Administrative Council Minutes

Thursday, October 26, 2000

Present: David Dunlop, Mark Stern, Ed Magee, Jim Watson, Sharon Kipetz, Alan Perdue, Marie Carter, Valerie Owens, Pete Checkovich, John Admas, Luoluo Hong, Anna Mary Walsh, Bob Willgoos, James McNeel, Allyson Barabas,Dave Rucki, Monica Lingenfelter, David Eldridge, Monte Cater, Karl Wolf, James Vigil, Libby Sturm, Dan Starliper, David Thompson, Barbara Maxwell, Ernest Lyles, Dan Yanna, Debbie Langford, Grover Boyer, Frances Dolloph, Laura Bischoff

Dr. Mark Stern: A copy of the agenda for the College Compact Committee was distributed. A Compact must be completed by Shepherd College in response to SB 653. The state has not defined some of the terms for completing the Compact. Shepherd College is doing one Compact and the Community and Technical College is doing its own Compact. This is required by SB 653. There are 8 goals under this Compact and they are the following:

1. Education as "seamless" and "lifelong process" ­ collaborate with K-12.
2. "Number of degrees produced per capitaŠis at the national average."
3. "All West-Virginians have post-secondary educational opportunities..."
4. Higher education "prepares students to practice good citizenship and to compete in a global economy...{With} an advanced level of education and skills which surpass former requirements."
5. "State institutions of higher education exceed peer institutions in other states in measures of productivity and institutional efficiency."
6. "Post-secondary education enhances State efforts to diversity and expand the economy of the State."
7. "Faculty, staff and administrators will be compensated on a competitive level with peer institutions." Faculty have been funded at 95% and staff at the level we have projected.
8. "The tuition and fee levels for out of state students are competitive with those of peer institutions and the tuition and fees of out of state students are set at a level which at least covers the full cost of instruction."

Our institution has already accomplished much of what is indicated in SB 653. In the Compact Committee meeting, our accomplishments will be discussed. The key now is establishing whether we can get state resources to build upon what we have already done in SB 547. We have done an excellent job, for example, improving technology on campus.

Dr. Stern has met with the Strategic Planning Committee and has worked to revise the mission statement. One of the revisions involves the addition of a Master of Arts in Teaching along with Marshall University.

An institution master plan outline was distributed.

Per SB 653, separate Master Plans should be developed for the administratively linked community college components of mixed mission 4-year institutions. These master plans will include at least the following elements:

1. Statement of revised mission. SB 653 requires that the NCHEMS report on institutional missions be taken into account when revising missions.
2. Plan to make changes in mission over 6 year period.
3. Goals. These will be largely adapted form those specified in SB 653. Given the institution's revised mission, the master plan must specify which of the SB 653 goals will receive the greatest emphasis over the next six year (Goals 1-8 above).
4. Statement of geographic responsibility for each goal. We are primarily responsible for the three counties of the Eastern Panhandle and South Branch.
5. Environment and market analysis showing that the plan's requirements are reasonable. For example, if the plan calls for a large increase in degree production in a particular program, evidence should be included that shows that students can be recruited for the program.
6. Resource requirements for carrying out the plan, showing either reallocation of existing resources or new resources. If initiatives specified in the master plan require resources such as faculty, staff, and new or improved facilities, the resources and their costs must be indicated. Overall, plans for new resources should be made consistent with state general fun appropriations increasing at a rate not exceeding three to four percent annually.
7. Documentation of involvement of the Policy Commission, institutional constituency groups, institutional clientele, and general public in plan development.

We are now building and consolidating on what we have done with SB 547. In addition, we have Masteršs programs and the Community and Technical College.

We are in the middle of discussing the name of the institution on the Master's Degree. We believe that Marshall is willing to have both Shepherd and Marshall listed on the degree. We would also like to have this become a Shepherd degree only after X number of years.

President Dunlop: In summary, three basic documents need to be submitted:

1. Compact ­ 8 statewide goals along with benchmarks and timelines
2. Institutional Master Plan
3. Campus Plan (physical plan for the campus which is done every 10-15 years).

All three must be delivered by the end of January.

The Community and Technical College and the Graduate Program have thus far had the most discussion. We do meet what SB 653 is doing.

Marie Carter: We are currently searching for a new VP of Administration and Finance. The campus will be involved in the interview process and this will be advertised in the coming weeks. The responsibilities are similar to the ones advertised two years ago with one change ­ we will now have our Director of Security reporting on a regular basis to the College Council regularly. Campus security needs to have legal guidance.

