Administrative Council Minutes

Thursday, March 20, 2003
Storer Ballroom
8:00 a.m.

Present: John Adams; Grover Boyer; Marie Carter; David Dunlop; Tim Haines; Don Henry; Sharon Kipetz; Monica Lingenfelter; Valerie Owens; Alan Perdue; Joan Pope; Don Rohel; Rachel Schipper; Tracy Seffers; Dan Starliper; Richard Stevens; James Vigil; Anna Mary Walsh; Karl Wolf; and Dan Yanna.

Dunlop: explained the capital bond issue. With legislative session over, much interpretation is being deliberated. There is talk of a special legislative session to deal with workers' compensation and other items. Del. Doyle stated that the higher education bond bill may be on the special session's agenda.

Explained that the excess pool of lottery money is where funds are to come to pay for capital improvements in higher education. With the debt service at $150 million and no one is likely to loan the state money if there is no sure source of revenue. Colleges and universities are given the option to pay back the lottery money but, with a shortfall, the institutions would have to come up with the money. There are some institutions who will not choose to borrow. He is hopeful that Shepherd College will accept the money, then have the Excess Lottery Fund pay back all, or almost all, of the debt (if many schools do not take advantage of this fund, there won't be the $150 million debt).

Stated the wording on the Senate version SHOULD say, "the debt is the excess lottery's primary responsibility." Instead, the Senate version states "both colleges/universities and the excess lottery will pay equally." The bill did not pass. It should appear on the special session's agenda.

Budget bill 2050: He announced that Shepherd's Washington Gateway's $100,000 is now in the base budget. Also mentioned is the restructure of the Classified Employees Council. The "big unknown" on budget cut is not knowing how much we can raise tuition/fees (we do not yet know our enrollment at this time).

Stated that Del. Mezzatesta would not oppose colleges raising their tuition/fees if their compacts made sufficient progress in their goals and progress toward SB653 was being pursued. The HEPC guidelines allow us to go to a 9.5% increase, if the Compact is viewed.

Mentioned that Board of Governors Chair Barbara Pichot had a phone conversation with the chancellor and others in which she believed it was stated that Compacts and progress toward SB653 status of colleges/universities would be approved at the April HEPC meeting.

Stated that the Financial Aid Office is preparing packets for out-of-state students. Dr. Carter stated that Libby Sturm indicated that letters to in-state students need to be mailed by next week. (the 9.5% increase will be part of that information. If things change, FAO will "re-package" students if the tuition policy changes. It was indicated that to do nothing would cause Shepherd to lose students.

Stated that the Budget Advisory Group has met with the Faculty Senate and Classified Employees Council to outline its update. Shepherd is trying to avoid lay-offs. We are working from the premise to preserve people and programs, which we believe to be in the best interest of our students, in both academic and services.

A majority of some units' budgets are in salaries/fringes. Even cutting 1%, applying to 7% of budget is a big cut to a department, whether the department is academic or non-academic.

If the Compact fails, there will be a $1 million cut. It it passes, the cut could be as low as $100,000. We may not know until the students return in August.

As soon as we find out where we are with budgets, each committee of Executive Staff will present what they perceive as being cut at the 1%, 2% or 3% level to the Budget Advisory Group.

Pope: stated that the Athletic Department of Shepherd regretted the recent Department of Environmental Protection action. Expressed appreciation t the College for getting through the situation. Dr. Dunlop stated that the incident would not be prosecutied as a crime because it was self-reported. Shepherd is working with the DEP and is bearing the costs. Clean-up will be complete next week.

Reported that both the men's and women's basketball teams went to the tournaments. The softball season opens Saturday at Shepherd. Baseball and Men's Tennis (last year's championship team) are off to a good start. Golf is also doing well. The dates for playoffs and graduation do not coincide this year; Shepherd would like to submit a bid for the playoff site if eligible. Dr. Kipetz requested that Richard Stevens, Residence Life, and James Veldman, Dining Hall, be made aware if the playoffs will be held here so they may make plans.

Yanna: announced that Westwoods parking lot bids go out next week.

Reported that last year, a hazardous waste clean-up was done. 250,000 gallons of waste/chemical, mostly paint, was removed. Because of this, we went over the threshold of generator. DEP will be here next week. We are now ranked as a large generator, which extends our liability. After inspection, it is hoped that we'll be re-classified to a low generator. DEP will be visiting art rooms, laboratories, and other areas where any aerosol products, oil-based or chemical products may be used. He asked that all departments make sure all items are stored correctly. He suggested that all units buy what is needed but make sure the products are used (store very little).

Boyer: Stated that his office is receiving updates from Homeland Security and the FBI daily. If anything applies to Shepherd College, word will be disseminated. Annouunced that our Public Safety Office is working with city emergency teams. Reported that the state is sending emergency procedures information, which they will review.

Rohel: Announced that 200 students and 140 faculty/staff have completed the Dining Hall Assessment/Needs Survey. This survey is being done to assess the interest for expansion and renovation projects.

Adams: Announced plans for our students to participate in political rallies with the community. Permission for use of midway or amphitheatre was granted but the groups have obtained permission to use the front of McMurran Hall for peaceful protest.

Stevens: Stated that this is the first time we've been on orange alert. Reported that one residence hall is being incapacitated with fire so his unit continues to develop a plan for the college to deal with emergencies.

