Administrative Council Minutes

November 19, 1998

Present: Dr. John Adams; Dr. Joe Barnes; Mr. Grover Boyer; Ms. Marie Carter; Dr. David Dunlop; Dr.Anders Henriksson; Rev. Ernest Lyles; Mr. Doug McCarthy; Mr. Ed Magee; Ms. Valerie Owens; Mr. Alan Perdue; Dr. Dan Starliper; Dr. Mark Stern; Mrs. Elizabeth Sturm; Mr. J.B. Tanner; Mr. David Thompson; Ms. Sally Urban; Mrs. Anna Mary Walsh; Dr. Jim Watson; and Mr. Harry Young.

The following was reported:

Dr. Dunlop: The Jefferson County New Teachers Banquet was held Wednesday night. Dr. John Stealey was the speaker. He noted that it appeared that about 60 percent of the teachers in Jefferson County are Shepherd College graduates.

Dr. Watson: Tickets for the Shepherd/Indiana of Indiana, PA football game are on sale for $11.00 in his office.

Dr. Starliper: The deadline for open enrollment for PDI is November 30th.

Mr. McCarthy:

  • Shepherd students are in the process of researching a coat of arms for Shepherd College. The design will be $195.00 SGA has communicated with Faculty Senate and Classified Employees Council for their approval. After the design has been created, the information will be sent to departments and committees for further notation and approval.
  • A Student Satisfaction Survey is being devised in coordination with Dr. Adams's office. There will be a survey for both residents and commuters.
  • Student Life Council's handbook is being revised.
  • SGA will be sponsoring a Holiday and Festivities Banquet and a Big Bands event in the spring.

Dr. Stern: RAIL registration is going smoothly, for which he commended the Registrar's Office.

Mr. Magee: The state payroll system will be changed on July 1st. Shepherd will be Y2K compliant with the use of electronic payroll deposit as well as graphic interface. PCs will have to be purchased. The process will begin in April. Dr. Dunlop had a concern that we have employees who do not have a bank account. These employees will need to be "walked through" the process.

General Ledger System: WVNET has committed to bring us up to graphical interface version. The plan is to provide character interface first. Then when all other colleges are on the system, graphical user interface version will be offered. There was a concern with going directly to graphical based. Shepherd College supports this effort. Mr. Magee will reiterate this idea.

Mr. Young: there were six presentations to the Board of Directors for the colleges, from college presidents , Council representatives, and students. Dr. Dunlop reported on the idea of community colleges having an Advisory Board instead of another board being created. The college system (Chancellor) is promoting Shepherd College utilize a new facility, whether it be in Hardy or Grant County. There is focus on community and technical college education and the Legislature is concerned about an effective CTC system throughout the state. It was believed that there should be promotion of creating a financial initiative instead of creating another board.

Ms. Carter: the searches for VPFF and VPSA are continuing. Deadline for applications is December 1st. It was stated that nominations from the campus community area welcome. The college is interested in a diversity of applications.

Dr. Adams: Questions/statements dealing with every student-oriented service of Shepherd College will be part of the student satisfaction survey.

Dr. Barnes: The Library will have a new computer system in 1999. MountainLynx system has been abandoned by the West Virginia colleges and universities in favor of Endeavor Voyager. The libraries will operate the system independently. The Library staff is looking forward to this change.

Mr. Thompson: Described the structure/content of the new library at Marshall University. He stated that there were a good number of computers and the Library patronage was very steady. The Microsoft license programs sounded like they would be affordable to the students at Shepherd. Mr. Thompson was supportive of the program where 300 technical titles and many in-user titles could be used for workforce development and community and technical college activities--it's hard to get good computer interpretation. Dr. Dunlop commended Mr. Thompson and the Computer Center staff for getting his computer to send messages again. His software had been corrupted by a wire that had burned.

Dr. Dunlop

Referred to his memo on November 12th to the campus community, which outlined the planning process. Explained how the campus master plan will be considered, goals will be developed, and everyone's voice will be heard. This plan will be all-encompassing but focuses on the physical plant (building, roads, etc.). He emphasized that curriculum drives the focus of the physical plant formula.

The library construction committee reviewed expressions for interest from architectural firms and invited three firms to campus for presentations. Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson, and Abbott of Boston, MA was chosen as the project architect. The firm's selection will be presented to the Board of Directors of the State College System for approval at the Board's December 1st meeting. Shepley, Bulfinch is the architect for the $30 million library project at West Virginia University.

A second public meeting was held in McMurran Hall on November 16th at which time architect Greg Williamson presented stadium drawings. Shepherd will present final schematic designs to the Board of Directors on December 1st. The project:

  • will move the football field 20 yards to the north;
  • will have a 2,500 seat stadium on the west side of the field (built over the existing rock-no dynamite will be used);
  • will have a facilities building housing locker rooms, equipment room and showers (located at south end of field);
  • will use fill to level the existing terrain between the visitors section and Route 480.
  • eliminates the track.
Fans will be encouraged to park on west campus when the new stadium is completed. In an attempt to blend stylistically with the architecture of the town, brick and metal roofing will be used (since these are more expensive materials, several town residents have volunteered to serve on a fundraising committee, should the $1.25 million allotted for the project fall short). Seating and the field will be ready for the opening game in 1999.

Governor Underwood has announced the day of Thanksgiving as a holiday. Non-faculty employees will receive the extra day as a floating leave day.

Shepherd will host a legislative delegation breakfast on December 3rd.

College Day at the Legislature is scheduled for February 3rd.

Corrections to the minutes can be addressed to Anna Mary Walsh, Secretary for the College Assembly.

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