Administrative Council Minutes

Thursday, January 27, 2000
8 a.m.
Cumberland Room

Present: John Adams; Dow Benedict; Grover Boyer; Marie Carter; Monte Cater; Pete Checkovich; Frances Dolloph; David Dunlop; David Eldridge; Al Ingle; Sharon Kipetz; Patrick Kirby; Ernest Lyles; Ed Magee; Barbara Maxwell; Alan Perdue; Dan Starliper; Mark Stern; Libby Sturm; James Vigil; Anna Mary Walsh; Jim Watson; Bob Willgoos; Karl Wolf; and Harry Young.

Discussion on Shepherd College Snow Policy: Dr. Dunlop stated that the policy remains in effect. Shepherd College will remain open unless otherwise noted. There was a concern that some classes are cancelled because faculty cannot make it from their home to campus. After ideas about a phone tree, leaving message on individual's voice mail, adjuncts not having voice mail, Dr. Stern was asked to meet with Valerie Owens and Sandy Collier to work out a solution.

Dr. Dunlop gave the following reports:

Jan. 25th Board of Directors Meeting:
1. Series 62 (Personnel Administration) has been tabled for this year.
2. The "Promise Scholarships" are still without funding; however, money is being requested.
3. It is recognized by the Chancellor and his staff that the 3% giveback, for all intents and purposes, offsets the 3.25% increase to higher education for FY00. I believe that the higher education giveback totaled about $10 million and represents about 30% of the total giveback requested by the Governor.
4. It is anticipated that the new higher education legislation will become effective July 1, 2001. (one day after SB 547 is set to expire).
5. Several concerns related to the NCHEMS report were listed by the Chancellor...nothing new.
6. Jim Skidmore announced that the NSF Grant is looking very likely. Dr. Checkovich indicated that he's been in touch with Mr. Skidmore about the workforce development money.
7. LOCEA approved Series 25 (Tenure Quota at Free Standing C&TC). This now goes to the Legislature.
8. Series 44 (Standards and Procedures for Undergraduate Admissions) was passed.
9. Series 68 (Engineering, Science and Technology Scholarship Program) was passed.
10. The BOD schedule for next year was approved.
11. The strategic plans for all colleges were approved.
12. The Campus Master Plan for West Liberty State College was approved.
13. $2.5 million worth of new housing (160 beds) was approved for construction at Glenville State College.
14. Vanderweil Facility Advisors was hired to complete a comprehensive study of campus physical facilities at all state colleges and state universities.
15. The faculty made an excellent report to the BOD, mostly related to NCHEMS report, tenure limitations at new C&TCs, PEIA costs, low salaries, and a statement that the new governing board is not needed.

Jan. 12th Presidents Meeting:
1. Higher Education's budget presentation will be made to the House Finance Committee on February 3, 2000, and to the Senate Finance Committee on February 15, 2000.
2. Tom S. emphasized that the Governor's giveback was for FY00--it is not a permanent reduction of our base budget.
3. The 1999 Report Card is "on the street." Shepherd has been given 4 hard copies and 6 CDs. Executive Staff will discuss the best way to distribute this information.
4. Jerry Mezzatesta and Lloyd Jackson are asking lots of questions about developmental education.
5. Higher Education bills from the Legislature are on the System Web Site. This year Edgar should be free or something similar will be free to college personnel.
6. IIS update: subcommittee due to come together on Jan. 27th to finalize a recommendation to the Chancellor.
(He believes that BANNER will likely be the system upon which we will standardize system-wide). An implementation team will be established but resources continue to be the main problem. He suggested Shepherd staff let Marie Carter know of training needs for BANNER.
7. Tom Blevins (took Bob Gilespy's place) indicated that LATTA crossings continue to be a problem. WVSUN has no money yet but $1.4 million has been requested; K-12 schools will really impact this, causing us to bog down.
8. ATM money will disappear soon (summer) but may be renewed at the State level.
9. JTPA expires June 30, 2000. The fate of the JTPA counselors is not yet clear.
10. Bruce Flack reported that the IMPACT conference last summer got some things started. Each campus needs to have an action team.
11. There is a web-based, college level Algebra I course available for high school students (reserved part of this for summer school).
12. Reminder to spend the HEAPS money.
13. February 8th is College Day at the Legislature. Designated students (two days) and staff will be going. Students have made appointments with some legislators. Staff will have displays on the 9th.
14. Best guess on the operational cost of the NCHEMS report is $25 million per year for six years. Capital costs would be on top of this amount.

