Administrative Council Minutes

Thursday, April 17, 2003
Storer Ballroom
8:00 a.m.

Present: John Adams; Grover Boyer; David Dunlop; Tim Haines; Don Henry; Sharon Kipetz; Debbie Langford; Ed Magee; Joan Pope; Don Rohel; Rachel Schipper; Tracy Seffers; Tom Segar; Dan Starliper; Mark Stern; Richard Stevens; Libby Sturm; David Thompson; Anna Mary Walsh; Jim Watson, Robert Willgoos; Karl Wolf; and Dan Yanna.

Dunlop: 1. Gave abbreviated summary on the budget update. The HEPC will meet on April 24th and are scheduled to announce how much each campus can raise tuition/fees (based on evaluation of each campus report). Appears that, after written document is reviewed and members agree that sufficient progress has been made, no verbal presentation will be required. Those with insufficient progress report, they may give a verbal appeal for HEPC to hear their presentation on April 23rd. Campuses will be notified of report decision on morning of April 23rd. Shepherd will need to be there on April 22nd. Both the four-year college and community & technical college reports would need to be given. 2. Announced that three Budget Advisory Group meetings would be planned after April 24th for ideas on budget recommendations going to the Board of Governors. 3. Discussed WVU's buy-out plan for classified employees. Stated that Shepherd College has no plans yet. If their's is approved, we'll look at the plan. Explained that this formula does not work for faculty. It may not be a significant amount of money. 4. Reported on policy changes at HEPC level. One involves the time required to give to tenure-track (not yet tenured) faculty, stating the deadline for terminal year will be March 1st.

Willgoos: The following were discussed at the Senate meeting: 1. Pay recommendation submitted to Dr. Stern. 2. Merit pay (no further report). 3. HB2224: may not agree with it but it's mandated so we'll have to follow it. 4. Establishing a union. 5. Disability concerns: faculty realize that it is not within their scope to deal with compliance but they agreed to promote what needs to be done to buildings to get them "up to code," when finances are available.

Dr. Dunlop stated that the biggest misconception on this issue is that Shepherd College is not meeting the requirements by law. New buildings must comply but older buildings are not subject to this until major renovations are done. We recognize an ethical responsibility but, at this time, our students cannot afford this.

Adams: Stated that the Alcohol Beverage Commission and other agencies met for a summit in Morgantown where six from Shepherd's Student Affairs and Campus Police attended. This dealt with report that over-consumption by college students had to do with things including poor grades. He stated our staff is reviewing our policies to reduce this problem. Stated that Barbara Byers in the Counseling Center has a program for first and second-time offenders which has been extremely successful.

Dr. Dunlop stated that, anytime we adjust policy, we need to make sure we take these new policies to the Board of Governors (to be consistent with their policies). If no policy exists, we can change it after comment period for the campus community, then take it to the Board of Governors for their approval/disapproval.

Dr. Kipetz stated that the drinking behavior is developing at the junior high level and prevention/education intervention is being done at the college level.

Stated the Relay for Life fundraiser raised $5,000. Although the band played until midnight, there were no complaints from the neighbors. He reported that the neighbors were notified prior to the event to let them know there would be noise at that time.

Announced the Easter Egg Hunt on Popodicon's lawn today at 4:00 p.m. Open to all students, faculty and staff. For $5.00, all are invited to find eggs - all have prizes of dinners and other prizes. Money to go to San Mar Children's Fund.

Kipetz: Announced the following:

1. The need for ushers for graduation. Recruiting staff of Shepherd. A lunch will be available before commencement; gowns with sashes identifying people as ushers will be provided. Tracy Seffers sent letters to families of the graduates asking for cooperation and explaining the need for space. Volunteers will be needed at 10:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 2. Midnight Breakfast: volunteers are to e-mail Phyllis Taylor: 3. SGA elections: finish today at 4:00 p.m.

Schipper: Announced there will be an art reception for Bill Strasser on April 23rd from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. Stated that the United Way of Jefferson, Morgan, and Berkeley Counties and the Eastern WV Foundation are collaborating in writing a grant so that the Library can be a collection site for information on grants. The library hopes that the Foundation Center Collection can be available in the library by July lst. Reported that the old library wallboard is beginning to go up and that the library construction is proceeding as expected.

Seffers: Reported the following: 1. Summer/fall registrations are continuing. Fall priority registration was condensed to one week instead of two, giving an additional week for advising. RAIL seems to be handling the extra online load. This process seems to be progressing well. 2. .Graduation certification is keeping staff busy. 3. Notifications are going to August & December graduates. 4. Commencement will try to do overflow seating in Frank Center. 5. Office is preparing an electronic survey to campus community on how to proceed with future Commencement ceremonies. A committee will review it in summer with the proposal submitted to the campus in the fall. 6. There is a concern about the air quality in the offices of the Registrar.

Dan Yanna asked her to submit a request for cleaning the ventilation areas to see if that makes a difference.

Haines: Announced that the Classified Employees Annual Luncheon and Business Meeting is today. Some agenda items will be: voting on revisions to our Constitution, reduction from six to five categories with two representatives for each category; nominations for category representation, Chair of Classified Employees Council, and Board of Governors non-voting representative. All representatives will be serving two-year terms.

