Administrative Council Minutes

March 22, 2001

Present: David Dunlop, Mark Stern, Ed Magee, Jim Watson, Sharon Kipetz, Alan Perdue, Marie Carter, Valerie Owens, Pete Checkovich, Anna Mary Walsh, Bob Willgoos, Monica Lingenfelter, David Eldridge, Karl Wolf, Libby Sturm, Dan Starliper, David Thompson, Dan Yanna, Debbie Langford, Grover Boyer, Patricia Dwyer, Laura Bischoff

Marie Carter: On March 29th there will be a seminar on conflict resolution and there are still slots available. The President's evaluation will take place on April 26th.

Ed Magee: We are still moving along with Banner Finance. We hope to have it running by July 1st and may have a sneak preview soon.

Dan Yanna: The pit has been re-striped and we have now gained eight new parking spaces. The library is currently on hold due to an archeological dig situation. The site still needs to be evaluated. The Knutti elevator is being installed and will be completed by April 20th. This summer the floor will be finished. The McMurran clock will be re-assembled next week. We are currently working on the infrastructure of the science building.

Compliments are given to Dan Yanna for his help setting up for the science fair.

Grover Boyer: Meeting took place with a contractor regarding the crosswalk situation. They have decided to go with the final drawings for the crosswalk.

Dan Starliper: The College now has a one-year subscription to "" This shows available jobs and allows us to post jobs as well. On June 1st annual evaluations for all classified employees are due to Dan's office.

Mark Stern: The North Central mock team will be here Monday-Wednesday (March 26-28). Please pay attention to any problems indicated.

David Thompson: We are currently testing student registration on the web and are hoping this will prove to be better than the phone system. With the new system students will be able to print out their course schedule. This summer we will be testing the web for faculty so that they may have access to items such as advisee records. However, the phone system will still be used. We are encountering and expect to encounter various problems as Banner goes through different versions (i.e. pre-requisites may be hard to check). All seems to be working well so far. Students will use their id numbers. Pin numbers begin as their birth date. Students can still go in person to the registrar. The sooner we can steer students away from the phone system, the better.

Anna Mary Walsh: Classified employees are taking donations so that they can purchase a brick for the new library. The Governor has indicated that he has not forgotten about higher education; their is simply no money. SB 653 states that we will now have one person instead of two classified employee representatives in Charleston. This one person will do the work that two people have done in the past. We need to see how this will work.

President Dunlop: Attended the Council Presidents meeting. It was determined that all money coming in needs to have the blessing of the Higher Education Policy Commission.

Compacts have been reviewed. Three categories have been created and these will be given to the HEPC for review on March 27th and April 6th. The three categories are: 1. very good 2. revise plan 3. no money We will probably be in the second category because we may not have sufficient measurable goals (those active with compacts must put new numbers in) and we may not have made enough changes in some areas. Perhaps we need to make some choices (i.e. if funding for this project is X, progress would be Y).

The chancellor is very concerned about Glenville--enrollments are not as projected. At the end of March each school will have to provide data on campus enrollments and our financial statements will be examined closely. Shepherd is not among those perhaps going to close. We are virtually debt-free (not a "take-over" target because we are poor).

We are still pushing in terms of pure equity funding levels. LOCEA re-examined this because not enough was placed in pure equity initially. Pure-equity funding is tied to tuition increases. The chancellor stated that tuition will need to be increased for both 2-year and 4-year students. Pure equity will drive our tuition rate (i.e. 3% increase in pure equity will cause a 3% increase in tuition). We may end up having a greater tuition increase than other schools.

Priorities for capital expenditures:

1. repair and maintain exiting buildings
2. new construction for a campus that can demonstrate a history of growth

We are not sure how much bond money will be available for construction.

The Policy Commission will be here in May. The chancellor is also coming but as of yet we do not have a date for his visit.

Patricia Dwyer: Patricia and Mark Stern will be talking in Chicago about the Shepherd assessment process on April 1st. On Wednesday, March 28th, they will be talking in the Potomac room from 3:45-5:00 pm. Learning Community brochures were distributed.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 am.

Respectfully submitted,

Laura Bischoff
Administrative Council Secretary

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