Administrative Council Minutes

Thur. Oct. 8, 1998 8:00 a.m.
Cumberland Room

Present: John Adams; Dow Benedict; Grover Boyer; Marie Carter; Jack Castle; Monte Cater; Pete Checkovich; Frances Dolloph; David Dunlop; Anders Henriksson; Ed Magee; Barbara Maxwell (for Joe Barnes); Rachel Meads; Valerie Owens; Alan Perdue; Elizabeth Sturm; J.B.Tanner (SGA Vice President); Sally Urban; Anna Mary Walsh; Jim Watson; and Harry Young.

Dr. Dunlop opened the meeting by having everyone introduce themselves.

He stated a concern with efficient job of getting the committees of the Administrative Council up and running at the start of the academic year. When chairs are elected at start of academic year, appointments are not made by those chairs until this time. It was concensus that the following would occur:

1. Ask all relevant groups to make appointments for the following year by April 30 and send names to the secretary of the College Assembly. The secretary will send a copy to the president's office.

2. All appointees (new and old members) would be invited to a joint meeting in May (or one thereafter) of the committee, at which time the old members could pass on the agenda. Those comprising the committee for the next year could elect a chair for the following year.

3. A designee from the Executive Staff would draw up the list of committees.

4. The new process will be published in the Shepherd College Record and each member of the Administrative Council would receive a copy of the list.

Dr. Stern moved, Dr. Henriksson made a second to the motion that the Athletic Committee have a designee from the Vice President of Academic Affairs office, since the Athletic Director currently reports to the VPAA. Motion carried.

It was noted that when the reporting line of Athletic Director changes from VPAA to Vice President of Student Affairs, the NCAA compliance officer and the athletic academic adviser will remain with Academic Affairs. Dr. Dunlop stated that Athletics reports to presidents at larger institutions and to Student Affairs in institutions the size of Shepherd College. The move will link Athletics with Intramurals so that they report to the same vice president, and since the Financial Aid Office reports to the VPAA, the responsibility of Athletics shifting to the VPSA was completed to balance responsibility.

Dr. Dunlop stated that Ms. Carter is chairing the screen committees for both vice presidential searches. As a result of the change in Athletics reporting line, Mr. Cater or a designee has been added to the VPSA search committee.

Listserve: Dr. Dunlop stated that Mrs. Mary Keesecker is the facilitator for the listserve for Administrative Council. He reminded members that REPLY means that all members of the Council will receive the message so members need to decide what is for the entire group and what is not. He stated that it's imperative the names of new appointees as well as those who no longer serve on the Council are kept updated with Mrs. Keesecker.

Alan Perdue: Announced that the recycle bins have been placed in areas around campus for aluminum and glass. Ms. Owens will do a blurb on the campus Web site to remind the college community of the location of the bins. Dr. Dunlop requested all members to remind their respective committees/councils/organizations to use these receptacles.

Marie Carter: Reported that the two search committees for the vice president positions have met. Return date for applications is December 1st. Dr. Dunlop stated the importance of recruiting so we can have diversity in our applications for these positions.

Elizabeth Sturm: Expressed thanks for the cooperation the Financial Aid Office has been receiving from the campus community. She stated that the students seem to be served on time.

J.B. Tanner: Stated that no students have voiced any complaints to SGA about the Financial Aid Office this year. He voiced appreciation to David Thompson and the Computer Center staff for allowing the elections to be placed on all student computers. He stated there is an interest from students in having a Web page that announces athletic events as well as in having all campus computers default to the homepage. Dr. Dunlop stated that he would follow up to see if all new machines are being set to the homepage.

John Adams: Announced the Career Fair on October 27th in Storer Ballroom from 1-5 p.m.

Sally Urban: Stated that the Career Fair will be the largest that Shepherd College has had, with between 70-80 employers participating. These employers are on the Career Development Center's Web page.

Barbara Maxwell: Stated that the NOTIS library system will need to change. The timeline follows WVU's move to a new system next year (maybe spring). It is the Library's hope that we can get through both semesters without interruption. NOTIS is an old mainframe system but with the WINDOWS environment, more things can be done.