January 25th Presidents' Meeting on NCHEMS Report:
1. The presidents have agreed to write a letter to key legislators regarding the NCHEMS report.
2. A lengthy meeting was conducted in an attempt to find some common ground among all campuses (2-year and 4-year) regarding the NCHEMS report. Currently, there exists only a list of strengths and weaknesses-some are listed as both a strength and a weakness because they are viewed differently by different campuses. Further efforts are in progress.

Dr. Dunlop: expressed appreciation to those who helped when the Peace Talks were here. Reminded those who incurred expenses because of the Peace Talks should contact Valerie Owens for reimbursement by the federal government.

Stated that even with addition of Eastern Community & Technical College, it appears that South Branch will continue to operate. There has been a memo of understanding made among Potomac State College, Shepherd College and Eastern C&TC that South Branch will continue to offer its courses, Eastern will add programs which are not handled by Potomac State and Shepherd, and these two schools may teach some of Eastern's smaller classes. This affirms that a plan does exist among all three schools.

Dr. Kipetz: reported that over 1,000 students attended the Midnight Breakfast during finals week. Stated that we would be sponsoring that event again. Thanked all those staff, faculty and students who helped serve.

Stated that the Ram's Den is currently open Monday-Thursday til 11:00 p.m. There is a menu special every evening. Students may use their IDs to pay for breakfast and dinner. Shepherd Environmental Organization suggested that recyclable cups be used, so anyone who brings their own cup (16 oz. or smaller) will be charged 35 cents for coffee.

Announced that Residence Life Office is finally staffed with the addition of area coordinator, Ellisa Woodbury. There will be a reception for her in early February. Cathy Coontz, area coordinator, begins Feb. 15th and a secretary has been hired. The explained that the structure for residence life has been changed with the elimination of the position of director of residence life and coordinators be put in its place (one will be located in Westwoods, one on east campus).

Mr. Benedict: stated that faculty searches are going well. Shepherd has attracted an impressive pool of applicants. Announced the Performing Arts Series will host Flaminco dance company event in Frank Center on January 28th. Faculty member, Rick Bruner's sabbatical exhibit is currently at the Frank Center.

Mr. Adams: reported that the Student Affairs Office met with Jefferson County's Board of Education staff member, John Rose, to arrange for eighth graders in the county to visit Shepherd. Charles Town Junior High School will be on campus on April 5th (250 students). Harpers Ferry Junior High School's visit will be April 18th (150 students). Rev. Lyles is making arrangements for Shepherdstown Junior High School eighth graders to visit. In groups of ten, the students would be escorted around campus and will visit classes, residence halls, dining hall, etc. They will be on campus about four hours. Those working with Student Affairs are the faculty of the Education Department, Sandy Stroech, Karl Wolf, and Hannah Geffert.

Mentioned job shadowing by junior high students. Shepherd will be a site for this. He'll be meeting with representatives from Jefferson County Schools.

Dr. Dunlop mentioned the Legislature's interest in the four year institutions partnering or working with K-12 schools. He stated that Valerie Owens is putting together a tri-fold brochure to show programs, events, and volunteerism that Shepherd's done with K-12 schools over the years.

Mr. Kirby: stated that the Student Government Association will have five of eight of its Executive Board attending College Day at the Legislature. They have an appointment with Senator Lloyd Jackson on Monday, Feb. 8th. Announced that their webpage is getting ready to be made available.

Dr. Dunlop stated that the message from a parent which he sent by email to the Administrative Council reminds us that we need to make Shepherd's website more reader friendly. He stated that Valerie Owens is bring in a consultant and recommends the Shepherd campus community get involved with making sure it's easy for anyone to find what they want when they look at our sites.

