Administrative Council Minutes

January 25, 2001

Present: David Dunlop, Mark Stern, Ed Magee, Jim Watson, Sharon Kipetz, Alan Perdue, Marie Carter, Valerie Owens, Pete Checkovich, John Admas, Luoluo Hong, Anna Mary Walsh, Bob Willgoos, Dave Rucki, Monica Lingenfelter, David Eldridge, Monte Cater, Karl Wolf, James Vigil, Libby Sturm, Dan Starliper, David Thompson, Barbara Maxwell, Dan Yanna, Debbie Langford, Grover Boyer, Frances Dolloph, Laura Bischoff

President Dunlop: We now have a new chancellor and he will arrive on March 1. He was last at Shepherd in either 1968 or 1972.

Who will set our tuition and fees this year? We will have to prepare a proposal and take that question to the interim governing board and in subsequent years our local governing board will send proposals to the higher education policy commission. Finance rules are now modified and we are phasing in tuition differentials.

A "network" for community colleges with our own logo and identity is being created. This will involve three campuses. They will be going for independent accreditation. LOCEA may not support this.

There will be five more interim governing board meetings and then our board takes over.

The Policy Commission is putting 15% into pure equity. As far as distribution of funds, we are aligned with Marshall University. WVU is at the opposite end of the spectrum. John Doyle believes LOCEA will change this.

Frances Dolloph: Enrollment is up at South Branch. Distance Course in Music Appreciation taught by Laura Bischoff is excellent. Banner is up and running. The registrar at main campus has been very helpful with this. Both campuses are working together very well.

Barbara Maxwell: The library is back up to full staff for the first time in 2 years. The new boss will arrive on January 29th.

Reverend Lyles: Dr. King event will occur on Sunday, January 28th at Asbury Church.

Loulou Hong: Copies of Residence Life Handbook were passed out. This was compiled during the Fall semester. Residence Life officials are open to comments on the document.

One of the fraternities on campus will be disbanded due to several problems.

"Rush" is taking place between February 5th and 12th. A new mandatory "anti-hazing" program is now in effect.

The Affirmative Action Committee is bringing in a doctoral student, Dawn Burke, from WVU. Dawn is the historian of Storer College. She will lecture for Black History Month on February 28th at 3:30pm.

Sharon Kipetz: Thank you to the participants who took part in the focus groups. Please encourage everyone to participate in the upcoming survey.

A pilot program has been established with the junior high school. Students are spending a day at the Office of Student Affairs. The students really want to come and work here and the program will soon be aired on television.

Mark Stern: Karen Petito of WV Wesleyan will be on campus March 1st to speak about a laptop campus. She will be here the entire day. We need to think about what we want to do about this. We will need to have a second person here in order to use another non-wealthy, small college for a model.

Compact has been approved. Special Education has been approved although we are still not sure how the money will be distributed. Perhaps an enrollment based funding model?

North Central handout is provided. Jim Pantle has been terrific in helping us prepare for North Central. We should now be able to access the draft on the web.

On March 25th-28th a "mock team" consisting of 3-4 people will visit campus. The team will deal primarily with the issues highlighted on the document distributed. If there are questions regarding the visit, Jim Pantle and Mark Stern are available for discussion. February 2002 is when North Central arrives.

President Dunlop: Many thanks to Jim, Mark, and Patricia for all their efforts with North Central.

David Eldridge: Enrollment is up. Lots of details coming up in terms of graduate programs. We are now accessing the catalog on-line. We need to exercise cost reduction with the paper version of the catalog.

James Vigil: The bookstore is trying to promote increased usage of the Rambler card. Rambler card machines will be coming to places such as the Frank Center. Students will now be able to access their account balances. "Telecom" campus directory is now online. A paper directory will still be produced once a year. Telecom can be accessed at: http:

Craig Miller is the new manager at the bookstore and he will deal with trade and textbook sections. Over the holidays a new website was created. Reviews of books can now be posted on the website. If you would like to post a review, contact Jean Nuckles. Shepherd also has a gift card that will be sold in the spring.

Monte Cater: The basketball teams are on the road. The women are hoping to maintain first place in the division conference. We have two All-Americans this year on our volleyball team they are doing very well and making great grades.

Grover Boyer: As far as the problems with the crosswalk, we are hoping that a meeting will be set today. Who will pay for this? Doyle is working on a plan. The Department of Highways is supportive and may pay since it is a federally recognized safety device.

Dan Yanna: Work on Knutti: The elevator shaft is now up. Drillers will be in next week. The elevator will be working on February 28th. G10 and G1 are ready for occupation. The stadium project is now closed out. As far as the library project, there are currently some problems with Allegheny Power. The foundation and blasting will start next week.

Currently performing a Thatcher Hall site review and preparing for shower and restroom renovations. This will take place from May 15-July 27. Also preparing for Sara Cree roof renovation.

As far as the clock tower, the bell section has been taken to the contractor site. There is nothing salvageable so the bell tower will need to be rebuilt. Progress photographs are being sent. Twenty-five percent of the framing components need to be replaced.

Dan Starliper: Human Resources webpage now has documents on-line. Budgeting is depleted. HR will fund your first advertisement and the next one must be funded by you.

Libby Sturm: Banner Financial Aid and Banner Residence Life are up. Electronic bookstore credits have worked well.

President Dunlop: Noel-Levitz study is in the library (assessments). Assessment workshops are highly recommended. We are doing well compared to other institutions but not so well internally.

Valerie Owens: We are on the final leg of the web re-design and are bringing that to closure.

Monica Lingenfelter: We are still tallying the results of the Fall mailing. We have broken the $150,000 mark. The stadium campaign is doing very well--increasing fund-raising activity does attract more dollars and donors. Marcy Millet does the gift database and is thanked.

Ed Magee: Working on Banner System and has been going to Morgantown frequently. We are working on the procurement side of Banner in order to make it user-friendly and tie together financial data with enrollment data. Part-time employment can now be approved up in payroll.

On July 1 we will go live across campus and will need lots of input regarding the organizational structure of the system. It has the capability to do on-line requisitions, track annuities and investments.

Dave Thompson: We are looking at what Marshall does with their Banner Finance. Accessing accounting information should be much easier. We are looking into using Outlook for an e-mail program across campus--it is a more robust email system. It will be our goal to get all staff and faculty on Microsoft Exchange (includes a global address book). Hopefully this will be up by August.

As far as the internet, it is better to post large documents instead of constantly passing large attachments. Please contact Dave about what you might like to see posted. Perhaps a campus-wide calendar?

Pete Checkovich: As far as the community college is concerned, we are renting Martinsburg right now. The lease has been signed. Layouts are proceeding right now.

Quincy Adams: We are receiving a subscription to College Central. Our students can now have their resumes posted. One level is local and there is also a national level. We are listing every employer that has hired students.

Karl Wolf: Publications review committee has reviewed bids for new admissions publications from 7 different companies.

We are now back in McMurran Hall. The roof is secure--please no more jokes about falling bells.

Anna Mary Walsh: Staff development funds for training purposes are now available. We are working with John Doyle and John Unger. We are trying to get everything together before going to the legislature. We are concerned about the retirement plan and are hoping that WVU will help with the legislative meeting.

Marie Carter: The VP search is currently going on. We have had 40 applications for the VP position. By mid-February we will announce candidates.

Meeting adjourned at 10:10 am.

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