Administrative Council Minutes

Thursday, April 18, 2002
Storer Ballroom
8:00 a.m.

Present: John Adams; Grover Boyer; Marie Carter; Monte Cater; Robert Dotson; David Dunlop; David Eldridge; Hannah Geffert; Luoluo Hong; Debbie Langford; Monica Lingenfelter; Ed Magee; Valerie Owens; Alan Perdue; Dan Starliper; Rachel Schipper; Mark Stern; Elizabeth Sturm; David Thompson; James Veldman; James Vigil; Anna Mary Walsh; James Watson; Karl Wolf; and Dan Yanna.

Dr. Watson: The phone-a-thon has been completed. Money has been allocated to the academic departments. $1,700 from the Parents Fund will benefit the College Center this year. Announcement that the Emeritus Luncheon occurs next month.

Mr. Cater: The men's tennis team was doing well. Shepherd's baseball team swept at W.Va. Wesleyan and leads the Northern Division. The spring sports are almost over. Golf just finished the WVIAC Golf Tournament.

Dr. Dunlop stated there is an interest in post-season baseball. One of those days is the same day as Shepherd's commencement. If there is a concern about this conflict, please contact any member of the Executive Staff, Monte Cater, or Joan Pope.

Mrs. Lingenfelter: The presentation in the Shepherd College Magazine dealing with the Scarborough Society of Shepherd College, a Friends of the Library association created by the Shepherd College Foundation, has brought in the first members, including a lifetime member at the $10,000 level. The Scarborough Society's charter event will be a reception held in the library on May 4th beginning at 7:00 p.m. The Foundation has received 140 responses from guests and the evening will feature music and a presentation by the Rude Mechanicals. All are welcome. Please save the date for the Society's gala to be held on August 17th at the Clarion Hotel.

Mrs. Sturm: The Financial Aid packet has been sent (also for the returning students). The 1999-2000 reconciliation statement has been completed. 2000-01 is due in July.

Dr. Carter: The Enrollment Management Survey is due today. The pool of applicants is being narrowed in the search for Registar. Wešll be interviewing soon.

Mr. Yanna: Construction and renovation is on track. Waiting to hear information for the addition on Frank Center.

Dr. Dunlop explained that two projects scheduled to move forward were not approved because of revenue not generated and an unwillingness to loan money. Campuses were not willing to be responsible if funding did not come through. Money for the Music Department's addition onto Frank Center will come through money allocated for the Wheeling economic development project, as well as perhaps Legislative Digest money.

Dr. Schipper: Library renovation is progressing. We're in the process of choosing an architect. She thanked those responsible for the Shepherd College Magazine's addition about the Library. A logo is being developed by Valerie Owens. She thanked those from Student Affairs and the students who helped clean the Library collection. 459,000 pieces were handled.

Dan Starliper: The annual evaluation forms are due back to the Office of Human Resources by June 30th. Open enrollment for medical insurance ends May 3rd. Call the help line if you've lost the form--they will send another one. Reminder that if you are tobacco-free, you must sign the affidavit and return it to Human Resources.

Ms. Geffert: It is the principal's goal of Martinsburg High School to have one-half of their honor students who have a high ACT to attend CTC of Shepherd for their classes. Afternoon classes will be offered in Martinsburg. Hedgesville High School students are invited to come to Martinsburg for those classes. She thanked Karl Wolf for the exception to a rule by admitting a male student with poor grades. Because of extenuating circumstances which attributed to his poor grades (added to his responsibility for having to care for his siblings), he was allowed to take a computer course at CTC. He was inducted into the 1100 Club and took a CLEP test for mathematics.

Mr. Vigil: February sales with the Ramblercard exceeded all previous years' sales. Deposits exceeded previous year also. The new website is easier to navigate. The featured item changes each time you return to the site. It can track UPS shipment, there's an improved search engine, and with the shopping cart, one may see what he/she's ordered and is given the opportunity to delete the item if desired. There is a guest option where one has a choice of whether or not to complete a survey.

There will be a renovation this fall of the Bookstore. Bookstore will be moving to the current Scarborough Library when the Library staff moves into the new section at the end of July. Telecommunications request for information is forthcoming.

It was stated that there will be a dedication ceremony for the new section of the Library on August 19th with Senator Robert C. Byrd attending.

Dr. Dunlop stated that a number of students are choosing Shepherd College because of what they're finding on the institutional website. He urged all to review their websites because it's such an important marketing tool.

Mrs. Walsh: Because there is no policy dealing with the use of skateboards or rollerblades in some areas of the campus, the Classified Employees Council passed a motion to recommend to the Executive staff that a policy be developed on the proper use of skateboards, including fines for damages incurred on college property. Also suggested by CEC is for a position statement to be developed for extent of liability.