Ms. Dolloph stated that a printable college application is almost available. Sharon Teabo of South Branch is working on it. Mr. Wolf expressed concern that, when an online application is created, we must have a secure line for credit card submission. Tim Haines has put a downloadable application on the Shepherd web site for use now so that students may print an application, complete it, and mail it to Shepherd; this same service is available from the Princeton Review web site.

Mr. Cater: stated that travel has gone well. Because of the damaged fieldhouse floor, there has been a tremendous amount of travel by our teams. Announced that repair of the floor will begin soon. Stated that Jen Voorhees, our female soccer coach, is president of our Student Athlete Advisory Committee. She is Shepherd's representative (and probable officer) to the WVIAC's S/AAC and NCAA national S/AAC. Our Conference will have a position on this national committee but we have to submit both a male and female candidate.

Ms. Maxwell: stated that Library projects currently underway are: installing a new computer system; hooking Library to campus One Card system; continuing design development of the Library; plans to repeat the Library's 24-hour service during final exam week (May 8-12th). Announced the 24-hr. service was successful in December.

Dr. Dunlop stated his interest in providing the construction progress of the Library addition. (Placing a camera on top of Ikenberry Hall or the Student Center). This could be promoted in the next Shepherd College Magazine with a coupon clip for interested alumni to contribute to the building fund...just a thought.

Dr. Stern: stated the results of student use of Library over the 24-hour periods during final exam week. Students used the Library til 2:00 a.m. Volume picked up again at 8:00a.m. Hours suggested for next year are 7:00 a.m.-Midnight. Results of student use will determine if these hours remain.

Dr. Dunlop noted that these extended hours will complement student use of the College Center.

Ms. Sturm: stated that financial aid was delivered early. "Book money" was available when it was needed by the student.

Mr. Vigil commended the Financial Aid Office staff for releasing funds so efficiently.

Mr. Magee: stated that the data was not converted correctly (at the state level) with the EPICS payroll system. Implemented last semester. Carolyn Kerr and Kathy McIlroy are to be commended for spending November and January straightening out data for each employee's itemizations. Auditor stated that a letter needs to go to employees with their checks asking them to make sure their deductions are correct. After discussion of concern in sending this letter, Dr. Dunlop suggested that a letter from Administrative & Finance accompany the checks to state that our employees have corrected the errors. (Check stubs may be incorrect but not the W-25).

It was noted that the last correct check stub was October 16th.

Encouraged Council members to help promote the use of direct deposit among their colleagues.

Dr. Willgoos: expressed the Senate's disappointment in not being able to meet with Sen. John Unger yet. Stated that Senate meetings were going well.

Mr. Wolf: announced that the Visitors Center in McMurran Hall has re-opened. Hours are 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Stated the difficulty in finding tour guides/student hosts for prospective students' tours. Regular student funds have been used. If anyone knows of students who would be interested in doing this for minimum wage, please contact Whitney Cornwell in the Admissions Office.

Rev. Lyles: announced that the 13th annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Convocation was successful. Announced that Joseph C. Peters, Chair of the BOD of the State College System, will be speaker for the Black History Month Convocation on Feburary 21st at 7:30 p.m. in Frank Center. Music will be provded by the Asbury Methodist Youth Choir of Shepherdstown. Linda Chavez will be speaker at the March 27th Women's History Month event. Maureen Bunyon has been scheduled as a speaker for this semester also.

Dr. Eldridge: stated the new tuition rate for senior citizens was in effect this semester (we have two). Policy for the discount is that senior citizens may enter only during the "add" period and two seats must remain available in the class.

Dr. Dunlop commended him, since Shepherd College was the only one in the state to have it done for the start of the semester.

