Administrative Council Minutes

Thursday, May 24, 2001

Present: John Adams, Dow Benedict, Monte Cater, David Eldridge, Luoluo Hong, Monica Lingenfelter, Ed Magee, Valerie Owens, Rachel Schipper, Libby Sturm, David Thompson, James Vigil, Anna Mary Walsh, Karen Wempe, Robert Willgoos, and Dan Yanna.

Willgoos: Faculty Senate had the following issues this year:

1. Snow policy (passed temporary policy; will be revisited the new academic year). 2. Promotion (passed unanimously but will be brought up again) 3. Equalization of pay (a policy was passed unanimously) 4. Parking (will continue to be an issue) 5. Visits by legislators. Wish to develop a link between our legislators and the faculty.

He attended a meeting in Huntington where the Chancellor met with the Faculty Senate presidents from around the state. They hope to meet with him 2-3 times per year. The chancellor seems favorably inclined to listen to faculty's concerns. He will also be meeting with presidents of student government associations at our colleges and universities.

Walsh: The Classified Employees Council has been planning for the Advisory Council of Classified Employees meeting to be held at Shepherd on Tuesday, May 29th at 3:00 p.m. in the Cumberland Room. Area legislators who also plan to attend our meeting and hear our concerns are Sen. John Unger, Del. John Doyle, and Del. John Overington. A major concern is the salary issue and the difficulty in hiring classified employees with the offering of such low salary and benefits.

Schipper: The Library is re-evaluating materials as result of her attending 25 department meetings to see what needs of faculty are.

1. The Chemistry Dept. will have access to an online version of chemical abstracts through Dialog. This access was possible with the department's approval to trade some paper resources for the online product.
2. CINAHL, a database used by the nursing department, will soon not only have an index but also provide full text information.
3. Middle English dictionary will soon be available online through the Middle English Compendium.
4. By January, the Library hopes to have investigated with the English faculty additional online offerings to help Communications and Rhetoric courses.
5. Although remote access is a cost situation, the Library will try to attain it as financing becomes available.
6. PsycInfo, an online product that will supply an index to psychological research from the late 1800s to present day, will be added in June to support the Psychology graduate courses this summer as well Education and Nursing courses.
7. The library in conjunction with the campus is working on a program plan for the architect for the renovation. Dr. Stern related that the division and department chairs have requested a conference room to be included in the renovation plan for faculty use.
8. Plans for the Library renovation include a 24-hour reading room with vending machines.
9. In June, fundraising for renovation portion of the Library will begin.

Vigil: Stated the Bookstore has completed testing on online order form for faculty textbooks. is the database of 300,000 textbooks in which a faculty member may view for course use to help adopt course material. (Password protected). Division secretary's are aware of this but the Bookstore will be marketing this one-on-one with faculty in the fall.

Yanna: bids for the Blue Ridge Center are due tomorrow, and hopefully will be low enough that we can begin work immediately.

1. McMurran clocktower is in the painting stage. (Ran into problem with asbestos issue with roof shingles but that's being handled).
2. Elevator in Knutti Hall is complete. Asbestos abatement of floor tiles is currently being handled. Hoping to have the new floor replacement begin in the next 2-3 weeks.
3. Byrd Science: work slowed down (18-20 lighting fixtures arrived damaged) but substantial progress has occurred. Work may be completed ahead of schedule by June 10th.
4. Thacher Hall: renovation of showers/restrooms is moving forward on schedule.
5. Snyder Hall: four rooms have demolition work (asbestos). Two old labs to classrooms; 1 room to be for adjuncts; 1 room to be classroom. The other two rooms are getting new lighting, paint, and floor covering.
6. Vehicles: 3 new cars will be arriving soon; 3 new vans have been ordered.
7. Library: foundation work has begun. "Unsuitable soil work" seems to have been resolved.
8. Ram Stadium field renovation: tear up field, till the soil, level and grade, then install sod.
9. Practice field: augmenting it to accommodate soccer field measurements.
10. Changes in schedules of staff, changes in occupancy issues. We have student workers in cleaning positions--some will be changing work duties.
11. Making transiation from ServiceMaster to in-house supervision/product purchases. We'll begin phasing this in over the next two years.

SAFETY COMMITTEE: looking at draft policy procedure issues (none have been acted upon--they're still in draft form). MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) emergency response support service has been added. Telephones in all lab spaces (dial an 800 number with a 24/7 contact who can work a person through any hazardous/emergency issue). This is available from any phone on campus--mobile included. Also stated it meets our requirements by OSHA.

