Administrative Council Minutes

November 21, 2002
Storer Ballroom
8:00 a.m.

Present: Dow Benedict; Marie Carter; Patricia Dwyer; David Dunlop; David Eldridge; Tim Haines; Sharon Kipetz; Debbie Langford; Ed Magee; Valerie Owens; Alan Perdue; Joan Pope; Dan Starliper; Libby Sturm; David Thompson; James Veldman; Anna Mary Walsh; Bob Willgoos; and Dan Yanna.

Dunlop: stated that the NCATE exit report yesterday was positive. There were 6-9 standards and the Education Department met all of them. He commended the Education Department and those across campus whose meetings with the team provided feedback to show they knew what the Education Department is all about.

Veldman: announced that Dec. 4th from 11:15 a.m.-2:00 p.m.,the holiday festive meal or "Yuletide Brunch" will kick off exam week. The items on the menu were outstanding and he urged everyone to come. December 11th will be the annual Classified Employees Holiday Luncheon in the basement and all who attend will notice the new renovations, including carpet.

Dr. Dunlop stated he has eaten at the Dining Hall on numerous occasions and wished to commend the entire staff for the great food and good atmosphere.

Kipetz: announced the following:

The hiring of Tom Seeger as Director of Multicultural Affairs.
An opening remains for the Vice-President of Student Affairs/ Director of Residence Life.
Rachael Meads Meeker gave birth to daughter, Flora, on October 31st.
Flu shots are available through the Health Center, $12; please call for appointment
The Program Board has held a seminar on investment; the Peace Shields (?) by Rainbow Eagle had 70 in attendance
Midnight Breakfast on Dec. 8th: Please contact the Office of Student Affairs if you'd like to volunteer.

Rohel: Stated a customer evaluation feedback form will be distributed, to be returned before the holidays. Stated a U.S. Postal Service mailbox has been placed outside the College Center, with pickup at 11:30 a.m. Monday-Saturday.

Dr. Dunlop commended Don for the renovations of areas such as the Bistro and Cumberland Room, as well as other work that has been done with limited funding.

Willgoos: Reported issues discussed at Faculty Senate meeting:

One of the Senate's issues is Library funding. Indication that numbers and information are not being consistent with the actual operating budget. Having heard a report of the difference in the percentage of the AAP (?) (6% of budget)) and what Scarborough Library receives (1%), the Faculty Senate passed a resolution that stated financing of Scarborough Library should be at least 3%. Note: with a discrepancy of information which the president as well as Ed Magee believed to be true, Dr. Dunlop asked that Mr. Magee look into it and report his findings at the next Administrative Council meeting.
Faculty appeals issue: trying to adjust to two directives: Directive 21 (Board of Governors) and other (AAAP?). Senate wishes to have this procedure passed for next year's Faculty Handbook. This will be revisited at the Senate's Dec. 2nd meeting.
Student cheating has increased over the last ten years, with student attitudes changing (no guilt--cheating was not wrong to do).
A chair is needed for Scholarships and Awards Committee. Hope to have one in place by next meeting.

Pope: announced the Athletic Department will be going through a self-study for NCAA requirements. The Department will be interacting with the campus to complete areas for the report. Stated the football season had a success with the concessions; commended James Veldman for things running smoothly. Stated that recognition of Coaches Walter Barr and Monte Cater was held at the November 16th game, for 31 years of combined football coaching at Shepherd. College. Of total victories in football throughout the years, these two coaches were responsible for 2/3 of the victories. There were ten championships between them. Announced that the University of Charleston has added football to its sports (former name of the school was Morris Harvey College). WV Tech's football coach has taken the position of Univ. of Charleston's head football coach.

Benedict: announced the home opener of the tip-off men's basketball season on Friday, November 22nd. The women's basketball team opens at home with Shippensburg on Tuesday, Nov. 26th. Other upcoming events are the Holiday Gala by the Music Department and the Rude Mechanicals in Reynold's Hall over the next semester. (See webpage for dates).

Dwyer: Stated the following from the Office for Teaching and Student Learning:
Is interested in writing a grant to the WV Historic Preservation to renovate the yellow house beside Byrd Center so it can become the Center for Teacher and Learning.
A second grant would be written for the establishment of the learning community for fall, 2003 for freshmen to subsidize activities for students, as well as to plan a conference for faculty development.
A grant through Phi Kappa Phi is being written to bring someone to campus to help with active learning strategies and to have a one-week institute to do coursework.
Discussed new chairs
New faculty (to meet once or twice a month). New faculty heard Jim Price's "History of Shepherdstown"
A team will be attending the Learning Community Conference in Phoenix and a conference in Philadelphia.
A writing across the curriculum seminar is set for the morning.
Catherine Irwin is helping to write a grant.
Assessment & Curriculum Revision: ETS has a better assessment instrument (our students formerly needed CAAP). We will be looking into changing to new option.
There will be a social gathering for colleagues on Dec. 11th from 4-6 p.m. at The Pharmacy. Open to all to get together and chat.

