Administrative Council Minutes

Minutes of the December 18, 1997
Meeting of the Administrative Council

Present: John Shultz, Pete Checkovich, Grover Boyer, Clinton Davis, David Thompson, Valerie Owens, Mark Stern, Barbara Maxwell, Frances Dolloph, David Grove, Susan Bly, Karl Wolf, John Adams, Jim Watson, David Elderidge, Anna Mary Walsh, Kevin Williams (secretary)

I. Men's Soccer--Dr. Dunlop

A. The Assistant Coach and Head Coach have resigned.

B. The Athletic Committee has been asked to report to the president.

C. The President has appointed students to the Steering Committee; one male and one female representative

D. The President has recommended that we keep men's soccer

E. Soccer and Football will share the campus field for games; the soccer team will practice at Morgan's Grove.

F. The President would like to develop a woman's soccer program.

II. Employee Severance--Dr. Dunlop

A. 10 faculty and 8 staff have accepted the program.

B. During the two years of the program, it is likely that we will not hire new full time faculty. A number of staff positions will be replaced.

III. RAM--Dr. Dunlop

A. The plan for money distribution between Colleges and Universities is moving toward agreement. There is a need to collect and use data in a more uniform manner.

IV. State Mandated Merit Pay--Dr. Dunlop

A. It has been noted that this program creates divisiveness. The Senate and other bodies are trying to minimize the downsides of the plan. A program for Staff is forthcoming.

B. Mark Stern noted that the financial aid search committee has made recommendations; an offer is pending. A new office will, hopefully, be on board by Feb. 1, 1998.

V. NCATE--Dr. Dunlop

A. Shepherd has met 18 of 19 standards. The Education program did have its own plan for recruiting minority students. However, the College does have an adequate recruitment program.

VI. Classified Employees Fund--Dr. Starlipper

A. Contributions to this fund are tax deductible. Minimum contribution: $2.50 per paycheck or $5.00 per month. See Dan Starlipper for details.

VII. Picket--Anna Mary Walsh

A. Ms Walsh asked committee members to read The Picket story concerning students, and reminded the committee that students are our primary focus.

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