Starliper: Announced that March 28th is an institutional holiday. The campus will be closed. Stated there is a concern of classified employees taking off the week of spring break and not submitting leave slips. Reiterated that supervisors are responsible for leave slips to be turned in to his office if employee is on annual leave.

Announced that Open Enrollment for medical and life insurance is approaching. The transfer form will be coming. Reminded everyone that the non-smoking waiver must be signed each year and returned to Human Resources in order for the employee to receive a discount for medical and life insurance premium. Noted that the smoker's rate is in the Shopper's Guide as well as on the P.E.I.A. website.

Announced the Benefits Fair will be held on April 21st in Storer Ballroom in the morning and at the Comfort Inn in Martinsburg in the afternoon.

Wolf: Stated that Admmissions is doing all it can do to recruit. There is a significant increase from last year. His office is offering admission to more students. Stated that the projected cost of Shepherd College is highly marketable with Virginia schools.

Haines: Announced the Classified Employees Annual Meeting and Luncheon will be held on April 17th from noon-1:30 p.m. The campus community is welcome to attend.

Stated that, if HB 2224 becomes law, categories 6 and 7 of our classification system will unite into one category. All categories will have two representatives. This causes a loss of six representatives to the Classified Employees Council. Mr. Perdue stated that he has asked Bruce Walker from the HEPC to work with the HEPC staff and the Advisory Council of Classified Employees group to get a statwide consensus on how the bill needs to be interpreted (specifically a consistent practice across the state of having 11 members, 12 members, or the option of the number of members on the staff council).

Schipper: Announced the Scarborough Society events: 1) Dr. Ray Smock will speak on Legislative studies, to be held on Sunday, April 13th from 2:00-3:00 p.m.; 2) an art exhibit, "Digital 27," by Dr. William Strasser, Jr., former president of Montgomery College, to be held April 21-June 15th . A reception will be held on April 23rd from 11 )) a.m.-1:00 p.m.; and 3) the Annual Gala will be held on August 16th at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Shepherdstown.

Stated that the Society has been successful in fundraising. $25,000 has been designated for reference books and equipment as well as a laptop computer and cart, a printer for the classroom, and sets of encyclopedias.

Owens: Announced there will be a press conference on April 1st about the Medical Step Program.

Henry: Stated the Medical Step Program would allow dual admission, but having to meet certain requirements of Shepherd College. The formula could be four years at Shepherd College, then student would go to WVU Medical School, or three years at Shepherd and one at West Virginia University.

Seffers: Announced that midterm grades are on their way to advisers.

Stated that the Registrar's Office is preparing the list of graduates. The number currently stands at 631-more than previous years (this includes summer and December graduates).

Reported that there is discussion about commencement seating. Currently working with the staff to secure ushers to manage traffic flow during commencement. They are open to suggestions on recruiting ushers, since it really is an institutional issue. Mentioned that, at some point, we may have to consider using tickets (not this year but this policy will be needed in the future). Dr. Kipetz stated that Mr. Stevens is asking residence hall students to volunteer; Ms. Sibert is recruiting commuters to help. Mr. Perdue stated that, when non-exempt employees are asked to work above their designated hours, they must be compensated.

Stated that the Graduation Committee will take recommendations. Dr. Dunlop suggested that an announcement be made by August if the College will be using tickets during commencement. Suggestions were given of going to August and December graduation ceremonies. Also suggested was that a questionnaire be sent to SGA, the Schools, and Classified Employees Council for feedback. Dr. Henry suggested this be done in April before the last School meeting.

Stated that 40 students have withdrawn this semester because of military commitments. There has been flexibility in working with these students. Many had faculty working with them so they could receive a grade of "Incomplete."

Carter: Stated that, although enrollment figures are not officially in, the Chancellor released the list for fall, 2002. Shepherd's overall average is at 3%. Shepherd is 35 FTE behind WV State College. Fairmont is the only other one besides Shepherd which is gaining growth (though many of Fairmont's students are in the Associate degree program).

Kipetz: Stated that James Veldman and Shepherd's Dining Hall is featured in On-Campus Hospitality magazine. It reports on the $60,000 renovation of the Dining Hall and Rams' Den in the article, "The Frugal Shepherd."

Announced that there would be western-syle food with a country-western band in the Dining Hall this week. The Caribbean culture was the theme last night. Our dietician was there and helped with nutritional food ideas.

Stated that the PASS events have concluded. Bonnie Rideout's performance was to a full house.

Announced that budget would be discussed from April 1-3rd. Advisers and co-curricular groups need to come to SGA with requests.

Gave the following event information:

1. Social justice issue: "Subtle Violence" on April 4th and 8th are set for 4:00 p.m. in the Rumsey Room, College Center (after classes to pull more people in). 2. ShepFest on May 3rd. This year there will be local bands. Free admission. 3. Midnight Breakfast on Thursday, May 8th

Stated that Mary Beth Sibert is taking an idea of our veterans to the Calendar Committee: celebrating Veteran's Day on campus (making it a holiday).

Stated that our thoughts are with our international groups who are in Europe on trips at this time.

Meeting adjourned at 9:45 a.m.

Next Administrative Council meeting will be held on Thursday, April 17th 8:00 a.m.- Cumberland Room

Respectfully submitted,

Anna Mary Walsh
College Assembly Recording Secretary

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