Administrative Council Minutes

Thursday, January 19, 2003
Storer Ballroom
8:00 a.m.

Administrative Council at 8:00 a.m. Cumberland Room, College Center MINUTES

Present: John Adams; Grover Boyer; Pete Checkovich; David Dunlop; Sharon Kipetz; Debbie Langford; Monica Lingenfelter; Ed Magee; Valerie Owens; Alan Perdue; Joan Pope; Don Rohel; Rachel Schipper; Tracy Seffers; Tom Segar; Dan Starliper; Mark Stern; Richie Stevens; Libby Sturm; David Thompson; James Vigil; Anna Mary Walsh; Jim Watson; Karl Wolf; and Dan Yanna.

Dr. Dunlop introduced Tom Segar, Director of Multicultural Student Affairs and Tracy Seffers, Registrar. Dr. Kipetz introduced Richard Stevens, Assistant Vice-President Of Student Affairs and Dean of Students. Dr. Dunlop announced that there was an unscheduled presidents meeting via conference call with the chancellor at 8:30 a.m., at which time Dr. Kipetz would be presiding over the Administrative Council meeting when he had to leave.

Dunlop: Announced there were three bills introduced in the House Education Committee: 1) HEPC would close two campuses by 2007, with $20 million saved to leave higher education and help pay for worker's compensation; 2) limiting tuition fees (he added concern that since the state's growth is indicated by the budget from the previous year. If the budget grows more than 4%, we're limited in growth); 3) reducing chancellor's salary 40% and reducing his staff by 50%. He stated that the campus position is that we cannot do more with less. If we're cut anymore, we will be forced to do less. Announced he would be creating a Budget Advisory Group as an augmentation to the Executive Staff, dealing with discussion of fiscal issues. (included in this group are: Tim Haines, Chair, Classified Employees Council; Bob Willgoos, President of Faculty Senate; President of Student Government Association; Barbara Pichot, Chair, Board of Governors; one of the deans; and Ed Magee). Stated that, in FY04, we do not know if peer equity money will exist. Taking into account HEPC's tuition/fee policy will stand (cap of 9.5%), also mandated increase in BRIM, PEIA, and possibly zero-step and no salary increase, he stated that we'll still have a $250,000 deficit next year. It could get better through peer equity, hoping we won't have to lose positions. (These numbers assume no FTE increase). This is aggregate (includes both the two-year and four-year colleges.

Thompson: Noted the changes in White 204 lab: new furniture, technology for teaching (anything on screen can be annotated; a low-tech/high tech classroom has been created. Dr. Dunlop staed that with an anticipated $120,000 from the Budget Digest, we hope to create more classrooms like this one.

Stevens: Stated there was a good spring opening in the residence halls. (No students have had to be put in the lounges because of over-crowding).

Wolf: Stated the SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) visited Shepherd's campus on January 14th, a congressionally required tracking system of international students. He hopes to get the report soon.

Seffers: Stated that the Friday, Jan. 10th orientation/registration ran smoothly. Classes still closed because of delay of dropping (had to do with the theft of students payments in Charleston). Announced there are 320 new students. Add/drop being held in the Ballroom will be re-evaluated-there were not many students coming to add/drop.

Stern: Stated the campus is waiting until the end of the month to effectively deal with add/drop. Announced the following important dates: Feb. 22-24th: North Central visit. Shepherd's request for accreditation for Curriculum and Instruction in the master's degree. For the college to be considered for possible master's, we need five. Feb. 27th: Biology program. Visit by outside team for program review, facilities, faculty (state-mandated). Mar. 17-19th: Visit by International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education. Stated we have received a letter from North Central confirming our accreditation. The report praised Shepherd for advancement in technology, assessment efforts, and frugal creativity of college and use of funds.

Eldridge: Stated that the Calendar Committee's current members are Charles Carter, Roger Hamood, Shelley Tharpe, and Mary Beth Sibert. He stated that the faculty is requesting a weekend break in the fall (like the one in the spring). He explained that the spring was for two extra class days in case of inclement weather. There was a recommendation that the fall break be on a Thursday and Friday. Stating we need 75 class days (currently have 74 in the fall) and we have Labor Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we'd have to start a week earlier. Intending to start August 18th but, with this request, classes would need to begin on Aug. 14th. The last day to withdraw is the twelfth week and that would have to be moved up. There was a concern that this idea shortens faculty work days but it increases nine-month classified staff's duties. Dr. Kipetz stated that student building projects are on a timeline. These days could have a negative affect on the project. She will take this to SGA on Tuesday.

Vigil: Announced that on Tues. January 21st, there would be a massage therapist in the Wellness Center to offer free neck massages. Call Ext. 5471 for appointment. The Ramblercard is now being accepted at McDonald's. The Bookstore's Grand Opening will be the week of Feb. 10th.

Rohel: Stated that the College Center has received feedback from its survey but the number of responses was not high. Sun. Jan. 26th at 6:00 p.m. Super Bowl Party. $7.00 all you can eat and sodas to drink. A kiosk is being set up so that students may check their e-mails. Announced the PASS event on Sat. Jan. 18th at 8:00 p.m. Chris Norman Ensemble.

Schipper: Sat. Jan. 18th 5:00-7:00 p.m. Scarborough Society social event. Rick Bruner's art display in the Library. Champagne punch to be served. Sun. Feb. 16th 2:00 p.m. Free event. John Schilt(?), nationally renowned author and Shepherd College alumnus will give a talk on Antietam. Light refreshments. Announced the timeline for the Library renovation. By July 15th, the Library will be furnished. They will be moving into the "old" section on August 4th. The staff will be available by telephone during this time. Expressed appreciation to Monica Lingenfelter and Valerie Owens for all their help with invitations sent to the Friends of the Library.