Having heard from the Nursing students who were working on a plan that dealt with the use of tobacco on campus, motion was passed that our Classified Employees Council recommend the endorsement of the Tobacco Action Plan.

Dr. Dunlop explained that it was suggested by the Nursing students that smokers be moved 15-feet away from all doors. He noted that, in bad weather, this could make disregard of the rule a violation, and it becomes an enforcement issue. He asked all to consider a solution or ideas on this matter.

Dr. Kipetz stated that the FOCUS group of youth who use the College Center facilities every month could be asked for recommendations.

Mr. Thompson: Pending final review of expenditure plan, more residence hall rooms should be wired for computers before the end of this semester.

Dr. Kipetz: ShepFest will be on Sunday, April 28th with popular musical groups and will be held on west campus, across from Shaw and Thacher Halls. Adult volunteers are needed to help give directions where needed. Student Recognition Day will be held in Frank Center at 3:10 p.m. on May 2nd. The program only lasts about 45-minutes. Midnight Breakfast is Sunday, May 5th and help is still needed.

Also announced that Student Government Association endorsed the Tobacco Plan as is.

Conferences are booked. Space in the College Center and residence halls are full because of this. If you need to reserve a room in the College Center, please contact Judy Brandenburg to see if there's any flexibility.

Mr. Veldman: Registered with the Hospitality Alliance Group so Shepherd can benefit from this liaison with people in the industry to keep up with the trends. Those who are part of this group are leaders in product industry.

Interested in some coming to talk about orientation for staff, which is part of sharing skills. The service departments here need someone to do the lecture. He can help set up consulting work.

Will be unveiling a new catering logo on April 30th. There will be new products to sample.

Karl Wolf commended Food Service for the improved food quality. Dr. Kipetz stated this could be attributed to the new executive chef and director.

Cinco de Mayo will be celebrated on Wednesday, May 1st, instead of May 5th. There will be a Mexican Festival barbecue outdoors. Vendors with free products will be present; there will be live music (hopefully).

Mr. Veldman stated that there would be a small renovation to the dining hall in the fall. He has visited local colleges and noticed the trend. Since we do not have the budget needed to renovate, our equipment can receive a "touch up job" to simulate those schools.

Dr. Eldridge: There will be a new format this fall dealing with degree audit/degree evaluation. He explained how it would work and added:
The process will work better if a student fills out a substitution form as the course in question is taken.
Transfer courses will be articulated as Shepherd courses into BANNER, as appropriate.
Correct rules for each major, minor, and concentration must be entered for every catalog students are under.

With the degree audit, the students will be able to review their academic progress any time throughout their years here.

A few months (of concentrated, full-time effort) is estimated to make the degree inventory available for all students. Dr. Stern asked for data on the percentage of transfers, 4-years to graduate, 5-6 years to graduate, more than 6 years, and how many students left college then returned. We will attempt to get a view of Shepherd students who graduate this May.

The question was posed concerning what our institution believes a four-year college should be. Dr. Stern stated that credits vary from 120-128 hours in different states. Shepherd's view is a different view in that we prefer student-faculty interaction. He encouraged us to resist the easy solutions (eliminating Friday classes, earlier graduation date). Mrs. Sturm stated that would also cause a significant impact on financial aid.

Dr. Dunlop: 1) Additional parking is being planned beyond Westwoods, to be added this summer. Those students who live in Westwoods will be asked to park there, which will free the current Westwoods student parking area for commuters. If enrollment increases, we'll need more parking.

2) After the written report for North Central arrives, we will be making our response. Several weeks later, we will receive final approval (maybe not until fall).

3) Kentucky Virtual University: a concept was discussed at a meeting at Popodicon with Chancellor Mullen and Delegate John Doyle. Part of the discussion was having to find funding for the Frank Center addition. Also mentioned was $8 million for a broad set of offerings. For Kentucky Virtual University, there are four professionals on duty 24/7.

A concern of our Legislature is that we're outsourcing these programs and courses to Kentucky. Dr. Dunlop stated he was not opposed to the concept (Chancellor Mullen wishes to reach a market we're not reaching). However, 25 of those courses are 25 of our most popular general education courses. Offering upper division, lower enrollment courses would occur because of compensation with higher enrollment in the lower divisions. He believes this to be counter-productive.

It was stated that these courses are accepted by the SREB. Our students could get credit because we'd be using our prefixes. Kentucky's courses may be Shepherd's courses but the appearance would not be acceptable because one cannot distinguish between course syllabi. Our students could take these courses but we would not get FTE credit. It would be $77/credit (Kentucky's in-state rate plus 20%)

4) The Governing Board Chairs and Financial Commission Chairs are invited to meet with the Higher Education Policy Commission.

Respectfully submitted,

Anna Mary Walsh
College Assembly Recording Secretary

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