Administrative Council Minutes

April 22, 1999

President Dunlop:
Reported on the BOD meeting and gave a legislative update. Legislative update:

  • A higher education study by a joint commission of the House and Senate will look at RAM-RAP, the distribution of funding, and governance. No lay people will be on the commission although a consultant will be brought in. Commission members will include chair and vice chair of the House Education and Finance Committees, Senate Education and Finance committees, speaker of the house, president of the senate.
  • There was a $1.8 million increase in the West Virginia Grant Program.
  • $1 million was allocated for part-time adult students beginning January 2000 making financial aid available to those with six or more credits.
  • Promise Scholarship was established with no funding yet. It is similar to Georgia's Hope Scholarships
  • National Guard members will be charged at in-state rates.
  • Senior citizens will be able to take empty class slots for free.
  • Selective service laws must be followed before students can enroll. It also applies to the hiring of employees.
  • Board of Advisor lay membership was increased from 7 to 11 and will include out-of-state members.

Board action:

  • There was a reaffirmation that campuses must get within 95 % of SREB average for faculty, and classified employees must be brought up to appropriate levels on the salary schedule.
  • Shepherd will receive $461,000 in FY 2000 budget allocations through RAM-RAP.
  • Fee increases were approved.

Alan Perdue:
Phase 2 archaeological work at the stadium discovered a foundation along Route 480 which dates to mid to late 18th century and is quite significant in the history of colonial Shepherdstown. That area was to have fill placed over it. The architects have been asked to redesign that area in order to preserve and protect the site.

Debbie Langford:
Office of Procurement recently sponsored an on-campus trade show and a successful purchasing state meeting. The VISA software will be installed soon.

Harry Young:
Board of Directors resolution to hire a consultant for two more vendors for higher education retirement system failed. Organization of the student concert last Saturday was "super." Dean Young says the students are to be complimented for a job well done.

John Adams:
Thanked the scholarship committee for the tuition waivers for the Washington Semester program.

Dow Benedict:
Decision on the replacement faculty lines has been decided and will be communicate to department chairs next week. Division chairs are completing annual evaluations.

Dave Eldridge:
RAIL registration has been going smoothly. The system has a toll-free number in place.

Dave Grove:
The intramural field on West Campus has been filled, leveled, and will soon have grass planted.

Ernest Lyles:
Wished to go on record that as the College appoints new Board of Advisors members that diversity be stressed in the selection.

Pete Checkovich:
A private degree program has been established with Quad Graphics by the Community and Technical College.

Frances Dolloph:
The South Branch campus is proceeding as if it will continue to serve in South Branch in light of Hardy County Community College opening its doors. The South Branch is offering courses in Pendleton County for in-service personnel who will qualify for raises by earning college credit.

Karl Wolf:
Reported that several national publications are reporting significant increases in the number of applications; he hopes it means larger applicant pools rather than increases in multiple applications. Shepherd rejected fewer students this year. Federal legislation is afoot to allow District of Columbia students to attend college out of the District at in-state rates: the House version allows the students to attend any college/university in the nation; the Senate bill restricts attendance to Maryland and Virginia schools. He remarked that the delivery systems for adult learners were not in place at Shepherd, i.e., few Saturday classes, students can't earn degrees entirely at night, class schedules are not tailored to adult students.

Marie Carter:
Announced that today was Take Your Daughter to Work Day at Shepherd. Two dozen young women were on campus for the program.

Joe Barnes:
Shepley-Bulfinch, the library expansion architects, met with the librarians and the library committee to develop the needs for the new addition. The President requested that the architects meet with students before the end of the academic year to get their input.

Jim Watson:
The plaque honoring Tom Baxter will be unveiled during a ceremony at the Byrd Center on May 7 at 4:15 p.m. with a reception to follow. At 5 p.m. that same day, the Alumni Association is sponsoring a Graduating Senior Picnic on West Campus.

Dr. Dunlop:
He and his executive staff attended a meeting sponsored by the SGA which addressed concerns about Residence Life. An on-going investigation into allegations is underway. He has put together a President's Commission as a result of the Forum on Race. The group will be asked to identify five initiatives for the campus to undertake. The President stated that members of the campus community need to be more civil in their dealings with each other.

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