Administrative Council Minutes

Thursday, April 26, 2000
8 a.m.
Cumberland Room

Present: John Adams; Alyson Barabas (student); Dow Benedict; Grover Boyer; Monte Cater; Pete Checkovich; Frances Dolloph; David Dunlop; David Eldridge; Al Ingle; Sharon Kipetz; Debbie Langford; Monica Lingenfelter; Ernest Lyles; Ed Magee, Barbara Maxwell; Valerie Owens; Alan Perdue; Dan Starliper; Mark Stern; Libby Sturm; David Thompson; James Vigil; Anna Mary Walsh; Jim Watson; Bob Willgoos; and Karl Wolf.

Dunlop: Expressed appreciation to those who've attended our meetings throughout the year. Stated that the most difficult thing this year is the interpretation of Senate Bill 653. Stated that Executive Staff would be working this out. Stated that graduate education, community college, transition year, funding formulas (vague and ambiguous) are all details that will not be put into place until the Policy Commission has been put into place.

Having spoken with Mike Green of the Governor's Office and David Ice, WV Secretary of Education and the Arts, he was asked for recommendations of whom Shepherd would like to see on the Advisory Board. Dr. Dunlop's hope was that they'd roll over all names currently on the board. (However, the governor will be making the appointments).

Presidents' Meeting: Two presidents of state colleges were recognized by the presidents: Dr. Janet Dudley-Eshbach, of Fairmont, who has taken the position of president at Salisbury State College (soon to be University). Dr. Ronald Zaccari of West Liberty has resigned and will be moving to Florida.

Stated that if SB 653 is properly funded, it could work well. The key to funding is that the legislature must appropriate money and the Policy Commission will need to distribute the money in a legitimate fashion. He stated that one of four categories is equity funding, which is based on how far the institution is from its peer group. How well we fare depends upon the institutions in whose peer group we are placed.

Stated concern of consultants and how they are chosen. He's hopeful that the plan includes giving WVU a little of the funding (so it won't be hurt by being excluded of any funding) but the Shepherd College to come out better than we currently are.

Stated the Policy Commission is the key board. Although no faculty, staff nor students will be members of this board, there is a mechanism for us to advise. The interim governing board will deal with the maintenance of operational issues of colleges.

Board of Directors: reported the following:
1. $4 million awarded to WV State College (one-stop shop for students which will be incorporated into the College Center addition.
2. Fairmont was given a house appraised at $200,000
3. Approved the general revenue and lottery funds.
4. $2 million to freestanding community colleges (to help Southern and Northern Community Colleges).
5. "Found" $3 million in old interest-bearing accounts and are turning over the funds to our colleges. As the system prepares to dissolve, it returned these funds to the colleges as they had paid into the system over the years. Although Shepherd was designated $500,000, the colleges agreed to take their "found money," pool it systemwide, and commit to the BANNER system-by starting with the finance module-which will be an easy-to-use interface. The college system's office has designated $1 million to this. If any residual is left, Shepherd has scheduled a maintenance project to replace 2 of 3 hot water boilers in Butcher Center.
6. Approved an increase in student fees
7. Approved Series 67 (discount to senior citizens who wish to take college courses).
8. WVU was given permission for a doctorate of science program in Nursing (based in Morgantown).

Dr. Dunlop acknowledged Dr. Linda Tate and Ms. Dianne Roman in their outstanding work in planning the McMurran Scholar Convocation on April 26th. He was happy to see so many faculty and parents in attendance.

Walsh: announced that the Classified Employees Council recommended that criteria for Classified Employees Emeritus Status be created. With the criteria being set as a classified employee who has had at least twenty years of classified employee service to Shepherd College, has ended fulltime employment at Shepherd, has shown exemplary performance in his/her job and has actively participated in issues of importance to classified employees and in the life of Shepherd College. The Executive Staff is in support of the principles. A recommendation was sent to the President and he approved our nominee. Haydon Rudolf was recognized at our annual classified employees meeting last week.

Dolloph: Noted that two of our McMurran Scholars (Lee Bensenhaver and Felicity Heare) began and did a lot of their coursework at Shepherd College at South Branch.

Watson: announced the first gift for the Library was $389,900 from the estate of Dr. Sarah Knutti. Announced the Baseball Alumni Reception will be held on April 29th at Popodicon. 150 people have registered to attend.

Ingle: stated that construction on the football stadium is on schedule. The field will be prepared for planting in May. Bleachers will be in; hope the facility will be ready but the schedule is tight. Construction from Ikenberry across the road and toward the football field is water/sewer lines. Power lines on Rocky Street will be underground. (Question of how long that area would lose power when the changeover occurred; Dr. Ingle stated no longer than eight hours to unhook power). Stated Library design development is complete. Library Committee will meet May 4th and will be looking at constructive drawings. Bids to go out in June. Archaeological work has moved forward‹completed by mid-May. Commended the Shepherd College Foundation for moving forward in fundraising for projects. Stated Sara Cree Hall locker rooms have been renovated. Things which need to be completed for the Contemporary American Theater Festival will be completed. Ikenberry: the technology center in the basement continues to be a project. There will be a small renovation for Education in Butcher Center. Stated that the old press box will remain. Athletics will be working with Executive Staff to determine what to do with it (too expensive to raze at this time). There will be a 4-foot fence to separate bleachers from the field and an aesthetically pleasing fence on northside. Stated they are finalizing the design for the elevator for Knutti. A fire alarm system will also be installed. Has not gone out to bid yet. Stated the Buildings and Grounds Committee has been meeting. The Master Planning process continues as a meeting is in the process of getting set. The architect has been selected. The recommendation will go to the Attorney General this week.

