Administrative Council Minutes

Minutes of the November 20, 1997
Meeting of the Administrative Council

  • NCATE: NCATE will render its final decision in March and will notify the College in April 1998. Four documents will be used in NCATE's final decision: the institutional report, the site team's written report, the College's rejoinder, and the College Catalog.

  • RAM Committee: President Dunlop reports that the current Resource Allocation Model will remain in place through 2000. The universities feel that the colleges overstate their enrollments, so the committee will work to standardize the information that is plugged into the RAM.

  • College Day at the Legislature is February 3.

  • Financial Aid: A search committee has been convened, and ads for the director have run in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Washington Post, and Black Issues in Higher Education. The President hopes to make an offer to a candidate in December with that person on board by January 1998.

  • Library: The College received $3.2 million in federal appropriations which brings the total to $7.6. Another $1.1 million from state lottery funds is expected in January. Projected construction start date is a year from today.

  • Administrative Council Committees: MSP that the Council accept the proposed committee composition (see document Administrative Council Committees).


  • Dan Starliper: Ten faculty and eight staff have signed up for the early retirement buyout. The President will make a decision whether to proceed with the buyout by the end of November.

  • Karl Wolf: There is a question as to whether RBA students are counted in enrollment totals. He will investigate.

  • Joe Barnes: The library committee is working on a written policy to help the library staff deal with Internet users who are viewing pornography, thereby infringing on the rights of other library users.

  • Ernest Lyles: The NCATE rep commented favorably on the working relationship between the Education Department and the Office of Multicultural Student Services. On Sunday, January 18, 1998, the College is cosponsoring the Martin Luther King Convocation at the Presbyterian Church. An NAACP student chapter is being established at Shepherd.

  • Frances Dolloph: Reported on a visit to Kellogg Community College in Michigan.

  • Anna Mary Walsh: Classified Holiday Luncheon is December 17 at noon in the Dining Hall. Everyone is invited. Cost: $3.50.

  • Valerie Owens: Shepherd is part of the Greater Shepherdstown Organization which met Saturday, November 15.

  • Norris Rath: Reported that he has heard favorable comments from students about the RAIL system.

  • Dave Thompson: The West Virginia 2001 Project will provide a high speed backbone for video transmission.

  • Stephanie Nasteff: SGA is developing an honor code for students. SGA is organizing a subcommittee to examine the Residence Life Office next semester.

  • Mark Stern: NCATE team members commented on faculty and staff cooperativeness. A Phi Kappa Phi representative was on campus last week. A full team will visit Shepherd January 28-30, 1998. The strategic plan went to the Board of Directors November 1.

  • Tom Baxter: Shepherd will proceed with the library project even though private fundraising for the Byrd Center for the Study of Congress has not gotten underway.

  • Monte Cater: A soccer coach has not been hired for next year although matches are being scheduled. President Dunlop stated that the College is moving toward better compliance with Title IX, but it is not the College's intent to eliminate men's sports to fund women's sports.

  • Farrell Coy: Commented favorably on RAIL.

  • John Adams: Next semester a Shepherd student may intern in the White House. Teacher recruitment day is December 11.

  • Dave Eldridge: Computer Center and Telecommunications Department were instrumental in making RAIL a success.

  • President Dunlop: The College is required to have a Master Facilities Plan every 10 years. The Strategic Plan is primarily an academic plan. The Strategic Planning committee will be the primary group for academic planning in the next 10-15 years. Once the Strategic Planning committee has finished this process by the end of the academic year, the Facilities Master Planning group will meet.

Respectfully submitted,
Valerie Owens
Acting Secretary

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