Administrative Council Minutes

January 28, 1999

Present: Dr. John Adams; Dr. Joe Barnes; Mr. Dow Benedict; Mr. Grover Boyer; Ms. Marie Carter; Ms. Frances Dolloph; Dr. David Dunlop; Mr. David Grove; Ms. Debbie Langford; Rev. Ernest Lyles; Mr. Ed Magee; Ms. Rachel Meads; Ms. Valerie Owens; Mr. Alan Perdue; Dr. Dan Starliper; Dr. Mark Stern; Mrs. Elizabeth Sturm; Mr. David Thompson; Ms. Sally Urban; Mrs. Anna Mary Walsh; Dr. Jim Watson; Mr. Karl Wolf; and Mr. Harry Young.

Dr. Dunlop:
$650,000 which was promised by Governor Underwood for completion of the ground floor of Snyder Hall was removed from the budget by one of the governor's administrators (who did not know the governor had committed that to Shepherd). But he has promised to designate that amount in next year's budget.

The report by Mrs. Peggy Hawse dealing with free-standing community college has been completed and forwarded to House Finance Chairman, Harold Michael. It leans heavily toward development of an independent college based in Moorefield. Until the college could become free-standing, it could be affiliated with Shepherd College, Southern Community College, or West Virginia University until it goes solo. Our concern lay with a free-standing community college being within six miles of the current South Branch facility.

Ms. Carter:
Distributed the schedule for sessions for candidates for the Vice President for Student Affairs. These sessions will begin next week. The following week the candidates for Vice President for Finance and Administration will be on campus.

She expressed appreciation to all committee members who have worked on these searches.

Mrs. Sturm:
Announced that Ms. Elizabeth Shanton has been promoted to the Associate Director of Financial Aid.

Mr. Cater:
Announced that our women's basketball team is first in the WVIAC Conference. Invited all to attend both the men's and women's basketball games. The next one will be on Saturday, January 30th, beginning at 2:00 p.m.

Mr. Young:
Announced that a house bill which was introduced to remove the cap on years of service did not include those state employees in higher education. The person who initiated the bill is currently working on revising it to include higher education.

Mrs. Walsh:
Commended those members of the Shepherd College Pep Band who perform voluntarily during the Shepherd College men's basketball games.

Ms. Urban:
Announced the Cumberland Valley Job Fair will be held on February 18th in Frederick from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. 118 employers will be there. Asked that we encourage our students to attend.

Dr. Barnes:
Reported on the expansion of Ruth Scarborough Library. Stated that the building committee which consisted of the Faculty Library Committee and the Library staff have met. The Library staff has discussed the square footage needed. The larger group will be reconvening to discuss this and other more specific issues.

Dr. Dunlop suggested that an update on the progress of the Library's plans be placed on the Library's website. He stated that, once the excavation begins, Ms. Owens office could perhaps put pictures on the web to show the progress.

Dr. Barnes stated that one of the librarians (Mr. Jamie Foor) and the evening technical assistant (Mrs. Kelley Shreiner) have resigned.

Mr. Wolf:
The Admissions Office is busy processing applications. He suggested that the Strategic Planning Committee have a series of off-campus retreats to last many hours rather than the 1-2 hour meetings within the work day that most meetings occur. He believed the meetings could be more constructive and would work better uninterrupted.

Dr. Stern:
Stated that Dr. Dunlop, Ms. Geffert and he presented our update of the Strategic Plan for Shepherd College to the college system's Board of Directors. It was well received. He commended Mr. Wolf and Dr. Watson for the plan of a new McMurran Hall Admissions Office reception area to be ready by Founder's Day. He described the area as one in which a student will be available at a desk and archives/picture area will be on display.

Dr. Watson:
Announced the Feb. 15-17th annual phone-a-thon. His office is in the process of setting up student groups and faculty to make the calls.