Magee: There was a budgeting workshop held a few weeks ago. People's concerns and issues will be reviewed. Stated the importance of using online Advantage because, in time, we'll always be improving our system. Stated that BANNER is the route to go but it won't be the system to make all problems go away. With 30 state funds, the budgeting principles need to know how to navigate the system.

Starliper: reminded supervisors that evaluations need to be completed and returned to his office. Also stated that those nine-month employees need to be evaluated and they will be leaving soon. Has made the deadline for evaluations to be returned by June 15, 2000. Stated that regular, parttime employees with 20 hours/week should be evaluated. With a concern of a supervisor who signs a leave slip and not knowing how many leave days an employee has remaining, Dr. Starliper stated that he would forward the department's employees reports to their supervisor.

Vigil: stated that a partnership has been established between CATF and They will soon be selling CATF merchandise. Stated they are continuing to stabilize the Ranbler card system. They will be talking to incoming students during orientation to encourage them to take advantage of the card. Stated they will be approaching businesses to develop off-campus partnerships.

Checkovich: looked at Dunn Building in Martinsburg 993,000 sw. ft.) and they are currently working on the money issue now in setting up the Community and Technical College in Martinsburg. No target date set. Thanked Alan Perdue and Al Ingle for their help on this project. Dr. Dunlop stated the goal is to give Shepherd CTC its own identity and own location without spending too much money. Financially, we are looking for help from Martinsburg, workforce development money, tax discounts, subletting to other agencies, and Budget Digest. Stated that moving the CTC campus to Martinsburg will free some space in Shepherd, cut down on some traffic, and allow an opportunity to teach some of our courses in Martinsburg which have multiple sections.

Boyer: no report. Dr. Dunlop commended our campus police for the good work they did during the ShepFest concert, where no arrests occurred.

Kipetz: announced that with both events, ShepFest (concert with 2,000 participants) and Earth Day-ton-a, which had local bands, caused no problems (except for a little loud music). Stated that it has been a successful year for Student Affairs. Productive in getting goals done. Announced Student Recognition Day on May 4th at 3:15 in the Ballroom. Stated the Student Handbook would be changed to spiral bound and will include a day-planner. Announced that if anyone has events they'd like to be placed in the dayplanner, forward that information to her. Pages will be color-coded dealing with policies, phone numbers, etc. This handbook will be more user friendly. Stated that the searches for Judicial Affairs Coordinator and Assistant Vice-President for Student Affairs continue. Stated that, if anyone has an interest in being an interviewer (to provide feedback to SAO only), contact her. SGA elections went well but, because the Student Life part of the ballot did not tally, this part of the election will be held again the fall. Stated the food show in the Dining Hall went well and some students commented they would be willing to pay more if they were given the opportunity to have some of that food on the menu. Announced that there will be a letter added to the student packets this year, with the guidelines dealing with meningitis and published by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. It advises students to talk with their physicians and get inoculation before coming to college. Our Health staff suggested this be included, since there has been a concern with meningitis nationwide in colleges and universities.

Stern: stated that Shepherd has 120 students in the Honors Program. 13 of the 29 McMurran Scholars recognized yesterday were students in the Honors Program . He commended all those who were McMurran Scholars. Stated there are 17 faculty hirings in process, many as a result of the buyout retirement. Announced that Dr. Joseph Drew has accepted the Division Chairmanship. He will be here for Commencement. Announced that we cannot stress enough the importance of assessment in every department. North Central's visit is February 2000 and, with new criteria for assessment, if we lose accreditation, the programs we have will not be accredited and we will lose federal funding. Dr. Patricia Dwyer is now our Director of Assessment. She's done extremely well in working across the campus on assessment. Dr. Burt Lidgerding will now be the Director of the Honor's Program. Stated that his office has added detailed criteria to the faculty handbook which we must follow closely. Dr. Dunlop stated that one of the keys to assessment is not what we think but what the accrediting agencies think is important. Dr. Stern stated that it's better to get it passed the first time than to have to have a return visit two years later and do it all over AGAIN. Stated this is not only for the faculty but also for the academic support units as well.

Lyles: stated that, in line with the assessment of Multicultural Student Services, his office had given a survey on the following: 1) Maureen Bunyan program; 2) website: student services online (which increases awareness of the MSS office); and 3) process in awarding the Multicultural Leadership Scholarship. He distributed these results.

