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Dr. William Benjamin Martz, Jr.:

Dr. Martz spent his summer organizing the kickoff for the College of Business at Shepherd University. He was impressed with the community responses.  He finished writing a paper with co-authors Vijay Raghavan and Morgan Shepherd. The paper – entitled “Comprehending Visualizations of Dense Rank Order Data: A Comparison of Alternate Presentation Formats” – reports on a comparison of the information communicated through different presentation formats like tables and 3-d charts. It is currently at press.

In the Fall 2017 semester, Dr. Martz will further develop the curriculum for both graduate and undergraduate programs. The hope is to add more technology and problem based learning activities into the curriculum. We also should see more companies become active with internships, class presentations, with paid on-campus internships a priority.

For the Spring 2018 semester, Dr. Martz will recruit faculty, look for more activities, courses, events, to engage students, and continue teaching the Business Analytics course.

Dr. Gordon DeMeritt:

Dr. DeMeritt spent his summer preparing for and teaching in Manila, Philippines at Baptist Bible College Asia. He taught about leadership in a biblical perspective for three weeks. It was his favorite part of the summer.

In Fall 2017 he will continue working on a research project with Dr. Martz that was started one year ago.  Their goal is to determine the benefit, if any, of student-to-student peer editing.  He will also teach in both the undergraduate BADM and graduate MBA programs.

His plans for Spring semester 2018 include continuing the Capstone project for the business majors, which involves developing strategic plans for non-profit organizations.

Professor Cinda Scales:

Professor Scales was very active in her law practice during the summer and attended a legal conference in Savanna, GA. She also wrote recommendation letters for students who were applying for law school.

In Fall 2017 she will plan a comprehensive research paper for her Employment Law course. This will be the last semester that the Employment Law course is offered at Shepherd University. Professor Scales is excited about teaching this class with only two students because it will allow more flexibility and can be tailored to meet the needs of the students. In addition, she will attend a law conference in Morgantown, WV in the Fall.

Dr. Janine Scott:

Before joining Shepherd University, Dr. Scott taught at Massey University in New Zealand for three years. In August 2017, she published an article in the Australian Financial Planning Journal entitled, “Consumers of Financial Advice in New Zealand.” Dr. Scott recently presented research at the Academy of Financial Services conference in Nashville, Tennessee on October 1-2, 2017. Her paper touches on financial literacy, specifically, “Financial Capability: Literacy, Behavior, and Distress.” Dr. Scott is currently a board member of the Academy of Financial Services, serving as the 2018-2019 Vice President of Programs.

She is creating a project for her students for Fall 2017 semester, which involves establishing a marketing plan for an campus organization or local business.

In February 2018, Dr. Scott plans to attend the CFP Board Program Director conference in D.C.  She looks forward to working with colleagues in promoting and developing the CFP Program at Shepherd University.

Dr. Michael Lynch:

Dr. Lynch spent his summer moving from New Hampshire to Shepherd University.

In the Fall 2017 semester, he plans to publish a paper about financial literacy.

Dr. Hillman:

In Summer 2017, Dr. Hillman published an article in the Performance Improvement Journal. His co-author is one of his students, Ms. Trisha K. Werner, a West Virginia native.  Ms. Werner is currently pursuing a B.S. in Business Administration degree, with a concentration in Management, and a minor in Marketing.  The article is titled: “Capturing Generation-based Institutional Knowledge Utilizing Design Thinking.”  Dr. Hillman had a paper/workshop accepted “Capturing retiring baby boomer company knowledge through a multigenerational management design team” at the ISPI EMEA (Europe/Middle East/Africa) 16th Annual Global Conference, in September 2017 in Bologna, Italy.  The journal is called “International Society for Performance Improvement” (peer reviewed panel selection). Another former student of his, Danielle Fuhrmann, who has been working with him part-time for the past two years, presented the paper for Dr. Hillman at the conference.

In Fall 2017, Dr. Hillman and two of his students worked on an article titled: “Increasing Cooperation in Culturally Diverse Global Work Teams”.

In the Spring 2018 semester, some of Dr. Hillman’s former students who work for him part-time, will assist him with the development and implementation of a recruiting website for Millennial candidates.  He had completed a mixed methods study with the aid of these students a couple of years ago, and is now applying it to a website, i.e., theory to practice. The working paper (currently a white paper) for the study is titled: “Using Social Media to Develop Pre-Employment Relationships with Millennial Candidates: A Human Resources Management Strategic Recruitment and Retention Approach”.