Administrative Council Minutes

Minutes of the May 7, 1998
Meeting of the Administrative Council

Present: John Adams; Joe Barnes; Tom Baxter; Grover Boyer; Monte Cater; Pete Checkovich; Farrell Coy; Clinton Davis; David Dunlop; Rev. Ernest Lyles; Doug McCarthy (SGA Pres.); Valerie Owens; Alan Perdue; Dan Starliper; Mark Stern; Elizabeth Sturm; J.B. Tanner (SGA VP); Sally Urban; David Thompson; Anna Mary Walsh; Jim Watson; Harry Young; and guest, Chris Kuser.

Chris Kuser, managing director of the Contemporary American Theater Festival, gave a presentation of upcoming events. The Festival will be July 10-26 with a special presentation of Carry the Tiger to the Mountain on July 19th, along with a town meeting on race, featuring Governor Underwood. He explained the play concerns the aspect of the Asian-Pacific citizens during the civil rights movement The theme of the town meeting this year is "The Arts and Race."

He explained the format for racial equity with the arts is taking the example from the ESPN model of the sports and race forum held in Houston in April. There are tentative plans for President Clinton to attend this town meeting. Dr. Dunlop stated that if the president comes, publicity would be good for the campus, but the Secret Service would need to take over the campus for security measures. If anyone has a concern about this, they should contact Mr. Kuser.

There will be three other CATF presentations, including a puppet play in the Studio in Cree Hall.

Mr. Kuser is in touch with Mr. James Tolbert of NAACP and the leaders of the local UAW to gain the support of these organizations for the festival and to publicize President Clinton's and Governor Underwood's initiatives on race.

Shepherd College students are interns again this year (approximately 20-25 apprentices/interns).

The following information was shared:

David Thompson: He stated that Shepherd does not have the distance learning applications which other areas have. Our legislative representatives need to take this message to Charleston. Both Bluefield College and WV Northern Community College are strides ahead in the delivery system.

Monte Cater: The school will meet the July 7 deadline for the NCAA institutional self study. He expressed appreciation to all those who cooperated in answering the questions for completion of the report.

Joe Barnes: Scarborough Library has redesigned Web pages. The Library subscribes to 1,000 journals in print and has direct access to approximately 1,300 periodicals on EBSCOHOST and WilsonWeb.

Dr. Dunlop suggested he alert Karl Wolf to this important research capability as a recruiting tool.

Pete Checkovich: Announced the Career Academy for high school students will be on June 15th. They are still looking for mentors. Mentors call the students once a month (in student's junior or senior year) to support the students in their plans to attend college.

Rev. Ernest Lyles: Announced the WV INROADS Program will be held at Shepherd College on June 14-20. Approximately 65-70 students will be here. Also, during three days at the end of June, Shepherd will be hosting the Outward Bound program (approximately 100 students).

John Adams: Announced the Junior High Washington Gateway Academy will be at Shepherd on July 26-Aug. 2nd.

Sally Urban: The Cooperative Education program will be awarding a "Student of the Year" at Student Recognition Day today.

Doug McCarthy (new president of SGA): Announced the Student Government Association will be reinstituting the Student Judicial Board to help take pressure off the Office of Residence Life in dealing with students and concerns.

President's Report:

1. Announced the end of year celebration to be held on Friday, May 15 from 4:30-6:30 on the lawn of Popodicon. Emphasis on the NCATE accreditation and recognition of retiring faculty and staff (Note: Staff were recognized at the Classified Employees Annual Meeting).

2. Shepherd is a member of WVNET. With WVU wishing to have its own computer system, this will cause a financial strain on the rest of the institutions, since WVU is a prominent user. WVU has also recruited 14 current WVNET employees.

3. An endowed scholarship in honor of Mr. Charles Woodward has been created for students in nursing, biology, and related fields.

4. From the State College System Board of Directors meeting:

A. The college system's fee schedules have been approved

B. Approval of Shepherd College Board of Advisors members, as recommended by the president (Brent Robinson of One Valley Bank and John Harper, who remains a representative from the South Branch area)

C. Capital Projects: the athletic facility (prints are being approved); 1999 groundbreaking for addition to Scarborough Library; and construction of Snyder Hall, Phase II auditorium (National Science Foundation grant money awarded to our science professors will be used to renoate four labs in Snyder Hall).

D. With resignation of Glenville's president, Bruce Flack from Central Office will serve as interim

E. Procedure 38 (enrollment). Board took no action.

F. Procedure 39 (affiliation agreement with other institutions): prohibits any WV state college/university from instituting an agreement 60 days prior. This is to prohibit partnerships from developing from political gain.

G. Changes on ATM cash advances ( allows greater cash advances on Diner's Club card)

5. At institutional level:

A. Dr. Dunlop stated that we need to direct all our thoughts to North Central.

B. Shepherd is raising its standards for both Honors students and for the Dean's List

C. Dr. Jim Pantle will be coordinator/writer of the North Central report

D. Senate's resolution to review General Studies component for North Central report: Addition of faculty members (4) to the current committee of the four division chairs and one faculty member

In closing, the president announced he'd like to correspond with the members of the Administrative Council by e-mail. (Rev. Lyles and Mr. Boyer's computers will be hooked up for this purpose in Cree Hall).

Any corrections, please contact Anna Mary Walsh, Secretary of the College Assembly (email: awalsh or ext. 5221).

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