Stated that there were 120 eighth grade students from Shepherdstown Junior High School on campus last week. Thanked faculty and staff for making this visit a success. Announced the Awards Banquet in Ballroom on May 1st. Commented on the wonderful trip to Senegal in West Africa. Commended Dr. Dunlop on comments made at Senator Byrd's reception last week.

Eldridge: Announced that there are 600 students who are candidates for graduation. Valerie Owens is working with him on the catalog supplement. Registration continues and it opens to special non-degree students on May 8th.

Maxwell: Stated that the Library staff is thrilled with the money designated for Library construction. Announced that the Library would be open 24 hours a day from 2:00 p.m. on May 7th through 4:30 p.m. on May 12th. The staff is working diligently on Voyager Endeavor project.

Dr. Dunlop stated that he's received comments from people about the courteous Library staff and how valuable they are in helping the patrons with searches.

Willgoos: Stated that the Ethics and Research Committee had been established. The Faculty Handbook has been updated to deal with tenure. The ad hoc Parking Committee has been added to work with Buildings and Grounds Committee. In recognizing the importance of assessment, he stated he would be attending the four-day conference on assessment in North Carolina this summer. He commended Dr. Stern in his presentation about assessment to the Faculty Senate. He announced that he would remain as Faculty Senate President for the 2000-2001 academic year.

Benedict: Stated that assessment conferences are beneficial. Advised all those who are able should attend an assessment conference. Reported on the faculty trips (Dr. Ouedraogo sponsored one to France, the Art. Department toured Egypt). Stated Arts and Humanities is planning three trips next year. Announced the following events this week: Mankind (medieval drama), Jazz Night, and music performances as well as art exhibits for the next two weeks.

Langford: Announced the hiring of two fulltime employees. Stated the office is current on invoices. If anyone has a question on the status of something, please call her office at 5216 and leave a message with Denise Messinger.

Adams: Stated that, in talking with colleagues throughout the state, Shepherd seems to be offering more opportunities for international travel. Students, faculty and staff should take advantage of these trips.

Stated that they have finished gathering responses from graduates from class of '99. (Goal was a 70% response rate). Stated that departments are using Career Center's survey for assessment in their respective departments. Announced that Robbie Cordle will be coordinating the Teacher Recruitment Fair on May 11th. There are many job opportunities for Education majors. Stated that their Student Affairs website is being developed (Robbie Cordle, Carol Boyd). Announced that eighth graders from Harpers Ferry Junior High School had visited the campus. Stated there were approximately 350 applications for the Washington Gateway Academy to be held July 23-29th. Explained the "job shadowing" program we have with students from Shepherdstown Junior High School (8:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m. on Thursdays). This is a good way to show what our workplace operates.

Wolf: Stated his appreciation for the work with the two junior high schools which Student Affairs sponsored. This is important from an enrollment management standpoint. Announced the Admissions Office would be sponsoring their "Days on Campus" with elementary and middle school students over the next two weeks.

Noted that there were three McMurran Scholars had transferred from a community college to attend Shepherd. Sandie Van Metre from the Admissions Office will be writing letters to their former community college presidents to congratulate them on their former students. Discussed our concern with the number of students who are still listed on a waiting list for schools like Virginia Tech, giving many students false hope of being accepted anywhere because they will be missing deadlines for admission applications.

Cater: Stated that the floor of Butcher Center should be completed before Shepherd's Commencement.

Owens: Stated that an RFP has been submitted for our web redesign. Six vendors sent proposals. The committee selected a vendor whose bid was $203,000 (We have $40,000 allocated for this). Stated that we are still negotiating with the top vendor to see what can be done with the amount we do have allocated.

Barabas: Stated that their newly elected Executive Board of Student Government Association is anxious to begin work for the new academic year. Officers are: James McNeel, President; Alyson Barabas, Vice-President; Seth Shinaberry , Secretary; Lillian (Nichole) Noland, Treasurer; Andrew Graham, Parliamentarian; Andrew Lowe, Pro-Tem; Tami Watkins, Multicultural Chair, Julie Zuercher, Advisory Council of Students.

Sturm: Announced that the Financial Aid packages are current. Still waiting for information from some students. There may be indications of "fall off" in the freshman area, but not much. FAO will be looking at student employment issue and will be working with Dr. Kipetz and Mr. Magee dealing with input on job titles and having a pay scale we can afford.

Lingenfelter: Commended Ms. Owens and Tim Haines on their work of the Shepherd College Magazine. Stated that, for the last three years, she's seen it improve with each issue. Ms. Owens was instrumental in coordinating Shepherd's contribution during the Peace Talks and the Magazine showed the success.

Mr. Wolf stated that his office had ordered 3,000 copies to go to guidance counselors. It will be a great recruiting tool.

Thompson: stated that it has been a successful year. Expressed appreciation to Dr. Ingle for his support of the OneCard, distance learning, technological assistance. Other areas which saw change were: server infrastructure, mail servers hired for user support, wiring residence halls. Goals next year: having a trainer based campus who can teach technology in whatever area the faculty or staff member needs help. There will be 4-5 new areas in Ikenberry ground floor for training. Stated there will be a grand opening in their area sometime in May.

Announced the Web CT training on May 8th.

Meeting adjourned.

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