Administrative Council Minutes

February 25, 1999

Present: Joseph Barnes; Grover Boyer; Marie Carter; Peter Checkovich; David Dunlop; David Eldridge; Debbie Langford; Ed Magee, Valerie Owens; Alan Perdue; Dan Starliper; Mark Stern; Elizabeth Sturm; David Thompson; Sally Urban; Anna Mary Walsh; Jim Watson; Karl Wolf; and Harry Young.

Pete Checkovich:
Announced the CTC has hired a Director of Printing.

Ed Magee:
Stated that an upgrade of CUFS to Advantage 2000 will go into effect on March 3rd. Training will be provided by WVNET personnel.

New payroll system (EPICS) 3 day training at end of March so it can be operating by July 1st. The State Auditor's Office has purchased this system and, if EPICS does what it's supposed to do, direct deposit will be possible.

Dan Starliper:
Discussed arrears payroll systems. Currently run part-time payroll, next summer the system would skip two weeks of pay.

Since we're getting mixed messages about whether or not this does affect state employees in higher education, there was a concern from the Council that someone in the Central Office needs to state this formally. The arrears system is not a personnel matter but a payroll matter.

Marie Carter:
Stated that the remaining candidates for the position of Vice President for Administration and Finance will have open meetings today, tomorrow, next Monday, and Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in the Cumberland Room.

Sally Urban:
Announced that the Shepherdstown community's Y2K information group is having an event in the Shepherdstown Men's Club on Saturday. They have been meeting to help provide information to prepare for the new millennium to make sure the technology is a smooth transition without glitches in any system.

David Thompson
Stated he had talked with Curt Berry of the Y2K Committee and found out that the purpose of this group is community support in case of catastrophe. He indicated that there was interest from this committee to have someone from Shepherd college working with them. No action taken.

Announced that Steve Berryman has been hired as Applications Programmer in the Computer Center, to begin work on March 1st.

He and Debbie Langford have had a software system called ProCard installed on the College's network. This software will provide an easier and more effective method of keeping log sheets for procurement card users. Procurement will be developing some training information to give to the credit card users soon.

David Eldridge:
Announced that changes for the new college catalog need to be returned to the Registrar's Office. Catalog will go to the printer on May 3rd and be delivered to Shepherd on June 14th.

Karl Wolf:
Announced that all admissions decisions should be made and entered into the system by March 1st. (Backlog no longer exists). The quality of incoming students is good. Concern of limited scholarships (if we had more money, we could offer scholarships to those with lower requirements than our 3.5 and 1100+ cut-off score).

David Dunlop suggested to Harry Young (Financial Aid Committee) that he would budget money to bring in consultants for a retreat to discuss strategies to maximize the money we do have for financial aid. Pete Checkovich was interested in being involved with that retreat.

Dan Starliper:
Reported from the Enrollment Management Committee that Shepherd is up 24-25 FTE over last spring's enrollment. He indicated the Printing Tech program of the CTC may generate good enrollment.

Grover Boyer:
Announced there will be a high school basketball tournament on March 3-5th from 6:00-10:00 p.m. in Butcher Center. It may cause some parking problems but the parking at Shepherdstown Fire Hall will be used and shuttle buses will be available.

Security Office now has email.

Charles Cole, the new police chief of Shepherdstown, has been on campus and our Security Office has established the same good rapport with him that it had with former police chief, Cecil Arnold.

David Dunlop:
Announced that the Lady Rams had won their first tournament game in Charleston last night.

A bill in the Legislature dealing with number of faculty teaching sections of a course has been changed, but there still is concern with the wording of the bill that deals with transferability of credits.

No other news on Peggy Hawse's report dealing the a free-standing community college.

Alan Perdue:
Football field: Because of the archaeological findings, there are currently three proposals for design. Selection will be made before the end of the week.

Library: additional requests have been made with the architect dealing with the language within the contract. Joe Barnes stated that the Library Committee has been drawing up plans for space allocation. Since there's a time limit on some of the grant money for the library, Ed Magee asked that, in case there may be an archaeological concern when groundbreaking occurs, could the "dig" begin early. Alan will talk with Charles Hulse to begin the plan for this. Alan stated that this year will be programmatic/design development. After Jan. 2000, the actual construction will begin.

David Thompson stated a concern in the town's plans for construction and how they'll deal with the location of fiber optics (as well as the sewer system) under our football field. It is a city project and he has concern in case there's need of emergency response. Alan has talked with the town and has been assured that they will handle it immediately.

Karl Wolf questioned the feasibility of placing utility lines underground . (Currently on poles located between the library and Ikenberry Hall ). Alan stated that , ultimately, the lines will be buried from the parking lot to the football field, but not before the issue of the capacity of the power lines has been solved. (Currently in talks with Allegheny Power about this).

Knutti Hall elevator:
This has been delayed until next year. The elevator will most likely be built in the middle of the building.

David Dunlop:
Two candidates for Vice President for Student Affairs will return to campus and he'll have an extensive visit with both of them. He'll render a decision by Sunday or Monday of next week. He indicated that, since both candidates are from larger universities, salary will most likely be a concern. He commended both search committees for the fine job they did.

The administration is working with four scenarios to work with our budget, since it won't be up next year. (flat enrollment, 50 students lower, 50 students more, and 100 students more than previous year) Stated that there will not be significant increases anywhere.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes recorded by Anna Mary Walsh

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