Affirmative Action Committee Minutes

February 3, 1998

Dr. Farrell Coy was guest speaker. He discussed recruitment of both faculty and students in the Division of Arts and Humanities. Topics were: the retention process and specific mentoring format devised by the English Department, which has been distributed to all department heads as a model; the use of conferences/conventions our faculty/staff attend as a recruitment tool when we have the opportunity to be with others in our fields; and commending the English Department for its mentoring program for new faculty as well as its adjuncts.

Mr. Greg Fleisher, student representative and member of the Multicultural Leadership Team, reported on the Hanukkah/Christmas/Kwanzaa event in December which was open to the campus. Ms. Mariama Darboe was commended for planning this event.

During follow-up discussion of the Administrative Council's committees, Mr. Fleisher recommended that a representative from the Shepherd College student chapter of the NAACP become a designated representative for Affirmative Action Committee membership. The committee agreed unanimously.

Mr. Larry Dowdy stated that the Affirmative Action Committee has met two more of our objectives for the year: suppporting minority student groups by assisting with efforts that encourage multiculturalism, and inviting division chairs to discuss their strategies in recruitment/retention.

After discussion in the lack of someone or a specific committee to help settle disputes/complaints/concerns of Shepherd College employees before it gets to the grievance level, it was MSP that Mr. Alan Perdue approach the President with the idea of providing an alternative (ombudsman) prior to the employee's need to go through the grievance process.

Next Affirmative Action Committee will be Tuesday, March 3rd in the Rumsey Room.

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