Administrative Council Minutes

January 17, 2002
Storer Ballroom
8:00 a.m.

Present: David Dunlop, Robert Dotson, Ed Magee, Jim Watson, Sharon Kipetz, Alan Perdue, Marie Carter, Valerie Owens, Pete Checkovich, John Adams, Luoluo Hong, Bob Willgoos, Monte Cater, Karl Wolf, James Vigil, Libby Sturm, Dan Starliper, David Thompson, Rachel Schipper, Dan Yanna, Debbie Langford, James Veldman, Robert Dotson, Don Rohel, Frances Dolloph, Dan Starliper, Laura Bischoff Renninger

President Dunlop: Mentions that Valerie Owens was noted for her work with the Shepherd Web site; it was rated very high nationwide.

Robert Dotson: Highlights some of the upcoming events in February, "Black History Month."

February 5: Lecture by guest speaker Dr. Jamie Washington, "To Tell the Truth: Sharing Views on Diversity." College Center, Storer Ballroom.

February 13: Play at Frank Arts Center: "One Race, One People, One Peace"
This drama deals with different areas of diversity. The writer has revised the play to reflect responses to current events.

A handout is distributed which lists all February events. We are encouraged to participate.

Sharon Kipetz: Encourages us to attend the "Slam Poetry" presentation on Friday, February 8th. This presentation features "Slam Poet," Kirk Nugent.

Bob Willgoos: The Senate will have its first meeting in February and will deal with a number of issues at that time.

Libby Sturm: Expresses her appreciation for the United Way donations. We have reached 80% of our goal and have doubled the number of people who have donated since last year. Libby mentions that the impact of the Promise Scholarship may be minimal this year.

Ed Magee: The light system for the crosswalk has been ordered. The current plan is to install the system over the Spring Break.

Debbie Langford: The State Auditors Office representative will be here to conduct training sessions concerning the Shepherd College purchasing card.

Banner is difficult but the Procurement Office is learning more about the system every day. Training sessions are currently being conducted on the purchasing and invoicing side for Banner.

Note on Purchasing Cards: out-of-state stores will charge tax. Do not refuse to pay tax at hotels when using the diner's card.

Annual phonathon is underway. 5157; 5195 = contact numbers. Several large gifts have been received. $850,000 + has been approved for scholarship support.

Don Rohel: New hours for College Center are in effect. A handout is distributed with the new hours and other information. Please visit the Fireside Student Lounge. The lounge may be reserved by contacting Judy at the information desk. The Rumsey Room is receiving a face lift. This will become a gallery in addition to a meeting room. A new College Center logo exists. On Apr. 5 and 6 the Student Leadership Program will take place. On Apr. 28 (1:00-4:30 pm) "Shep Fest" will take place.

John Adams: 270 stockings; 5 adopted families; 50 angel tags given over the holidays. We will sponsor a career fair in Frederick.

Alan Perdue: A page for the Board of Governors has been added to the Shepherd College web page. All meeting information is posted there--the entire agenda will be available as well. A great deal of action has been taken on rules and policies. Many of these rules are being revised. We will be creating a policy on policy development and a draft of this policy will be distributed through the President's office.

Pete Checkovich: Invites us to visit the Blue Ridge Center in Martinsburg.

Dan Yanna: Reports on the following projects:
Gardner and Kenamond: Re-working showers and restroom areas.
Frank Center: Designs almost completed.
Snyder Center: Rooms 31 and 32 have just been finished.
Knutti: Requires a shut down for about 2 months over the summer.
Library: Brick is just now going up because it is weather dependent. First and second floors are coming along. Completion date for Library: July 1st.

This summer will be very busy. Site tours are available for sections of the new library. The best time to do this is after 3:30 p.m. Contact Dan if interested. Three grounds crew members have joined up with the Master Gardner Program. One project they will deal with is a total mapping of our campus. We are still not sure when the roof of the library will be capped off.

Grover Boyer: We now have the Rambler Card online and this shows fine information for the students.

Karl Wolf: Enrollment is up over last Spring semester. We were up at least 75 FTE over last year.

Dave Thompson: E-mail is faster now since the new data line is in. Web CT seems to be working very well. Dave reminds us about the Help Desk: this is to pass along information to report problems and find solutions. Call x5457 for assistance with computing problems or hardware problems.

Rachel Schipper: New databases are now available at the library. A handout with information on the new databases is distributed. The newest purchase is the Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. This was purchased for $9,000 rather than $38,000 because we have collaborated with other institutions. We are encouraging a digital library and will be sending librarians to Charleston to pursue these interests. We are encouraging more remote access. Nearly one million in furnishings have been requested.

Loulou Hong: Provides a Greek life update:
The Intrafraternity Council approved Phi Kappa Tau as a colony.
Rush start dates: Women's Rush starts Jan. 28th; Men's Rush starts Feb. 4th.

There will now be a charge for flu shots for both staff and faculty.

Residence Life: 32 dorm vacancies from the Fall so far. This is less than last year. Two new staff members: Tracy Ellis, Asst. Dir of Res Life and Eric Heineman, Interim Facilities Coordinator. Eric is a December graduate and will live at Turner Hall.

The Executive Staff approved the Residence Life Proposal. Beginning in Fall 2002, there will be professional staff living in the residence halls. We are going to liberalize the policy one more time for students who have to live on campus. Students over 25 years of age may live off campus.

Jim Pantle: Reminders will be distributed regarding the visiting team. The visitation is scheduled for Feb. 25-27. The team will keep a fairly busy schedule.

President Dunlop: Dr. Pantle's report received rave reviews from the Governing Board. They claim it is the, "most broad based report from an institution." The President feels confident that our work has been well taken care of. The President is very hopeful that we will be successful.

Anna Mary Walsh: Reminds us that scholarship money is available for children of classified employees.

Sharon Kipetz: There was a small fire in the College Center on January 16th.

James Veldman has hired an assistant director who is an executive chef. All are welcome to eat in the dining hall for a minimal cost. Cash or Rambler Cards are acceptable.

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