Eldridge: Announced that BANNER will be down for a few days next week to update so students will be allowed to order transcripts online as well as see a degree audit of their record. Anything appearing in red is what the student will still need. He mentioned that there will be a gap for students who came a few years ago when their grades may not have been entered. This service is still an unofficial way of viewing records until the "bugs" are worked out.

Carter: Announced the new Registrar, Ms. Tracy Seffers, will be here in January. She comes from George Mason University and was the Enrollment Services Manager.

Sturm: Stated that the WV HEPC has instituted application process for state grant program. Students are recommended to apply online. Deadlines for FRESHMEN are January 31st for the PROMISE Scholarship and March 1st for state grant. High school counselors will be attending a workshop at Shepherd on Dec. 4th. This will also be an opportunity for them to tour our Library.

Owens: Announced that cancellations because of snow or other delays will now be on the website. This will supplement calls to the radio stations.

Haines: Announced the annual Classified Employees Holiday Luncheon for Wednesday, December 11th from Noon-1:30 p.m. All Shepherd employees are invited to attend. Cost will be $4.00 [R.S.V.P. Anna Mary Walsh by before final exams begin.]

Magee: Announced the following: Bookstore has reopened in the College Center lower level. Grand opening will be in February. After book rush, they hope to reconfigure for merchandise to increase volume.
Bernard DeMartini replaced Jodi King as senior accountant in Finance & Administration. He's a CPA and helped with our financial statements this year.
Pay day will by on Wed. Nov. 27th, since next Friday has been declared a holiday. This announcement has been sent by voicemail to the campus.

Dr. Dunlop asked an estimate of direct deposits, to which Ed believed it's between 150-200. The president voiced concern that the campus is slow to embrace that option. Ed explained that some people don't have a bank account, some like to deal in cash, and some wish to have their check in hand. A concern was that, should the weather make it impossible for FedEx to leave Memphis (from where our checks originate), it would have an affect on delay of checks getting here. (Ice storms are not uncommon). Dr. Dunlop suggested something be sent twice a year to remind employees of the direct deposit option.

Yanna: reported the following:

Fieldhouse bids are in and under review
Contractors bids in the Library are due tomorrow.
There's a tremendous amount of furniture that needs to be removed within this month from the old section of Scarborough Library (desks, tables, shelving, chairs, file cabinets, etc.) A memo will be sent to inform campus that these items may be seen by contacting the Office of Facilities Management
Working on bringing work order system online, starting with select few, then to other areas of campus by mid-January
Energy management upgrade system is in process to monitor, control, adjust things through the web (College Center, Cree Hall boilers, etc.) for energy conservation. This will save between 20-30% of our oil expense.
Parking space loss (40) will not be done 'til after the holiday break.
Safety surveys have been returned. Facility surveys are in process of being returned.
Stairway to pit at Gardiner is being installed. Railing will be installed within a few weeks.

Thompson: The "wvnet" will be ending on January 2nd. Those not taking steps now to remove this from their e-mail addresses will notice a difference.

Perdue: stated that the poles are in place for gates to faculty/staff parking . The Ramblercard will be needed for entry and current campus registration will be needed to park in the lot. These gates will be operational from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.daily and and the poles will remain upright on evenings and weekends (when no events are scheduled on campus), as well as during the winter recess. The town may indicate weekend parking at White Hall parking lot ON WEEKENDS ONLY> On a personnel matter- There was a statement by a report in the Shepherd College Picket that was stated as fact that is incorrect. Alan stated that there has been no occasion where the WV Human Rights Commission has stated that there is probable cause that there is evidence of discrimination (at Shepherd College).

Langford: stated there is a committee that includes Catherine Irwin to discuss hiring an architect for the new CATF building. They are raising money over a two-year period and wish to maintain the services of the same architect. (Also on the committee are Ray Meeker, Ed Magee, Debbie Langford, Grant ????)

Dunlop: Stated that the Chancellor mentioned four things at the presidents' meeting last week:
Collections in the treasury are lagging; he's predicting amid-year cut-no amount given, or when or if NOTE: Dr. Dunlop did mention that, if units would spend all their money early in the year, they would still be responsible for their share of cuts, should cuts need to be made)
Suggested by a presidential colleague that concept of peer equity groups be put on hold. Dr. Dunlop made an argument against this to "get the playing field levell." He stated that members of the Legislature (Kiss, Mezzatesta, Doyle, Michael) agree with him (Dunlop)
Campuses should develop surplus this year to help pay the debt next year. Dr. Dunlop stated that none of the presidents were interested in doing this.
Legislature was to borrow $125-150million for capital improvement slast year but never got around to doing it. They plan to do it this year. The Chancellor says there are lobby groups against this. If the Legislature borrows $150million, they'd be pledging lottery funds. If the money will not be made available, Shepherd would not get the Frank Center addition and it will have an affect on the CATF building.

Meeting adjourned at 9:40 a.m.

Next meeting: Thursday, January 16th at 8:00 a.m. (first week of school) in Storer Ballroom.

Respectfully submitted,

Anna Mary Walsh
College Assembly Recording Secretary

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