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Meet The Callers

Our Phonathon 2018 theme is SUPERHEROES. The callers are split into to two teams representing the Marvel Comics and DC Comics universes, The Avengers and The Justice League. Their mission is simple, to reach their team goal by the end of calling sessions. Help our heroes reach their goals for Phonathon 2018!

Meet our 2018 Phonathon Student Callers!

Kaelie Davey, Class of 2019
Petersburg, WV
Social Work
Why Shepherd? It is close to where my mom lives and I like the small campus.
Most Memorable Shepherd Moment: Meeting my roommate who has become my best friend. We are from the same hometown but didn’t really know each other until coming to Shepherd.
After Graduation? I want to work for CPS or the foster care system. I have always wanted to help children have a better future.
2018 Phonathon Team: AVENGER

Jasmine Ingram, Class of 2019
Hometown: White Plains, MD
Major: Photography
Shepherd Activities: Multicultural Leadership Team, Community Volunteer
Why Shepherd? It was my top school choice in my junior year of high school. I like that it’s small and close enough to home.
Most Memorable Shepherd Moment: Every time I meet new people and get a chance to network is memorable for me. Also, the football games are off the chain because Shepherd football is one of the top D2 schools in the United States; the games are always exciting!
After Graduation? I’d like to move to California or Atlanta and pursue teaching in the arts for troubled teens. I’m also interested in opening my own nail/beauty salon.
2018 Phonathon Team: AVENGER

Diana Ling, Class of 2018
Hometown: Martinsburg, WV
Major: Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA)
Shepherd Activities: International Student Union, Student Life Council
Why Shepherd? I chose Shepherd because the environment is quiet and safe and it’s also close to where I live.
Most Memorable Shepherd Moment: Joining the Student Life Council and getting elected as their vice president.
After Graduation? I want to get another degree and then travel the world.
2018 Phonathon Team: JUSTICE LEAGUE

Kenneth May, Class of 2019
Hometown: Kearneysville, WV
Major: Communications and New Media
Shepherd Activities: Theatre and Alpha Phi Omega
Why Shepherd? It’s so close to home.
Most Memorable Shepherd Moment: Performing in shows.
After Graduation? I would like to get into either acting for film-making.
2018 Phonathon Team: AVENGER

April ShweApril Shwe, Class of 2017 (undergrad), current M.B.A student
Hometown:  Martinsburg, WV
Major:  Business Administration
Shepherd Activities: Delta Sigma Pi, Student Life Council President, Student representative for Dean of Students Search Committee
Why Shepherd? Because it’s close to home for an easy commute and I like the small campus environment.
Most Memorable Shepherd Moment:  She’s had so many, she can’t choose just one!
After Graduation? I plan to go for my M.B.A.!
2018 Phonathon Team: AVENGER

Ni Sung, Class of 2016 (undergrad); current M.B.A student
Hometown: Martinsburg, WV
Major: Business Administration
Shepherd Activities: Student Life Council, Delta Sigma Pi, International Student Union
Why Shepherd? The campus is close to home and I like the atmosphere surrounding campus. They also offer great programs and it’s easy to engage with professors in smaller classes.
Most Memorable Shepherd Moment: During my senior undergrad year, I helped and elderly man find the library for a meeting he had. I’ll never forget that.
After Graduation? I am currently going for my M.B.A., but I’m not sure after that.
2018 Phonathon Team: JUSTICE LEAGUE

 Sarah Strong, Class of 2019
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Major: English, Creative Writing
Shepherd Activitites: Christian Youth Group and group fitness classes at the Wellness Center.
Why Shepherd? I really like the size of the school and the overall atmosphere.
Most Memorable Shepherd Moment: The water balloon fight at the start of the fall semester.
After Graduation? I want to edit novels and books; if not, I will try to get a job with the government.
2018 Phonathon Team: AVENGER

Emily Unnone, Class of … (master’s degree)
Shepherd Activities:
Why Shepherd?
Most Memorable Shepherd Moment:
After Graduation?
2018 Phonathon Team: JUSTICE LEAGUE

Lauren Vargas, Class of 2018
Hometown: Martinsburg, WV
Major: Nursing
Why Shepherd? The nursing program is one of the best in the area!
Most Memorable Shepherd Moment: Meeting so many new people!
After Graduation? I plan on becoming an operating room nurse.
2018 Phonathon Team: JUSTICE LEAGUE

 Alex Wells, Class of 2018
Hometown: Petersburg, WV
Major: Elementary Education
Shepherd Activities: TRIO
Why Shepherd? I was looking for a school not too far away from home and I knew that Shepherd was known for it’s education department.
Most Memorable Shepherd Moment: Meeting my roommate (who I also get to do Phonathon with). Shepherd has allowed me to make a forever friend!
After Graduation? I plan to start teaching as soon as I can, while obtaining my master’s degree. I want to remain in WV for a few years and then maybe head to Tennessee!
2018 Phonathon Team: JUSTICE LEAGUE