He noted that all Facilities staff would be involved in a training session either on June 6 (custodial staff) or June 7 (remainder of staff) at NCTC. There will be staff to answer the phone in their absence.

Wempe: Stated the BANNER Finance will be up and running by July 1st. Noted that Finance Office has arranged for workshops for beginner basic training on June 6 and June 7. Noted that the Finance and Procurement Office would be offering training on BANNER Finance on June 12 and 14th.

Cater: Stated the Men's Tennis Team lacked only one point (to be one of four teams making it to championship). Men's Tennis Coach Chris Stambaugh was voted "Coach of the Year." Shepherd's Baseball Team won the Northern Division and made it to the second branch game but was edged out of chance for continued play. Congratulations go to both Coach Stambaugh and Shepherd's Men's Tennis Team and Coach Wayne Riser and our Rams Baseball Team for their successes.

Sturm: Stated the web for students allows for partial use dealing with financial aid.

Eldridge: Continued discussion on the web for students which allows them to have access to their schedule, full unofficial transcript, and ability to register on Faculty may wish to consider the following functions for the web: faculty entering grades and students being allowed to WITHDRAW from courses online. Currently, the web for faculty allows access to class roster and to examine advisee transcripts by use of the faculty member's social security number and the PIN (birthdate). Bids for the catalog are due today.

Owens: Announced the Higher Education Policy Commissin will be meeting at Shepherd College on Wednesday, May 30th at 10:30 a.m. in Storer Ballroom. This meeting is open to the public. One of the issues will be tuition and fees.

Stated the way the announcement package for of events on the website was designed was PhotoShop and it needs to be made into Html. Once this is done, Tim Haines will be able to get it up and running.

Lingenfelter: Stated the Women's Caucus had a successful "Bring Your Child to Work Day" at Shepherd in April. Parents, children, faculty, and staff helped to provide activities and informational events for them.

Gave the following Shepherd College Foundations information:

1. Campus/Stadium Committee: on target for construction of utilities building. Engraved bricks will be installed this summer. Casino Night planning is proceeding well.
2. Library: The brick mailing has gone out. Follow-up letter will go out in three weeks. Grant in amount of $50,000 has initial approval, pending matching donations which should be received through the brick mailing.

Thompson: Stated that, under the BANNER web for students, the advising functions will require section definitions. There is an employees component with a finance package. Budgets and requisition form are part of the package. We'll be buying a server for Facilities so they can do things like schedule maintenance activities, and the Dining Services will have a server to also help in things like reordering quantities of food. He stated environmental controls will be provided by IT Services.

Stated that an email server for faculty and staff will be converted to exchange (Microsoft Outlook)

There will be phases in training for this. Additional helpful items will be a calendar facility which is able to show when others are available (not the person's schedule, however). A response of yes or no may follow. He noted that everyone must keep their calendars up to date for this to work well. Another positive feature is being able to see sections of a document online (instead of printing entire document to get to the part you need).

Hong: Gave report on the searches.
Dining Services Director has been offered to someone. Not final because the person has further questions.
Multicultural Student Affairs Director will have an interim candidate (of two finalists, one dropped out, one did not interview well).
Stated that changes in summer housing through Residence Life has helped in the coordination of facilitating cleaning and repair. Students will be moving back in on May 29th. All summer housing has been filled.
The Rams Den will reopen on May 29th from 8 a.m.-2 p.m. except during vacation times of staff. Stated the ShepFest was successful and went without incident, even with the large crowd of people attending the concert. Special thanks to Rachael Meads and the Program Board for coordinating it.

Adams: Gave report on the searches.
College Center Director: search continues.
Career Center Director: still open
Co-op Director: filled by Joseph Jefferson from Bowie State. He'll begin on May 31st.
Next fall the Career Development Center will relocate to Gardiner Hall lower level, once the Community and Technical College staff vacate those offices (approximately September). Multicultural Student Services and Community Services (Sandy Stroech) will relocate to the current Career Development Center on second floor of the College Center. Stated that fewer conferences are being held at Shepherd this summer because of the need for renovation of residence halls.

Benedict: Stated that in the faculty searches, satisfaction exists with those who have been hired but there is frustration in those faculty we could not acquire, mainly because of salaries. There was a two-day retreat where the VPAA, division and department chairs attended and, having found out there are department chairs who do not know others, an effort will be made to handle better communication and introductions. CATF will be arriving soon in the Frank Center. The festival is in July & August this year. There will be four plays. The CATF staff would like to get more campus involvement and if anyone has any ideas on sponsoring a campus event, please contact Ed Herendeen or Katherine Irwin.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 a.m.

(Minutes taken by Anna Mary Walsh for Laura Bischoff)

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