Sharon Kipetz: Family day begins on Friday the 27th of October. Family Day flyers have been distributed. Families will be visiting classrooms and the Jazz Band will be performing in the evening.

Student Affairs Searches: Currently searching for a Director of Food Service and for a new Director of Multi-Cultural Student Affairs. This is a 12-month position. This is also a 100% time position rather than 75% which is a step forward. We are also beginning many campus climate projects.

We are short-staffed in the dining hall. Requests for names of persons who may be willing to work in the dining hall. Please send names to Dan Starliper.

Mark Stern: The computer system will be down temporarily while the Banner system is tested. This hopefully will not interfere with registration the week of November 6th.

A candidate for the position of Director of the Library will be coming in and the campus will be involved in the interview process. Candidates will also be brought in for the Educational Studies Professional Division Chair position.

Dr. Stern will be meeting with Marshall University regarding the graduate program on Sunday, October 29th.

Luoluo Hong: A Crisis Management Team has been created and they are currently reviewing all emergency response protocols. Also, a sexual assault victim advocacy program has been instituted. This program will make sure that Shepherd is in compliance with recording acts of violence and making sure that victims are receiving required care. The Banner Module will be assisting Residence Life with various tasks including housing assignments. We are currently going through an extensive policy revision process in Residence Life where we are trying to fix inconsistencies between written and non-written practices. Tri-Sigma has won a national award and this is a great honor. "Stop the Hate Campaign" is a new project and has been successful so far. This will be a series of six lectures.

Dan Yanna: New Director of Physical Plant

Anna Mary Walsh: Classified Employees Council continues to handle issues with pay raise concerns. It would be nice to have staff at 95%. The council is delighted to have Dan Yanna on board.

Monica Lingenfelter: The Shepherd College Foundation continues our fund raising efforts for the Campaign for Shepherd. Fund raising for the two capital projects, Ram Stadium Expansion and the Scarborough Library Addition, has netted $130,000 and $450,00 respectively. We have an outstanding grant for the library and hope to hear that it is funded very soon. The Foundation reported $1.7 million dollars in new contributions last academic year. We are now preparing our 01-02 scholarship budget and will report on that total at the next meeting. In conjuction with the President's Office and the Office of College Advancement, we have begun a series of Community Leader Luncheons to cultivate the interest and support of regional community and business leaders.

Jim Watson: One of the fruits of the outreach program was a check for $200,000 from the state for scholarships for students from Martinsburg High School. Thank you to all who took part in Homecoming. This has helped greatly with fund-raising. McMurran Hall has been selected to be included on a list entitled, "Save America's Treasures." This designates both McMurran Hall and Reynolds Hall as sites worthy of being saved and recognized for their historic value. These are the only buildings in Shepherdstown on this list.

Pete Checkovich: We do have permission from the Policy Commission to move ahead with our plans for the Martinsburg Campus. Several presentations have been made to the Policy Commission. We will not be seeking external funding beyond fiscal year 2000 as decided by the Policy Commission. The division of leasing in Charleston is reviewing our lease. There will be a meeting with the Martinsburg City Council on November 9th.

Dave Thompson: Banner Upgrade 4.0 will affect every aspect of the campus. Banner Finance is coming. Banner Web for Students is coming as well. Banner will also be helpful for faculty and advising. We now have a new trainer as well for Technology on Campus.

James Vigil: Customer Satisfaction and Faculty Satisfaction survey copies are available. We use the results to develop action plans. Feedback would be appreciated. We did out-perform almost all of the national averages. There is a significant problem with the adoption deadlines (faculty need to get book orders in on time.)

Debbie Langford: Task force for the Procurement office is currently fixing written and non-written policies.

Karl Wolf: The media portrays West Virginia in such a way that is not representative of the Eastern Panhandle. And, because of this image, many out-of-state students and parents will not consider Shepherd or other WV colleges. This is especially true in the Washington area. We need to find a way to partner with the economic development and tourism people to give a better image to our part of the state.

Monica was saying that Holly Frye will become a full-time employee on December 1 and that she should be able to do more to help us recruit alumni to assist with out-of-state college day and night programs. This year we were not able to find alumni available to help us with about 30 programs to which we were invited; we could not cover the programs with our Admissions staff that was already fully committed on those dates or at some distance from the college. I did not hear Monica say that she was willing to go to Washington or Baltimore to represent us at a college night program. We are not necessarily looking for persons to go with us to college nights, but instead we are looking for persons to go in place of us. On a typical October weeknight, there may be as many as 8 to 10 programs scheduled in our region for our 4 staff members to do.

