Administrative Council Minutes

Minutes of the February 18, 1998
Meeting of the Administrative Council

Present: David Dunlop, Harry Young, John Shultz, Pete Checkovich, Clinton Davis, Valerie Owens, Mark Stern, Barbara Maxwell, Frances Dolloph, David Grove, Susan Bly, Karl Wolf, John Adams, Jim Watson, David Elderidge, Dan Starliper, Sally Urban, Tom Baxter, Marsha Branch, Monte Carter, Christian Reese, Ernest Lyles, Farrell Coy, Kevin Williams (secretary)

I. Motion Starliper: Add a NAACP representative to this committee. M/S/P.

II. Legislative session: SB 358 passed Senate and moves to the House Finance Committee. Shepherd will receive the first 1.1 million dollars of surplus lottery funds. 1.25 million dollars secured for new football field. $250,000 secured for Snyder Hall technology classroom.

III. CATF summer production of "Take the Tiger to the Mountain" is receiving support from Washington. The play deals with the first civil rights case pertaining to a non African-American.

IV. The RAM is still being worked on. There is support to increase staff increment.

V. Thanks and recognition to Valerie Owens for organizing College Day.

VI. Budget: Current profits are being used to cover operation costs.

VII. Fall enrollment up: However, the decline from Fall to Spring was 68% higher than last year. 122 more students left this year than last year. 310 left this year, 188 last year. Dr. Eldridge will put together a survey to find out why students left.

VIII. Fee Increase: Health fee increase has student government support. Athletic fee is being driven by Title 9 and gender equity issues.

IX. Strategic Plan Presentation: Dr. Dunlop and Ms. Owens presented the Power Point presentation previously made to the board of directors.

X. Campus Plan: A campus plan, separate from the Strategic Plan, must be created. The CP will paint a broader picture of Shepherd College.

XI. Strategic Planning Committee: Rev. Lyles raised the issue of diversity representation on the SPC.

XII. Motion Starliper: All committee chairs that report to this committee should be full-time employees. M/S/P

XIII. Monte Carter: NCAA institutional self-study questionnaire is prepared to be sent out.

XIV. Marsha Branch: Classified Employees endorse the academic calendar recommending no study day; they are opposed to a Friday start date. Christian Reese: students voted to not have a study day (34-0).

XV. Marsha Branch: Request for an internal policy regarding Position Information Questionnaire--give workers 15 days to reserve PIQs at their level.

XVI. Marsha Branch: April 22, 1998 is professional secretary day. A workshop will be held at NCTC for all office workers.

XVII. Farrell Coy: In a joint venture between music and admissions, the music department will offer 9 concerts in 3 days for the purpose of recruiting. The college Wind Ensemble will present a new work "A Movement for Rosa" at the Black History Convocation.

XVIII. Christian Reese: The health care fee increase has student support with a vote of 34-2. The student government seeks additional funding for student services committee.

XIX. Frances Dolloph: South Branch campus will host the jazz band for supper in Petersburg. There is a new web page for the South Branch campus.

XX. David Eldridge: Banner is being updated; it will be back on line the following Monday.

XXI. Jim Watson: Phonathon is underway.

XXII. Sally Urban: The Hotel/Motel management program is currently suspended. Currently enrolled students can finish, but new students are not being admitted. Library Program is also in suspension.

XXIII. Ernest Lyles: Thanks to Valerie for presentation on diversity; black history month convocation to be held on Feb. 24. Rev. Lyles raised the question of low attendance at college events. Rev. Lyles offered an open prayer for the State Senate.

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