Magee: Stated that no student has reported his/her credit card as being used or identity stolen as result of the theft in Charleston of student payments. The Postal Inspector wants to know if anyone has a concern or problem. Stated that bills had been sent and payment should return at the end of the month. Drop for non-payment will occur at that time.

Sturm: Commended the Executive Staff for the way the stolen payments was handled. Students not being dropped because of lost payments has been extremely helpful. Stated that of 119 PROMISE scholarship recipients for the fall, one-third do not have the required 2.75 GPA or are not registered for enough hours this semester to reach the thirty hours needed (for renewal). As many as 50% may not be renewed next year.

Yanna: Stated that about 70% demolition is complete in Scarborough Library. We lost 10-11 parking spaces in the process but he plans to ask the crew to move the fence closer to the building so we may regain these spaces. They are breaking ground for the facilities building in Ram Stadium area. There is a temporary road in the midway which will be re-seeded when the project is complete. Westwoods parking lot goes out to bid in two weeks. Frank Center bids are in. Work will begin the first part of February. Spaces available in the parking tier next to the building will be cut in half. Asbestos abatement in Knutti Hall will continue. The first floor, northern half of the building and the basement will be involved. Software programs (MAXIMA) continue to be used for work orders, schedules, preventive maintenance for the College Center and Residence Life at this time. Other areas will be added. Heat control is being managed in the college Center and Cree Hall. Snyder Hall is next. Sheirmer (risk management inspection group_ visited campus Jan. 18th. It deals with life safety and OSHA issues. Facilities Management has begun to deal with concerns they had for safer approach. Libby Sturm stated a concern with recycling of confidential papers. Shredded paper is going into a landfill it it's in the recycling white boxes placed in buildings by Facilities Management. She stated that the Financial Aid Office pays a company to come shred and remove their paperwork. She will send information about the company (All-Shred)to Debbie Langford to coordinate an effort for more offices to dispose of their confidential papers in this way (Registrar's, Admissions, Student Affairs, etc.) Dr. Kipetz will work with Executive Staff to decide what needs to be done to help this process extend to more offices. Dan Yanna stated that he had attended a recent Classified Employees Council meeting and a concern in the meeting was why Shepherd is using money for so many projects instead of providing more funding for its employees. Ed Magee stated that the Library was federal money and for Library use only. The facilities building received $500,000 from the Foundation. Frank Center funding came from the Budget Digest. $5,900,000 was borrowed for remainder of construction of these projects and infrastructure. He stated that these funds could not be used for operating expenses. Capital fee is used to pay off bonds but that's not part of the $5,9 million. Tuition and fees can only be used for building/renewal projects. If we would use it for anything else, we'd be in violation of state codes. Dr.Kipetz will ask the president to bring this information to the four groups as he has budget meetings.

Segar: Announced that the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Celebration will be held on Tues. Jan. 21st at 7:00 p.m. in Storer Ballroom. Dr. Taylor Perry will be the guest speaker. He distributed a list of other upcoming events for January and February. He asked all those present to please invite their departments to participate in one of the four sessions dealing with Diversity and Social Justice, to be presented by Dr. Jamie Washington & Dr. Maura Cullen. The date is February 27th and time/place are still being processed. This is an opportunity for diversity training for the campus community without having to send our departments off-campus. It's also no cost to participants. Announced that he is the American Disabilities Act Coordinator. Dr. Howard Seiler had previously served in this position last year and has been meeting with him to make a smooth transition for the students. Please send L.D. students to him so he may provide ADA services for them.

Checkovich: The Dunn Building is being renovated so that the Community and Technical College can move into it. The rent will be much less than we are currently paying.

Boyer: Stated that there were quite a few problems last summer and fall with computer theft. Asked that all areas protect computers by securing their equipment before they leave for the day. Dave Thompson stated that I.T. Services has purchased 25 locks from Kensington __?__ They have extras available to others. Cost is $40 each. 25 additional ones can be added at a time (A master key accompanies the purchase of 25 locks). He will get the information and send the information to the deans and department heads.

Langford: Stated that inventory procedures will be distributed soon. Issued a reminder that, if anything in department area is stolen, the Procurement Office needs to know.

Lingenfelter: Stated a concern with building service workers who work alone in the evening alone and do not have two-way radios. It would be difficult to contact anyone for help if it were needed. Dan Yanna stated he had been looking at options (such as cellphones), since two-way radios cost approximately $750 each. Part of facilities management staff (ground crew and craftsmen) have two-way radios.

Kipetz: Announced that Bethany Knowles is now president of S.G.A. Mason Noland is working in an internship. Kyle Imus remains on the Master Planning Committee. There was a glove sale in the Rams Den in December, whose proceeds were to go into a scholarship for a Jefferson County student. This was set up by the parents of Terry Walker, a Jefferson High School student who attended Shepherd College last fall before he was tragically killed in an vehicle accident. Holly Frye monitored the progress and noted that close to $2,000 was raised. There is a working group in place for a market study. Dunlevy will return. Student Affairs fell three short of 400 surveys returned. The final report (feasibility) on housing will be available at the end of February. Asked the Council to remind the campus community that there is mail pick up at 11:30 a.m. every Monday through Saturday in front of the College Center. If this service is not used, we'll lose it. (James Vigil noted that stamps are sold in the Bookstore).

Watson: Stated that the annual fund drive is finishing. This has been the best year in ten years. Announcement will soon be made for scheduling times for the annual phone-a-thon. Last year there were 300 faculty, staff, students and alumni making the calls.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: Thursday, February 20th in Storer Ballroom.

Respectfully submitted,

Anna Mary Walsh
College Assembly Recording Secretary

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