Affirmative Action Committee Minutes

Thursday, October 6, 1998
Rumsey Room

Present: Ms. Brenda Branson-Johnson; Mr. Larry Dowdy; Mrs. Lashan Holmes; Dr. Jean Ouedraogo; Mr. Alan Perdue; Ms. Leslie Scott (student representative from Shepherd College NAACP); Ms. Elizabeth Shanton; Dr. Mark Stern; and Mrs. Anna Mary Walsh.

Mr. Dowdy distributed copies of the Administrative Council committees, copy of current Shepherd College Record, and the 1997-98 Objectives of the Affirmative Action Committee. He introduced new appointees, Mrs. Lashan Holmes, Dr. Jean Ouedrago, and Ms. Leslie Scott.

Because of the small number in attendance, the appointment of a new secretary will be tabled until the next meeting. Mrs. Walsh explained that, in volunteering to be secretary of the College Assembly, this office also entailed the responsibility of monthly minutes of the Administrative Council. Since she has held the office of secretary for the Affirmative Action Committee for four years, she is resigning from the office, but not the committee.

The committee began to review objectives. At Dr. Stern's suggestion, it was concensus that this information be provided to committee members to review and to be discussed at the November meeting.

Mr. Perdue stated that he would check with Dr. Starliper to see which AAC members did not have a copy of the 1998 Affirmative Action Plan so that he may send copies to them.

1. Placement of the reception of the Minority Reception. Mr. Dowdy was concerned that the reception should have been placed among the other events on the first page of the Shepherd College Record.
2. Food set-up for both the Friday night and Saturday afternoon receptions. Those members who attended did agree that the amount of food available was not enough for the number of people expected. Mr. Dowdy agreed to send a memo to Mr. Harry Young and Mr. Bob Maidhof and Mr. Scott Anderson (Dining Hall) to set up a meeting to discuss this concern so that it will not happen at future events.
3. Mr. Dowdy stated that he would follow up with the members of the campus NAACP to find out why so few attended the Affirmative Action Committee's sponsored events.

Mrs. Walsh suggested that for Homecoming '99 perhaps the Committee could hold an event in the endzone, much like the Greek organizations did this year. More people tend to have more time for socializing during gametime.

Mrs. Branson-Johnson suggested that include retention of staff in our objectives. Shepherd needs to provide an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable. Communication in this type of circumstance is vital.

Next Meeting
Tuesday, Nov. 3, 1998
12:30 p.m. in the Rumsey Room

Respectfully submitted,

Anna Mary Walsh
Secretary of AAC

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