Advisory Council of Faculty Report

April 23, 2003

The April 23 ACF meeting took place in Charleston at the HEPC Building. After the meeting, ACF members attended the HEPC afternoon meeting at the Marriot Hotel. The following agenda items were discussed at the Thursday morning meeting:

I. Old Business:

…Status of BRIM Faculty Coverage: The ACF wants to look at the consistency of faculty handbooks regarding detailing BRIM policy for faculty;
…Status of Policy concerning "Adversarial Relationships between Faculty and Students": The ACF will look at consistency of faculty handbooks for detailing policy dealing with "adversarial relationships" between students and faculty and subsequent legal actions that might result;
…Recognizing WV Higher Education Professor of the Year: The ACF will pursue the inconsistency of the governor's recognizing public school "teacher of the year" and not recognizing higher education "professor of the year."

II. New Business:

A. HB2224 Fall-Out and Related Matters:

…Cutting Mandated 10% Promotion Raise: Several schools, among them Shepherd, Marshall, WVU, and Fairmont, have committed to continuing to fund the 10% raise for faculty promotion and tenure. The ACF will propose a resolution to be sent to the HEPC, local BOG members, and senate presidents. Resolved: That the ACF recommends that institutions continue awarding the 10% salary raise for faculty promotion and tenure, eliminated by HB2224. The rationale for this resolution and recommendation is that "any deviation from a standard 10% increment will ultimately lead to salary compressions and even inversions." Further, this award for tenure and promotion serves to encourage the continued pursuit of excellence among WV higher education faculty and to keep morale high.

…Faculty Input on All Campus Policy: There must be faculty input (to the local BOG and to the HEPC) on all policy affecting the faculty. (See Chancellor's Interpretive Memorandum #12 concerning "Policy on Policies: Guidelines and Policy Statements by Governing Boards," Title 133, Procedural Rule, Series 4)

…Notice of Non-retention: As a result of BH2224, administrators need only give notice of non-retention by March 1, with no further notice regardless of years of service. The ACF will propose a resolution be to sent to the HEPC, local BOG members, and senate presidents. Resolved: That the ACF recommends all local Boards of Governors follow the guidelines for notification of non-retention of faculty as outlined by the AAUP--"1. Not later than March 1 of the first academic year of service; 2. Not later than December 15 of the second academic year of service; 3. At least twelve months before the expiration of an appointment after two or more years in the institution" ("Standards for Notice," 8, Online at

…Recommendations concerning Use of Adjunct Staff: The ACF will gather data in order to make a recommendation before the end of June to the HEPC, local BOGs, and senate presidents concerning use of adjunct staff.

B. Other ACF Issues and Concerns to Be Discussed and Acted On:

…Sabbatical leave Policy
…Meeting with Senator Plymale on the Incremental Pay Issue (Marshall has invited the ACF to join a delegation to discuss with Senator Plymale this and other legislative concerns detailed in the ACF brochure--Chair Moore will suggest a June meeting.)
…WVHEFAC-L Listserve (The new listserve will allow any person placed on the list to enter discussions carried on by the ACF. In order to become a member, faculty should send the following email message to "SUBSCRIBE WVHEFAC-L" then type your first name and your last name. Afterward, you will be added to the electronic discussion room.

Highlights from the April 23 HEPC Meeting
Tuition Caps: "Initially, the Chancellor and his staff were recommending a 7.92% tuition cap" increase at Shepherd and a "3.17% tuition cap" increase at the community college; both caps would have left us deeply in the hole as we attempt to address budget cuts next year. Shepherd had requested 9.5% and 4.75% respectively. After considerable political machinations and a fine Shepherd presentation to the HEPC on Wednesday evening, the HEPC adopted the following institutional rankings and tuition caps:

Ranking #1 = 9.5% (WVU) CTC #1 =4.75%
Ranking #2 = 9.0% (Shepherd, Marshall, and Fairmont) CTC #2 =4.5%
Ranking #3 = 8.0% (WVS, Bluefield, Concord, W. Liberty) CTC #3 =4.0%(Shepherd)
Ranking #4 = 7.5% (Other institutions, % range varies) CTC #4 =3.75%
Ranking #5 = 0% CTC #5 =0%

Additionally, campuses with a CTC component may increase their percentage with a comparable 2 to 1 decrease at their community college; for example, a #2 ranked institution may increase its tuition cap to 9.25% with a #3 ranked CTC component capping tuition at 3.5%.

The next ACF meeting will be in Parkersburg. The annual ACF retreat will begin June 11, with a meeting to be scheduled with the Chancellor and faculty senate chairs on June 12, followed by the HEPC meeting on the 13th. One of the agenda items on the retreat will be revision of the ACF brochure and 2003 legislative concerns.

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