Magee: Stated that the Master Plan Committee will have a meeting at the end of the month. This plan needs to be revised because of the new CATF art building and new residence areas.

Yanna: Reported the following: 1. Additional seating for Commencement would cost $17,000 for 1400 more seats. We will not be adding more seating. 2. Air conditioning issues: to get systems operational, temperatures need to be regulated with air outside. They are going through all the buildings to check units. There is a major mechanical problem on roof of Byrd/Snyder with the compressors. This is being repaired. 3. Construction on Library is on schedule. 4. Football field building is ahead of schedule (lockers may extend work schedule but the building itself is on schedule). 5. Parking lot at Westwoods: bids are in. Could begin work in approximately two weeks. 6. HVAC issues in Thacher Hall, maybe also in Shaw Hall; boiler issues in Dining Hall; asbestos abatement on first floor Knutti Hall; and Turner and Kenamond Halls door issues are other areas. 7. After the end of construction of Frank Center, the upper tier parking lot will regain 60 spaces. With the removal of the gravel lot, there will be 130 less parking spaces.

Langford: Stated will be a meeting with the auditors in Flatwoods, WV. Right now, we are to operate with "business as usual." The Diner's Card is being replaced by Master Card. She noted that the Diner's Card was with institutional credit. The MasterCard is personal credit.

There was a question dealing with the provision in HB2224 that calls on the HEPC to maximize intent to have employees be paid electronically. Mr. Perdue stated that federal wage laws would not allow this to happen. Dr. Dunlop stated that there may always be a paper check but the convenience is not there. Mr. Magee suggested the form request of electronic deposit be placed in all new-hire packets. Mr. Wolf suggested area banks be invited on campus to encourage employees to sign up for these services. Dr. Kipetz stated that this is done for the students during their orientation and it could be arranged for a time for employees also. Dr. Starliper gives this information to all full-time employees. There was a question who would contact the adjunct and part-time employees.

Thompson: Stated that our IT Specialist was hired to alleviate problems which faculty and staff are having in computer training. Requested that supervisors communicate to staff and faculty to please sign up for workshops which Myra Newbraugh sets up. Stated no software is excluded. Part of her responsibility is to also broker training He stated there are no individual tutoring sessions.

Dr. Dunlop stated that Myra will be providing a training session at the Executive Staff's upcoming retreat.

Stern: Stated that the North Central Association is moving to a new set of criteria for accreditation. He believes we should get someone who is currently on campus to become familiar with the campus so this person who will provide this accreditation information in seven years.

Indicated the planning processes on campus will involve: 1. Mission & Integrity (a clearly defined mission) 2. Preparing for the Future 3. Student Learning and Effective Teaching 4. Acquisition, Discovery, and Application of Supporting Knowledge 5. Engagement and Service

Mentioned we'd like to have had the C&I Master's program up by fall. Explained we may need to seek approval from the HEPC (need their permission in June, contingent upon NCA's report).

Stated Dr. Simplicio and he met with Marshall University representatives about programs to connect with our C& I master's program. Shepherd would get the credit and tuition fees except for core courses; but it won't cost us and we will service our area. He stressed that this is all contingent upon the timely approval by HEPC and being able to recruit this fall.

Wolf: Stated that applications and acceptance is ahead of last year. Without 100 applications in BANNER, we're 10% ahead; including these applications, we're 18% ahead. (260 last year, currently 387 deposits have been paid.). 1,000 reminder cards were mailed yesterday to remind prospective students to pay.

Stated that 140 additional students appear to be eligible for the PROMISE scholarship. (They need to return their paperwork).

Watson: Stated that Shepherd is ahead of where we were last year in contributions. We're ahead of the national trend of 4.25%. Announced that Karl Wolf and David T. Newlin will be honored by the Alumni Association asthis year's Outstanding Alumni.

Starliper: Stated that there is open enrollment for medical life insurance until May 2nd. Reminded all to return the form to him indicating no use of tobacco for their health insurance discount. Announced PEIA Benefits Fair on Monday, April 21st at Shepherd Storer Ballroom in morning and the Comfort Inn in Martinsburg in the afternoon.

Stated that employee evaluations will be distributed soon. Target date to return to Human Resources is no later than June 30th.

Segar: Announced there are 57 applications for the Multicultural Leadership Scholarship. 29 students have been interviewed so far. He thanked Libby Sturm and Don Rohel for helping interview candidates. Stated there was a program last week with a speaker whose topic was "Gender Bias." His office is sponsoring a program with a speaker on "Homophobia" on April 22nd. Thanked David Thompson for tracking our students with disabilities.

Dr. Dunlop stated that there have been a range of programs presented this year and expressed his appreciation to Mr. Segar.

Stevens: Reported that the lottery for returning students in residence halls was successful. There was a special effort for payment in advance. All returning students were provided with housing.

Last fall, some incoming students were temporarily housed in lounges but that problem was alleviated within a week because of "no shows" or students withdrawing from college. Westwoods has always been the residence of choice. New students would not be privy to these because returning students fill them.

There was question dealing with the college's efforts to meet the needs of our students with disabilities. Dr. Stevens stated that he works with Mr. Segar to make sure all concerns are addressed.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting: Thursday, May 15th at 8 a.m. in Storer Ballroom.

Respectfully submitted,

Anna Mary Walsh
College Assembly Recording Secretary

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