Affirmative Action Committee Minutes

Thursday, September 17, 1998 at 12:30
Rumsey Room, College Center

Present: Ms. Krissy Bell; Dr. Jason Best; Mrs. Brenda Branson-Johnson; Mrs. Marie Carter; Mr. Larry Dowdy; Dr. David Dunlop; Mrs. Judy Kepple; Dr. Suda Kunyosying; Rev. Ernest Lyles; Dr. Jean Ouedraogo; Mr. Alan Perdue; Dr. Taylor Perry; Ms. Elizabeth Shanton; Dr. Dan Starliper; Dr. Jennifer Hipp Soule; Mr. Henry Thomas; Mr. James Tolbert; Mrs. Anna Mary Walsh; Mrs. Lajuan Watson; and Mr. Harry Young. NOTE: Mr. Tony Nardolillo attended for a short while but had to leave for a class.

Mr. Dowdy welcomed everyone to the meeting which was followed by a luncheon. With the assistance of Dr. Starliper, he introduced the following new faculty and staff members:

Ms. Krissy Bell: Financial Assistant II, Financial Aid Office
Dr. Jean Ouedraogo, Assistant Professor, English and Modern Languages
Mrs. Lajuan Watson, Program Liaison, Community and Technical College, Shepherd College

Others mentioned but not present were Ms. Rachel Drake, Library staff, Mr. Larry Turner, Campus Security, and Dr. Peter Vila, Assistant Professor of Physical Sciences (Environmental Science program).

Dr. Dunlop introduced Mrs. Marie Carter, Executive Director for Administrative Affairs. He has asked her to serve as an ex-officio member of the Affirmative Action Committee. He stated that the Affirmative Action Committee is of high importance to the mission of Shepherd College. Many groups have helped us to achieve our goals.

He stated that although our overall enrollment is down, we'll be looking for strategies/tactics to increase our numbers, getting direction and leadership from campus organizations.

Dr. Dunlop stated that there is increased encouragement from the Chancellor's office for the state colleges to diversify, noting that Shepherd is looked upon as a model which other colleges are urged to follow.

He concluded by stating that his door is always open to the chair of the Affirmative Action Committee.

With the nominations open for the chair of the AAC, motion by Dr. Starliper, second by Mr. Young that Mr. Dowdy remain as chair. Motion carried.

Overview of Minority Student and Staff Recruitment:

Dr. Starliper stated that there has been a decrease of two in women employees and a decrease in total number of faculty and staff. He explained that Shepherd increased minority faculty by one and minority staff by two. Two of our current female faculty are on leave of absence (Dr. Lynn Hizer and Ms. Helen Peters). The material distributed on Student Headcount by Ethnicity-Fall 1997 and Fall 1998 does not reflect the additions of those at Shepherd College at South Branch (Petersburg) high school enrollments and those attending classes at General Motors in Martinsburg. More numbers need to go into the system.

Our FTE is down by about 50-60. We anticipate fewer than a few dozen when all numbers are tallied.

Shepherd College Multicultural Education Plan:

Rev. Lyles distributed information on diversity training of Shepherd College employees. He stated that the team members he selected will be interviewing prospective trainers and will work with the President's office to recruit those interested in taking advantage of this opportunity. He stated that the training dates are tentatively scheduled for January (around the 18th) for staff and March (before spring break) for faculty.

Mr. Thomas explained the diversity training sessions for the Jefferson County school system. Eight dates have been scheduled during October and November where all personnel will attend.

Dr. Dunlop further explained that Rev. Lyles brought the college's plan to him. Dr. Dunlop suggested that Rev. Lyles put together a committee to select facilitators. The training will be made available to all Shepherd College faculty, staff, and administrators, but it would not be made a requirement. He explained his belief that by not mandating that everyone attend the training, he he wanted people to support multiculturalism--not to be forced. He believed the response would be better if attendance were voluntarily. Dr. Dunlop stated that he would strongly encourage attendance, but did not wish to stifle the operation of the college to do this. Those attending would need to get prior approval of their supervisors.

Dr. Dunlop volunteered to pay a portion of the cost for our employees. Lunch and the program would be no cost to the employee.

If the Faculty Senate and the Classified Employees Council will endorse this plan, more people may come when they see the support of these two bodies.

Mr. Tolbert expressed concern that the point may not be made that Shepherd College supports this training by encouraging the faculty and staff to participate.

It was moved by Mr. Perdue, second by Mr. Young that the Affirmative Action Committee support the Multicultural Education Plan and recommends the Faculty Senate and Classified Employees Council to encourage their constituents to attend. Motion carried.

Dr. Dunlop stated that whatever we contribute in terms of people and money was originally planned for both Jefferson County schools and Shepherd College. He believes that if we mandate any program training and if employees feel they're forced to go, they won't be supportive and progress is not made either.

Mr. Dowdy stated that an agenda item for the next meeting would be developing objectives for the 1998-99 academic year. Mrs. Walsh and he will review last year's objectives and, with input from the President, will draft a list. These objectives will accompany the minutes.

NOTE: Mrs. Walsh had another appointment and had to leave at this point. If any other items should be listed in the minutes, email at awalsh or call 876-5221.

Next Meeting
Tuesday, Oct. 6, 1998
Rumsey Room, College Center
12:30-1:30 p.m.

Agenda to include:
1. Permanent meeting day/time
2. Objectives for the year
3. Someone else to serve as secretary

Respectfully submitted,

Anna Mary Walsh
Secretary of AAC

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