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Department News

Dr. Kathleen Reid:

Dr. Reid spent Summer 2017 teaching two summer courses: Statistics, and Contemporary Economics.  She worked on program review and assessment.

She worked on finishing program review and assessment in the Fall 2017 semester.

Her plan for Spring 2018 semester is to work on research papers for economic capstone courses.  Her favorite course to teach is Quantitative Research.

Dr. Tuncer Gocmen:

Dr. Gocmen received the “2017 Douglas C. Smith Distinguished Faculty Award” at the McMurran Scholar Award in May 2017.

In the Fall 2017 semester he worked on a research paper about finding the most appropriate growth and discount rates to estimate and discount future economic loss resulting from personal injuries or medical malpractice.  Currently, he is looking into the online teaching platform for future online teaching assignments.

His plans for Spring 2018 are to publish the results of his research paper and present it at a conference.

Dr. Kyle Hoy:

During Summer 2017, Dr. Hoy defended his doctoral dissertation. He also published his first journal article, “An Economic Impact Report of Shale Gas Extraction in Pennsylvania with Stricter Assumptions,” in Ecological Economics.

During the Fall 2017 semester he looked forward to teaching Econ 123, 205 and 206.  He also worked to revise his dissertation for publication.

Dr. Yuying Xie:

Dr. Xie spent Summer 2017 teaching: ECON205 Prin. of Macroeconomics, and MBA572 Financial Planning and MBA508 International Business for the graduate program. He also submitted a co-authored paper titled “Imitation, Catch-up and Overtaking in the Asia Pacific Region” to the Asia Pacific Journal of Management.

In the Fall 2017 semester, he worked on two projects in his  FINC425 Investments course.  The first project is called, “Common Stock Valuation”. Students would conduct analysis of selected stocks using various analytics techniques including fundamental analysis, dividend discount models, technical analysis, etc. The second project is called “Portfolio Construction,” in which students construct a portfolio to achieve certain objectives, such as building a minimum variance portfolio using selected assets.

His plans for Spring 2018 semester include developing a case study for an undergraduate financial planning course. Students will build a personal financial portfolio based on an individual case. The purpose is to prepare students for real-world problem solving.  Dr. Xie’s projects for Fall and Spring require substantial use of quantitative methods and software like Excel.

Dr. Rudolph Bropleh:

Dr. Bropleh spent his summer of 2017 working with communities by building two modules: economics and training.  He traveled extensively; to Western Africa, South America, Korea, and Haiti.  He worked on organizing national training events, in partnership with locals,  focusing on leadership, economic and power development.

In Fall 2017 he created a project for one of the courses he is teaching, related to migrating economy in the competitive market.  Students will identify a small business within the competitive market.  The project is composed of research, data and reports.

In Spring 2018, he will plan activities that connect the classroom to the real world.

Professor Robert Scharmer:

In September 2017, Professor Scharmer attended the “Light and Sound Interactive” Symposium in Rochester, NY, where he was also inducted into the Wilson Society by the University of Rochester.  He continues the work he started as a member of the Eastman Circle, and “Volunteers in Partnership” with the University of Rochester to improve the identification of and support for disabled students.  Here at Shepherd University, Professor Scharmer has been extremely active in ensuring that his students with disabilities receive the appropriate support to facilitate their academic success.

In Spring 2018 semester, Professor Scharmer plans to explore the possibility of the founding of a nonprofit organization to support Disabled Students/Veterans in higher education in our region.

Professor Carol Sweeney:

Professor Sweeney spent the summer of 2017 innovating her in-person classes using a flipped model. She worked on a revision paper with her co-author Dr. Marcus T. Allen.  The paper was recently accepted and will be published in a forthcoming edition of the Journal of Managerial Finance.

Her plans for Fall 2017 semester included collecting data for the early stages of a new study.

In Spring 2018 semester, Professor Sweeney will make some updates to the Contemporary Economics Course at Shepherd.  She will use the latest version of the Common Sense Economics Text and some new ancillary materials.