Administrative Council Minutes

October 18, 2001

Present: David Dunlop, Mark Stern, Ed Magee, Sharon Kipetz, Marie Carter, Pete Checkovich, Bob Willgoos, Dave Rucki, Libby Sturm, Dan Starliper, David Thompson, Rachel Schipper, Dan Yanna, Debbie Langford, James Veldman, Robert Dotson, Laura Bischoff Renninger

Dave Thompson: Martinsburg is now using the Banner system. A data line has been introduced that will increase the internet speed by 28 times and this should be operational by December. The wiring in Westwoods Hall is not yet completed. We will be moving to a new mail server, Outlook. This will provide more room for email storage and it also has the ability to compare faculty and staff calendars. There will be a series of training workshops for this throughout the semester.

Frances Dolloph: South Branch head count = 338; FTE = 145. Thanks to Head Start and high school programs students are taking more credit hours. This is great news. South Branch also had their 25th Anniversary reception and this was a great success.

Ed Magee: The HEPC Master Plan is on the agenda for November. Banner training will be offered once a month. After that it will be offered only periodically.

Dan Yanna: New directions are taking place in custodial services. Currently, there is a 20-25% absentee rate so there is a strong need to change workloads in order to compensate for this problem. A handout was distributed that indicates custodian workloads for each day of the week in each campus building. Manuals with this information have been given to custodial staff.

Mark Stern: The Compact Master Plan is ready to go to the HEPC. President Dunlop believes the Compacts are in good shape. All Master Plans will eventually be on the website.

Pete Checkovich: Grand opening occurred at the Community and Technical College in Martinsburg. Thank you to all who attended. A new program will allow Martinsburg High School students to attend in the Spring semester. The local governing board has approved this program. President Dunlop believes this is one of the advantages of having a local governing board.

Libby Sturm: A campus-wide United Way campaign will take place the first two weeks of November. A payroll deduction option is available as well.

Dan Starliper: TIAA-CREF will be on campus October 24th and 25th. On the 24th at 2pm in the Storer Ballroom, representatives from the New York office of TIAA-CREF will conduct a seminar on Long-Term Care. This seminar will also be held on the 25th at 9am in the Blue and Grey room. Open enrollment period for Long Term Care will run from Nov. 1-Dec. 3. On October 30th representatives from the Pittsburgh TIAA-CREF office will conduct a seminar at 9am (Blue and Grey Room) on open retirement. New staff members are encouraged to attend. Long Term Care insurance may be taken right out of the paycheck.

Patricia Dwyer: Reminder that October 22nd is the Assembly meeting. Presentations on Learning Communities and Leesburg Institute for Sustainable Innovation will be given. FYI: the state has initiated a review of all undergraduate assessment programs. We will receive a template for assessment and have hired outside consultants. We believe that this is because several institutions in the state have had to have follow-up reviews following NCA. We may be the only college in the state that has every program performing assessment.

Marie Carter: Staff Development events have been a success. About a year and a half ago a survey was conducted asking what people would like in terms of staff development. The program on October 17th dealt with stress management. This was the last of the needs that have been expressed. This was a very well presented and useful program. It may be time to do another survey to find out what people are interested in.

Rachel Schipper: FYI: We have a draft from the Technology Oversight Committee that contains a strategic plan for campus. This document will probably circulate soon and there is a fairly short turn around time for feedback. Please return to Dr. Schipper asap with feedback and corrections.

Bob Willgoos: Faculty Senate has only had two meetings thus far. The promotion policy change and guidelines have been completed. This has been a three-year project. Many committees are still getting their feet on the ground. Everything at the Blue Ridge Center is running smoothly.

Robert Dotson: The Multicultural Student Affairs website is being updated. All are encouraged to look at it. The staff are excited about the move to the College Center. The office has worked hard on several events including Homecoming. Dotson will be working with the Program Board to bring a Native American speaker to campus for Native American History Month. A program on AIDS Awareness will be held at the end of November. The last program for the semester will be a Kwanzaa celebration. In the Spring a speaker from the University of Maryland will be coming to campus to speak about diversity and change. The Multicultural Leadership Team had a special day trip to the Holocaust Museum in D.C. Race, sexuality, religion and ageism have been topics that the team has been discussing. Open presentations on these topics will begin on November 8th.

Sharon Kipetz: Please stop by Gardner on October 31st from 10-6 because there will be an open house in conjunction with Health Services, Counseling, Financial Aid, and the RBA program. Sharon, Rachel Schipper and Robert Dotson will be going to Charleston over the weekend. Dr. Schipper will be doing a presentation for the West Virginia Student Personnel Association on how to bring diversity into programming. Dr. Kipetz will also be doing a presentation. Homecoming was a great success. SGA and Program Board will be sponsoring the Shepherdstown Children's Carnival on Sunday, October 28th from noon-4pm. Residence Halls will be having trick-or-treating on Halloween eve. Teen night will also take place at Shepherd once a month on Fridays.

James Veldman: Dining services staff have been very satisfied with their progress. There are still more goals they would like to reach. A registered dietician is on campus every Wednesday from 9-5:30 and is available for students, faculty and staff. She will be conducting a seminar on October 24th in the dining hall at 5pm on new government dietary guidelines. Dining staff are very interested in working with the students on nutrition. They would like an art student to design a special graphic symbol for the catering department. On Tuesday, October 30th, the dining hall will host a "Harvest Dinner." Dining services/Rams Catering placed second in the "Taste of Shepherdstown."

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