Ed Magee: Commended Financial Aid Office. The FAO's system of doing things has made a difference for the Business Office's operation also. The CUFS system will be replaced by a new version called ADVANTAGE. He'd like to see it happen by December. The graphic use interface will be more useful for us. We need to convert to become compliant with year 2000.

Anna Mary Walsh: Invited everyone to the reception for Marie Carter on Monday, Oct. 12th in the Cumberland Room from 12-1 p.m. This event is for all students, faculty, and staff and is sponsored by the Women's Caucus.

Frances Dolloph: Gave a summary of concerns and what's been happening with ideas and a study being made to find out what it would take to run an independent two-year college in the South Branch Valley, though not necessarily in Petersburg. Dr. Dunlop stated that Shepherd College's stand on the issue is that we support a presence of Shepherd College in the South Branch Valley, whether it's in Petersburg or Moorefield, but we are opposed to a free-standing community college if it cuts Shepherd College out of it.

Pete Checkovich: Reported on the two associate degree programs dealing with Printing Supervision and Management and Printing Technology. Stated that they are working with printing companies to set up courses since there are 5,000 printing jobs from Berryville, VA to Harrisburg, PA. One Valley Bank in Martinsburg has requested a Spanish class. One will be added in October.

Grover Boyer: Announced that the grant which dealt with underage drinking will expire in December, but plans are in the works in applying for a new grant. Progress has been made in the area of public safety.

Harry Young: Stated that the subcommittee on community and technical colleges of the WV College System's Board of Directors met on October 7th and agreed to develop a clearly defined mission and vision statement for the community and technical colleges.

Rachel Meads: Announced that Mr. Perdue would be attending the Student Life Council meeting today to answer questions about recycling. She announced that the Appalachian Festival worked out well, even with Homecoming activities going on simultaneously. She will contact Karl Wolf about having admissions information available at the next Festival, since there were people interested in the school. She announced that the Smithsonian Institution recorded both the evening performances again this year.

Monte Cater: Expressed appreciation to everyone who helped with their five-year study, which was completed in July. Some changes will be made as a result of the report.

Jim Watson: Announced the rededication of the memorial to those students and alumni who served in our armed forces. This will occur outside Frank Creative Arts Center on November 11th at 11 a.m. (Veteran's Day). He also expressed appreciation to all those who made Homecoming a success. He stated that the Cress Creek Golf Tournament netted a substantial profit which will go to nonrevenue sports, at direction of the Shepherd College Alumni Board.

Dr. Dunlop commended Dr. Watson and his staff for all the work they'd done to make this a successful homecoming for all.

Campus Plan: Dr. Dunlop stated that the Strategic Planning Committee will be used to make this plan happen. Those participating will look at things like the college's strengths, weaknesses, marketing, reputation, opportunities we have, threats to the campus, etc. He's hoping that subcommittees will be set up which will report the the Strategic Planning Committee, though he's not sure how to set up the membership.

These subcommittees will provide surveys to different clientele. Focus groups of business people, alumni, and others could provide comments to subcommittee members.

Dr. Dunlop will ask the Council members to comment on listserve. He stated that the Executive Staff would put together the structure of the campus plan. This would be sent to the entire campus community.

Ms. Dolloph expressed concern that the community college employees are not part of the membership of the Strategic Planning Committee, which could be a concern as the Legislature looks at the strategic plan. Dr. Dunlop stated that other appointees will be part of this campus plan, on which community college employees may be a part. He stated that Dr. Checkovich is a member of the Strategic Planning Committee.

Announcement: November 19th event where Dr. Robert Holmes, former Georgia state legislator and Shepherd College alumni, will speak on "Multicultural and Contemporary Issues: On the Doorstep of the Millennium." He will be speaking to Hannah Geffert's Race, Gender and Politics class on that day as well as the open forum at 7:00 p.m. in Storer Ballroom. The event will be sponsored by the President's Office, Multicultural Issues Forum, and the College NAACP. Dr. Dunlop stated that, for many good reasons, we should promote this event for the college community to attend.

Meeting adjourned at 9:20 a.m.

Next meeting: Thursday, Nov. 19th at 8:00 a.m. in the Cumberland Room.

Respectfully submitted,

Anna Mary Walsh
Secretary, Shepherd College Assembly

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