Dr. Ingle:
Computer Center: stated that the HELP desk is improving (TIC money has been used for student help). Mailroom will be consolidated to give space to the Computer Center area.
Procurement Services: Debbie Langford will be totally responsible for the mail, which will be managed by Ken Harbaugh. Stated that Procurement Services deals with business management, inventory control, shipping and receiving, and plan to be more precise in inventory control.
Facilities: anticipate a director of facilities will be hired by July 1st. Explained that administration of facilities is being handled by Judy Shanholtz; maintenance issues by David Grove; general services by Wally Gage and Al Cook (ServiceMaster personnel); capital improvements by Mark Thifault.
Buildings and Grounds: there are 17 members on the committee. Dow Benedict is managing the infrastructure subcommittee (deals with HVAC and other issues); Sonya Evanisko-Long is managing landscape/amenities area (shrubs, location of kiosks, trees, wayfinders, etc.) Mark Thifault is overseeing the projects. Anyone with comments or ideas, please contact Dow, Sonya, Mark or Al Cook. Commended grounds crew for moving the snow so well.
Master Plan Committee: ad hoc committee. Committee is accepting proposals/expressions ideas. The committee chose Halpern Architects of New York as the preferred consultant for the master plan. He's had three phone conversations with an associate; working through the winter and spring to establish the plan.
Budgets: commended Ed Magee and all the staff for getting next year's budget together. Looking closely at operating budget (more detail; identifying priorities within next month). Capital budget is set.
Butcher Center floor: announced we had approval to replace entire floor to same specifications. Commended staff in Butcher Center and facilities staff for working quickly on it.

Mr. Boyer: stated that Security's yearly report card has been completed and sent to Central Office. Stated that the U.S. Secret Service was pleased with the cooperation of Shepherd College during the peace talks.

Dr. Dunlop commended the campus police in their help in maintaining security during the peace talks.

Dr. Checkovich: announced that Introduction to Critical Composition will be offered at Musselman High School next year. The need is there for early intervention in writing skills of seniors. Noted that the need for remedial courses is reduced when students come to Shepherd College.
Stated that there are twelve workforce development plans. Shepherd's has not been accepted yet ("too broad"). He stated that size of the request would be reduced.
Announced that Eastern C&TC was funded with $62,000 for a Winnebago to "take classes to people." (40 companies put up money for it).
Announced that the Workforce Development Center would be hosting a reception for Governor Underwood on February 25th at James Rumsey Technical Institution to publicly thank him for his support.
Stated that February 1st is the cutoff for certification to companies to send C&TC proposals for certification.

Dr. Starliper: stated that a job description needs to be completed if an employee is hired, transferred, upgraded, or promoted.

Mr. Vigil: announced that the Rambler Onecard is now in use in the Dining Hall. (Students named the card). Stated that they would be carding all staff from Feb. 21-25th from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. in the Ram's Den for distriburtion of their onecard (can be used in Ram's Den, Dining Hall, Bookstore). There are three transfer stations (College Center, Library, White Hall near printing lab). Stated that this is a debit card: you cannot run credit on it.

Stated that met its yearly sales goal. Volume is up but he needs to determine if that's a trade-off in lieu of people visiting the Bookstore.

Ms. Carter: announced a Teamwork/Communication training session on February 10th for members of Administrative Council. Includes leadership things to help inspire staff. Another session has been set for classified employees on Febuary 9th (those employees in areas such as Student Affairs, Library, Registrar's, Admissions, etc.)

Mrs. Walsh: stated that representatives from SGA, Classified Employees Council, and a representative from Administrative and Finance met with Division of Highways personnel last week to discuss concerns/offer ideas in dealing with Rt. 480 crosswalk. When the DOH was asked if they'd received the proposal from Admin. & Finance and endorsed by Shepherdstown Town Council, they were told their office had not received it--it may have gone to Central Office.

Mr. Wolf suggested that we approach Jim Sothen, Engineer for Dept of Transportation, DOH, since his son attends Shepherd and he may offer additional help. He would send Dr. Ingle the address of Mr. Sothen to forward the proposal to him.

She stated that funds area available for any classified employee to receive computer training for any program. Have staff members contact Johnette Jackson for the form. Staff members should contact Robin Henry directly to set up training session.

Dr. Dunlop stated that Tami Watkins and Doug Cooper will collect the names of facilitators to set up one seminar a month (or more) which deals with diversity issues. His memo to all campus supervisors release staff to attend two seminars per year.

Meeting adjourned at 10:20 a.m.

Minutes by Anna Mary Walsh

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