Administrative Council Minutes

November 15, 2001

Present: Dr. Dunlop, Dr. Willgoos, Ms. Langford, Mr. Thompson, Dr. Starliper, Ms. Sturm, Mr. Rohel, Dr. Adams, Dr. Watson, Dr. Checkovich, Dr. Stern, Mr. Benedict, Dr. Schipper, Mr. Veldman, Ms. Collier, Ms. Lingenfelter, Mr. Dotson, Mr. Magee, Mr. Yanna, Mr. Boyer, Mr. Perdue, Dr. Kipetz, Mr. Noland, Dr. Hong

Dr. Dunlop: HEPC meeting on November 15 at Fairmont State College, HEPC has prioritized capital projects. Shepherd College has $2.2 million for boiler/HVAC repairs and $2.2 million for Frank Center as top rated projects, legislature discussing a $150 million bond issue.

Dr. Willgoos: Senate examining faculty giving final exams prior to finals week.

Ms. Collier: Bookstore is having a Thanksgiving sale and a Christmas sale.

Dr. Watson: Homecoming was successful. On November 29, alumni are sponsoring a free basketball game.

Dr. Checkovich: CTC is offering afternoon classes targeted at high school students. FTE at SBVC at an all-time high.

Ms. Langford: State Auditors Office now doing VISA card training. Procurement Office is entering the colleges’ fixed assets in BANNER.

Mr. Thompson: The Computer Center is installing a new high-speed internet connection. Dr. Dunlop asked that all supervisors monitor employees’ use of Internet games/social activities during work time. The Computer Center has purchased a bandwidth manager system.

Ms. Sturm: PROMISE grant requires a 3.0 GPA and ACT of 21. PROMISE is only for freshman.

Mr. Rohel: The black light bowling was very successful. Midnight breakfast on December 10.

Dr. Adams: Funding for Gateway is going into the College's base budget. Allied Health Day was a success. Holly Frye is the new Director of Community Services.

Ms. Pope: Men and women basketball teams play at home on November 29.

Dr. Starliper: TIAA long-term care, November 23 and 24, PEIA public hearing, November 26.

Dr. Schipper: Eastern Community College is purchasing services from the Shepherd College Library.

Ms. Lingenfelter: Shepherd College Foundation is in the process of putting together the FY03 scholarship budget.

Mr. Veldman: Positive attitude in dining services, less turnover of employees, planning for a coffee lounge in the pub area.

Mr. Dotson: Multicultural Affairs had a successful Native American program. AIDS awareness week is November 26-30. There will be a multicultural speaker and staff development seminar on February 5, with a student program in the evening.

Mr. Magee: Hired a new Senior Accountant, Jodi King, BANNER payroll is up and running. A&F is continuing to do BANNER finance training.

Mr. Yanna: Distributed the campus safety manual. Library addition should be completed in July 2002.

Mr. Perdue: Campus Security is working with local law enforcement agencies on safety issues, acquired safety suits to wear for unknown substances (anthrax). Shepherd College considering the purchase of defibrillator.

Mr. Benedict: Faculty evaluations are ongoing. Theater Dept. doing at least five plays this year. "Food For Thought" lunch for old and new faculty to share ideas once a month.

Dr. Stern: Enrollment up 40 FTE. Local Board of Governors approved Masters degrees in IT, C&I and coop degree with WVU in social sciences. Masters degrees now must be approved by HEPC. There are currently 23 students in the MAT program.

Dr. Kipetz: Student Life Council is reviewing its constitution.

Dr. Hong: Residence Life Office searching for an assistant director. Disciplinary cases down this year. Westwoods due to be connected to the Internet soon. Increased use of counseling service since September 11.

Respectfully submitted

Daniel C. Starliper
Director Human Resources

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