Administrative Council Minutes

November 30, 2000

Present: David Dunlop, Mark Stern, Ed Magee, Jim Watson, Sharon Kipetz, Alan Perdue, Marie Carter, Valerie Owens, Pete Checkovich, John Adams, Luoluo Hong, Anna Mary Walsh, Bob Willgoos, James McNeal, Allyson Barabas, Dave Rucki, Monica Lingenfelter, David Eldridge, Monte Cater, Karl Wolf, Libby Sturm, Dan Starliper, David Thompson, Barbara Maxwell, Ernest Lyles, Dan Yanna, Debbie Langford, Grover Boyer, Frances Dolloph, Patricia Dwyer, Laura Bischoff

Bob Willgoos: Attended a meeting with State Senator Unger and several rumors were falsified. Senator Unger seems to want to "mend fences" and support Shepherd College. Willgoos feels that if the senator shows more interest in Shepherd then we will show more support. The senator lobbied hard against our proposal with Martinsburg and the faculty will not forget that. Bob thanked all faculty who participated in the meeting.

Mark Stern: Strategic plan 547 is now complete. Salaries are up by 25%, technology is enhanced and two new majors have been completed. We now have 80 majors in the computer science program. A full document of all our accomplishments from the last 5 years will be appearing shortly. Some of the statistics that have been improved include the following: 9.2% minority students are now here and 10% minority faculty members are now here. Under SB 653 we have made significant progress toward the graduate degree program. Shepherd College would eventually like to have a free-standing degree.

The correct terminology for the community college should be, "the community college at Shepherd."

Valerie Owens: The design for the website is complete and includes several pictures of the McMurran bell.

Patrica Dwyer: 14 departments have performed assessment measures this semester. There have been several focus on student learning sessions offered this semester (cross-discipline workshops on portfolios in assessment). Learning communities have been established for next year.

David Thompson: We are currently adjusting to a new version of Banner. Debbie is currently travelling for the Banner system. Banner finance bills are being sent for spring tuition.

Alan Perdue: The structural assessment of the McMurran Hall bell tower is complete. It has been weakening for years and the building has been evacuated for safety purposes. The crane is slowly taking the bell apart. The bell will go to Winchester. The clock box is not damaged.

The Knutti Hall elevator project is well underway now. An aggressive construction schedule will begin in mid-spring.

The library project begins immediately. Announcements will be sent out to alert people. The B-Lot will be lost. The project is expected to last about 18 months.

David Dunlop: We will need more space and this must be an issue on the campus master plan committee. Perhaps we could get special id's for the construction workers.

Grover Boyer: We may have some parking problems with the library.

Dan Starliper: The Friday after spring break will be a holiday (March 23rd), replacing the Friday of Thanksgiving.

Pete Checkovich: The technological language needs to be agreed upon in terms of our lease with Martinsburg. We are aiming to begin courses in mid-spring or summer.

David Dunlop: Will our community college be forced to seek separate accreditation? A woman from LOCEA is coming to campus to assess current conditions. We want the community college to be accredited under the Shepherd umbrella.

Monica Lingenfelter: Donations are coming in. Our scholarship budget for year 2000 is $549,000. In 1999 the budget was $410,000 so this is definitely a good trend.

Barbara Maxwell: The new library director will be here the 1st of February. The library will then be at full-staff. The new director, Dr. Shipper, is from Florida. Academic library directors are putting together consortia to get electronic materials available and this will bring costs down. We will try to get grants for this as well.

Anna Mary Walsh: Senator Unger attended their meeting as well and she feels he needs to "show the money before they will trust him."

There is an urgent problem with the Highway 480 crossing. This needs to be fixed before someone is killed. There are many different solution proposals an overhead pass, and under-pass, or a traffic signal. Dr. Dunlop is most opposed to an underground tunnel. He feels that the best solution is a lighting device. Perhaps the mayor needs to be consulted. The cost for a lighting system is $10-15,000.

James McNeal: 400 students registered to vote this semester. The library will have extended hours during exam week. The following proactive events were sponsored by SGA this semester:
-Domestic violence drive
-Election night
-AIDS vigil
-United Way student senate visit
-Soup kitchen
-Student leaders dinner at the dining hall focused on diversity
-"Stop the hate" forum

Luoluo Hong: The Residence Life handbook is almost finished and students will receive them in the spring.

Bob: A consultant is coming soon to see how dining services may be improved for the students.

Jim Watson: $69,000 has been raised this year via phonathon. A phonathon is scheduled for next year in February. Holly will be back in the office after maternity leave on Monday.

Many gifts have been coming in from alumni. People have been paying their dues as well as extra money. People have been hearing about the good things going on at Shepherd College and this is reflected by the donations.

Sharon Kipetz: We need workers for the breakfast; complimentary t-shirts will be given to the workers. The AIDS Vigil took place on Friday night; there was a speaker in the B/G room and a drag show as well. The first $500 AIDS Scholarship will be available in December through the foundation.

Questions: What impact will the Rumsey bridge construction have on commuters? It is believed that traffic will continue to flow as usual.

Please turn in donations to the United Way. The United Way has a significant presence on campus because it has sanctions from the state government. They also have a very good new executive director.

Meeting adjourned at 9am.

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