Dan Starliper: The Personnel Information Questionnaires (PIQs) must be completed within days of new fulltime employees beginning employed. Administrators need to make sure this is top priority.

Valerie Owens: There will be a mock disaster drill at Butcher Center on November 18th, sponsored by emergency units in Jefferson County. Be reminded, this is only a drill!

Marsha Branch: (for Barbara Maxwell, Library): commended Dan Yanna and Physical Plant for their quick response in securing the Library when keys for buildings on the east side of campus were stolen.

Bob Willgoos: announced that Faculty Senate had met three times this year. The chairs' stipend concern continues to be a serious issue. He has been in touch with Senator John Unger about faculty's concerns and the senator will be attending the Faculty Senate meeting on Monday, November 6th. Stated there is still a need for a representative (and alternate) for Shepherd on the Advisory Council of Faculty.

Dan Yanna: thanked those for his warm welcome. Projects: 1) McMurran Hall clock tower (repair to begin soon on roofing and trim work, painting). Dr. Dunlop gave a point of information that Shepherdstown has Christmas events the first weekend in December--Dan was unaware of this and will communicate with the town before beginning this project. 2) press box (relocation of the drain) No additional cost to Shepherd. Will begin following football and soccer season. 3) Knutti Hall elevator: will begin construction on November 20th. An area has been designated to relocate the Art class held in basement (and some items). Anyone who has concern with their area and the construction should contact him. Dave Thompson mentioned concern with wiring for computers in Knutti and asked if some additional piping could be added for the wiring. Dan stated it could occur, but maybe not at same time construction is going on. 4) Library (foundation work to begin first of December). Senator Robert C. Byrd will be here for the ground braking. Since the Gilbane contract has been terminated by mutual agreement, a project manager will be appointed to handle the Library project. 5) Three wayfinders: may be installed by the end of the year. 6) Byrd Technology Center (lab spaces on first floor); project to begin on March 15th and, hopefully, be completed by July 15th. 7) Keys (buildings on east side of campus) Will be replacing the temporary keys that are currently being used. New master system should be in effect in the next ten days. Physical Plant is working on a master plan "on paper" for the entire campus--this is not to say it will be implemented at this time. Moving toward an entry by use of OneCard, this system will be compatible with the OneCard (Rambler card).

Dr. Dunlop commended James McNeel for coordinating the debate of local candidates on October 25th in Reynold's Hall.

James McNeel: reported that over 400 students registered to vote in the student's three-week project to help register voters. Stated that SGA approved the revised Shepherd College Mission Statement. Announced that on Tuesday, October 30th, there will be a Children's Carnival on campus for community. Stated that SGA passed a resolution in support of Shepherd College's Community and Technical College's move to Martinsburg. Announced we had a successful Homecoming; the fundraiser held at that time was to benefit the College Center's renovations. Stated there is a website with an organizational calendar; expressed interest in seeing a campus-wide calendar formulated soon. Reported that SGA will be rewriting their Constitution soon.

Libby Sturm: announced that the Noel-Levitz student satisfaction survey will be given the first week in November. Asked that we urge students to participate.

Monte Cater: Noted the transition of fall sports to winter sports. Stated the women's volleyball team has a chance of winning the Conference tournament this year.

John Adams: Mentioned some of the new positions in Student Affairs. Stated that the Director of College Center position is important because many believe the College Center has not made any real changes in thirty years. Explained that Student Affairs will be helping in student advisement for those students who wish to come to college but are undecided in a major. Sandy Stroech will be coordinating this program, which is called "Early Alert." This deals with high-risk students. Faculty will contact Sandy's office and she will contact the student to connect them with the student service area of which will provide them with the most help.

Karl Wolf: Stated his concern that students do not have an accurate impression of the Eastern Panhandle when Admissions counselors visit schools. Luoluo mentioned that her home stated worked with the Tourism Office to develop a positive image as they recruited. All agreed that the campus needs something to educate people about the good things about Shepherd College, which just happens to be located in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. Monica Lingenfelter volunteered to go to the DC metro schools and to sit at tables with our counselors during recruitment to help promote the college. Alumni living in the areas where recruiting occurs can be a tremendous asset.

Dr. Dunlop: Announced that February 24-27, 2002 will be the date of North Central Association's onsite visit to Shepherd. Stated that we need to continue to make progress with our assessment. Urged all to support the efforts of Dr. Patricia Dwyer and Dr. James Pantle by providing whatever information they may request for the NCA resource room.

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