branch was exempt from this mandate. Since nothing is indicated in the Shepherd catalog about having a student's health record, it is left to Health Services whether or not to keep a hold for the missing health record. Discussion on our add/drop period being one of the shortest in the state. Faculty have discussed this issue in Admissions and Credits Committee and input is being sought before the Committee develops a recommendation. Extending a drop to two weeks would have a negative impact on Financial Aid's operation. If a student has not heard what requirements are the cycle needs to extend past three days to seven days (for those whose class meets only once a week).

Ingle: Stated that the directors in Administration & Finance have worked as a team. James Vigil has added responsibility with the card program. The hiring process for a director of facilities management is near an end. There are five evaluators on the final round. Facility issues: approval to enhance grounds management; same people with new techniques, with the addition of a new manager, Al Cook (ServiceMaster). Buildings & Grounds: a committee for this was authorized by the president. There are 17 members. There will be a plan for buildings as well as amenities. The master plan effort has evaluators. Once a recommendation is reached, it will be given to the president. Capital plan begun in the summer will continue. There are 32 major projects, 11 of those are significant. Stated that we need to be careful in what we do; dollars need to be in place. We've had nine projects go through the system schedule; some things will be accomplished quicker than others. Administration & Finance will take the lead on the crosswalk project. Grover Boyer is putting together a paper dealing with safety. There are two issues with the crosswalk: the cost of what the Division of Highways does and how long it will take to implement.

Walsh: Stated that the crosswalk and safety of our students is the major concern of the Classified Employees Council at this time. Six classified employees attended the hearing in Reynolds Hall set by the Division of Highways on Tuesday. Short term, Bob Amtower, Director of Engineering, stated that something would be done with marking the road and signage by next week. Longterm, they wish to keep in communication with Shepherd students and the college administration, as well as Shepherdstown Town Council representatives.

Fleisher: (Representing Multicultural Affairs Office since Rev. Lyles is in Senegal). Announced that part 5 of the Race Issues will be tonight at 7:00 p.m. in the Blue-Gray Room. Topic: "Minorities in the Media." Announced that French Week events begin November 4th. Dr. Sandye Jean McIntyre II, a distinguishes professor of foreign languages, will be guest speaker on November 8th. Their office is currently planning National American Hispanic Month in November. The NAACP's benefit dinner and fashion show was coordinated all by students from the leadership team and NAACP. $900 was raised for the Shepherdstown Youth Center.

Dunlop: Announced the reduced tuition plan to be initiated at state colleges and universities across the state will not begin this spring.

Library project: the archaeological study found a foundation, which could potentially cost time and money. Bid is going out to reduce the cost.

Stadium: bids for construction open today. Promotional Video: Dr. Kevin Williams and his students will be videotaping what our students do to help promote Shepherd College to the traditional student age group. His Audio class will continue the project in the spring and his fall, 2000 class should finish it. This has potential to be put in malls, on campus, etc. to promote Shepherd College. He stated that our current recruiting video needs a sequel and anyone who knows of things going on should contact Kevin--he'll be happy to consider them. (NOTE: since our meeting I've spoken with Kevin about this--he welcomes comments!).

LOCEA Visit: November 16th: the Higher Education Study Group will be at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center working with two consultants; this will be a public hearing dealing with how higher education should be funded and concern of whether or not the community and technical colleges should be freestanding. November 17th, legislators will be at Shepherd to hear presentation strategies being planned by our administrators, students, faculty, and staff. There is an overlap of legislators who are on both these commissions. Changing Nature of Competition: discussed the University of Phoenix and its philosophy of not hiring faculty if they are not practitioners and faculty having to undergo training (teacher training, pedagogy). This institution declares that their faculty can stand up to any faculty in any major institution. There is a growth in the internet market. Shepherd College needs to compete by providing entire campus environment with quality offerings, good attitude toward students, good customer service, and fair treatment by faculty to students who are adults (since 60% of our students are over 24 years old). We need to review what we're doing. Competition in our area is increasing, with the presence of Marshall University, Potomac State, Wheeling Jesuit, and University of MD. Barbara Maxwell stated that our library provides services to those students who are taking internet/distance learning from such schools as the Univ. of Wyoming and Univ. of Arizona. Dr. Dunlop believes that, when the One Card is initiated, patrons of the library will at least have to purchase a card. Anna Mary Walsh had a concern of becoming a "closed library" because so many area high school students use Scarborough Library and it is a good recruiting tool. Dr. Dunlop stated that we would be able to accommodate high school students but can close the door on students of competitors.

Governor's Freeze: Stated a five-point plan: capital development budget $25,000 purchase order 10% recall in January hiring Charleston is still working on blanket/general agreements. Stated that any travel already committed can progress. Groups (teams) as well as individual travel can occur if paperwork was completed before the freeze. The intent is not to impair the educational mission of the college. Stated that the library and stadium will not be affected by the freeze. The modular buildings at Frank Center were not approved in time, but he is optimistic that they may be placed (they are critical to our educational mission). Stated that only those people who have been offered a position in writing may be approved. (He's hoping to receive a waiver for faculty or staff on a case by case basis). Internal transfers can proceed. It was consensus that, if the 10% return must be done, the campus should be made aware that cuts need to be made and the Executive Staff will carefully review things that may be able to be cut without much disturbance. Dr. Ingle will lead the Executive Staff in this discussion at Monday's meeting. He explained that our third party students (Fish & Wildlife, Print Institute) are not counted until next year, so our large number of 500 headcount do not bring revenue at this time. Some of that money has already been spent. The institutions took a hit on payment of PEIA and faculty and staff raises, mandated by SB547. With all savings, we have a $13,000 deficit.

Meeting adjourned at 10:15 a.m.

Next meeting of Administrative Council: Thursday, December 23rd at 8:00 a.m. in the Cumberland Room.

Submitted by
Anna Mary Walsh
College Assembly Secretary

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