Affirmative Action Committee Minutes

March 2, 1998

Present: Larry Dowdy (Chair); Greg Fleisher (student); Judy Kepple; Mark McCoy (guest); Alan Perdue; Cinda Scales; Sylvia Shurbutt; Dan Starliper; A. James Tolbert; Anna Mary Walsh; Karl Wolf; and Mr. Harry Young. Mr. Larry Dowdy opened the meeting by expressing appreciation to Dr. Mark McCoy and the Shepherd Wind Ensemble, on behalf of the Affirmative Action Committee, for their inspiring presentation, "Movement for Rosa Parks" during Black History Month. Dr. McCoy noted that special recognition should go to Christi Leffelman, a Shepherd College student who put the presentation together.

Dr. McCoy gave a summary of outreach by the Music Department as a recruiting tool to schools. Mr. Dowdy stated that many of our Affirmative Action Committee members are interested in local schools receiving the same exposure to our Music Department as the schools which were visited in Maryland to expose them to the field of music.

After discussion, it was moved by Mr. Dowdy, a second by Ms. Scales that the Affirmative Action Committee recommend that the Black History Month program at Shepherd College include a series of concerts of multicultural music for tri-county schools and that the President work with the Multicultural Leadership Team to support a program once per semester for each school to experience a symphony orchestra. Motion carried.

Mr. Dowdy distributed a chart showing the number of full-time faculty women/minorities from 1987-97. There was discussion of ways to retain our minority faculty and staff.

Dr. Shurbutt stated the importance of a mentoring and recruitment committee for all adjunct faculty. With mentoring in place, standards are high and the support system is strong. She expressed the importance of every new faculty member having a mentor.

Mrs. Walsh stated this also applies to classified employees. Dr. Starliper stated that, for classified employees, supervisors provide orientation, but Mrs. Walsh expressed concern that orientatin to a position and providing support to employees is more feasible by someone who is not the supervisor.

It was consensus that the Affirmative Action Committee supports a policy that every new employee of Shepherd College has a mentor.

Dr. Shurbutt (member of Faculty Senate) and Mrs. Walsh (Chair of the Classified Employees Council) will present this idea to their respective organizations for comment/additional support. If this is a joint recommendation by faculty and staff councils, this point will be placed on the April agenda of the Affirmative Action Committee. Approval by the faculty and classified employees' boards will help support the AAC's proposed recommendation to the president that all new Shepherd College employees be assigned a mentor and be provided a support system of the college.

There was discussion of changing the time of our meeting to either 2:00 or 3:00 p.m. If anyone has any thoughts on this, please contact Mr. Dowdy at 876-5174 or Mrs. Walsh at 876-5221.

1 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Anna Mary Walsh
Secretary of AAC

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