Reported that the new Shepherd College Alumni Coordinator is Holly Morgan Frye. Mrs. Frye has a background in marketing and is an alumna of the college.

Ms. Meads:
Announced the Student Life Council's Leadership Conference will be held on March 5-6, 1999. All speakers are set. Mr. James Paige will be the keynote speaker. There will be a closing banquet instead of an opening banquet as in past years (Saturday, March 6th).

Announced the change in the PASS event of Ladysmith Black Mambazo from February 15 to February 22nd. All tickets sold will be honored on that date.

Commended Ms. Carter for the good job in the search processes for VPSA and VPAF.

Dr. Dunlop complimented Dr. Stern and Mr. Wolf for using more data in the admissions process.

He stated that recognition of both staff and faculty would be handled the following way:

State and College recognition would occur during the annual spring Shepherd College Assembly meeting. Classified Employees Council would recognize classified employees at the annual meeting in April.

Announced that a Founder's Day celebration would occur on certain anniversary years and not annually.

The following information was by Dr. Dunlop to be included in the minutes.

  • 1. At the Board of Directors meeting, approval was granted for the Community and Technical College at Shepherd to implement a pilot academic recovery program which allows for up to 10 transfer students to be admitted with G.P.A. of less than 2.0. (The only Board resistance to this request came from those who felt that we should not limit this program to only 10 people-and some questioned why we didnŐt routinely do this type of admission).
  • 2. A West Virginia Legislative bill has been introduced that would award faculty status and privilege-including tenure-to professional librarians in the College System. This bill has a lot of opposition because of: (a) Its high cost; (b) Although it would provide equity between librarians in the University System and those in the College System, it would not address the inequity between faculty in the two systems; (c ) Since most librarians do not "teach" in the traditional sense, tenure would not be appropriate.
  • 3. Rhonda Smith, faculty member at Shepherd College, participated in the annual faculty report to the BOD. It was a good presentation and she discussed the following four items from the faculty perspective: (a) Distance learning-quality issues; (b) Graduate education-can we afford it at all campuses? (c ) Deferred maintenance-need a safe and attractive environment for learning, and (d) Adjunct faculty-pros and cons.
  • 4. The Board approved a Social Justice resolution affirming a commitment to justice for all persons with a focus on issues stated in Series 56 and 57 of the Board Rules, as well as WV Code 18B-4-5a. Also, the resolution urges federal, state and local authorities to stop crimes based in prejudice and guarantee protection to those seeking social justice.
  • 5. The Board reviewed and approved all of the campus strategic plan updates.
  • 6. A discussion relating to the need for teachers in the future was conducted. All teacher preparing programs were encouraged to secure and read the August 1998 report by the Education Alliance's Education Policy Research Institute. The title of the report is, "Tomorrow's Teachers: The Future Supply and Demand for West Virginia Teachers: 2998-2010," by Arnie Margolin and Linda Crone-Koshel. (The Education Department at Shepherd College is already addressing this report).
  • 7. Deloitte and Touche's financial statements for FY 1998 and 1997 were received and reviewed.
  • 8. The 1998 edition of the WV Higher Education Report Card is now available.
  • 9. Considerable discussion took place at the Board meeting regarding post S.B.547; nothing firm.
  • 10. A resolution was passed that requires campus presidents to work closely with the Chancellor before any employee layoffs are implemented in order to meet the mandates of S.B. 547.
  • 11. Because some important artifacts have been found at the site where we propose to expand the football/soccer field, we are now preparing to conduct a phase II and possibly an phase III archeological dig at that location. It is likely that this dig will delay the completion of the stadium expansion by several months.
  • 12. The strategic planning committee and its subcommittees are hard at work. If you are a member of one of these groups , I wish to thank you for your effort. And I encourage those who are not members of any related committee to become involved through conversation with those who are on the committees.

    Meeting was abbreviated so that those who wished to attend the funeral of one of our students, Jaime Douglass, could do so at this time. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 a.m.

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