Administrative Council Minutes

February 21, 2002
Storer Ballroom
8:00 a.m.

Present: David Dunlop, Robert Dotson, Sharon Kipetz, Alan Perdue, Valerie Owens, John Adams, Luoluo Hong, Monte Cater, Karl Wolf, Libby Sturm, Dan Starliper, David Thompson, Rachel Schipper, Debbie Langford, James Veldman, Anna Mary Walsh, Don Rohel, Dan Yanna, Patricia Dwyer, Laura Bischoff Renninger

President: NCA concerns addressed. Team members will be here Sunday, February 24th. A good team member will already have tentative conclusions drawn from the self study report and assign questions to certain team members. They will be answering questions that are raised during the self -study. When talking to the team, make sure to validate what we've already said is true. The team is trying to obtain the facts. Make sure needed documents are handy. One unexpected wrinkle concerns the panel on racism. They seem to have chosen this date for prayer vigils. NAACP has had similar issues at other WV institutions.

The President provides an update concerning what we have done to promote diversity on campus over the last few years:

1. Mission statement: we understand the meaning of diversity (top of mission statement).

2. Senate Bill 547, Goal 7: to encourage the recruitment and retainment of culturally diverse students, staff and faculty; more minorities in higher level positions.

3. Speaker on diversity present at President's inauguration.

4. Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Policy Booklet available on campus.

5. $20,000 inviting "Inroads" program to campus.

6. Sponsored state NAACP convention in 1997; NAACP presented us with a plaque in appreciation.

7. NAACP chapter on campus.

8. We invited the first African American speaker (first member of WV State Supreme Court) to 1999 graduation ceremony. He has contributed to our scholarship fund.

9. Grassroots movement: Music Department held a multi-media slide show focused on Rosa Parks. Music Department presented a jazz concert in honor of Duke Ellington.

10. Numerous diverse speakers and performers through PASS.

11. Focus group discussions.

12. Affirmative Action Committee.

13. Members of town community are voting members of our campus community.

14. Director of multi-cultural affairs has been appointed; we are currently having a very active Black History Month (the most active ever).

15. Significant increases in women and minority faculty and staff.

16. Bookstore has put together a collection of books to sell in honor of Black History Month.

The President claims that we can be proud of this record and do not want to be defensive about the record.

James Veldman: We have hired an executive chef. She is very outgoing and interested in new ideas. Next Thursday there is a Mardi Gras celebration at the dining hall. We are trying to find a facility/space where we can bring invited speakers to eat lunch or dinner. We are looking into different types of meal plan options for next Fall.

Loulou Hong: The State legislature has eliminated the rule that students must live on campus. 2000-2001 academic year statistics: 32% residents are Freshmen; 26% are sophomores; 122 applications for students to live off campus.

Sharon Kipetz: Describes a new campus program. Students will use what they are learning in class and take it to the community. Four female students received a small grant to provide education concerning smoking. They will be conducting a campus survey. Please provide them with information if they come and speak to you.

Mark Stern: Please review the executive summary sheet for North Central. The schedule may change because the team decides what they want to see. Jim Pantle has done a wonderful job with the document. Dr. Dwyer has also helped immensely with the assessment part of the report. The Community College was also included as a separate chapter instead of strands in other chapters. Do not hide problems because North Central will find them. Be accurate. They use their evenings to discuss problems. Report on status of higher education: WV comes out on the bottom. However, Shepherd comes out on top. The team will be coming in with a low conception of WV.

President Dunlop: Thank you to Valerie for the executive summary.

Patricia Dwyer: The Assessment Report looks good. Joy and Patricia have been working on the state assessment report. There is a strong multicultural strand in the general studies program. Student Achievement Day coming up on April 4th. A schedule will be coming around.

Valerie Owens: No report.

Monica Lingenfelter: An annual giving program for the library is in progress. Rachel and staff have developed a lecture series. A dinner dance will hopefully also become a well-known event. Shepherd now has a Library Society.

Libby Sturm: No report.

Dan Yanna: No report.

Rachel Schipper: Currently looking into multi-media needs for the library.

Dan Starliper: Encourages us to contribute to the Classified Employees Scholarship Fund: $5 a pay period: $120 per year. This is a wonderful fund. $4,000 in scholarships goes to spouses and children of these employees. We may be the only school in WV with this program.

Karl Wolf: Admissions Office is currently looking for someone who would be willing to take over the administration of the ACT test (3 Saturdays per year). The pay is not great but we would like to keep the test site here at Shepherd. The interested staff would have to make a long-term commitment.

Robert Dotson: Thanks to areas that supported the many programs related to Black History Month. Upcoming events are highlighted.

Don Rohel: Projects for the College Center in progess: Purchase of a wide-screen TV; essays about Storer College to provide some history; more decor to be added to the ballroom; chairs and rugs for the Fireside room; replacing chalk boards in meeting rooms with dry erase boards.

Quincy Adams: Currently looking into the "Campus Compact" grant for money for community service. There is a concern about student job prospects due to the down turn in the economy. More students are wanting help with resumes. The Saturday bus to Washington is now free.

Dave Thompson: A bill has passed in the House (but hasn't moved in the Senate) that would prohibit the use of student Social Security numbers for student records.

Debra Langford: Inventory is being placed into Banner.

Alan Perdue: BOG Web page has posted on it the pending policy on policies for employees to read and comment on before it is taken up by the BOG.

Monte Cater: Saturday's basket ball games are the last regular season games. SC will host womenıs first round playoff on Monday. Men will be on the road for their first round.

Respectfully submitted,

Laura Bischoff Renninger and Valerie Owens

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