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Multicultural Leadership Team Scholarship

Applicants for this scholarship must be full-time, undergraduate, degree-seeking Shepherd University students who demonstrate leadership qualities and a commitment to improving race relations, enhancing cultural diversity, and promoting multiculturalism.

How to Apply

Applicants must complete and submit the Multicultural Leadership Scholarship Application by Friday, February 7, 2014.  Applicants must submit a two-page essay indicating their qualifications for this scholarship and their commitment to diversity and social justice. Applicants must have two letters of recommendation submitted in support of their demonstrated or potential leadership qualities. These letters should be sent by the persons writing the recommendations directly to the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs by Friday, February 7, 2014. Selected applicants must have a personal interview with the Multicultural Leadership Scholarship Selection Committee. Incoming students must be admitted to Shepherd University before applying for the Multicultural Leadership Scholarship. Applicants who have not done so will not be considered for the scholarship. Incoming students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. Returning Shepherd students, transfers, and readmits must have a minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA.

Scholarship Amount

The amount of the award is determined by the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs and is based on academic achievement, leadership qualities, need, and institutional goals and objectives. The average amount awarded covers 25 to 75 percent of a student's tuition, and/or on campus housing. International students are responsible for taxes of any excess award amount over the tuition cost.


One academic year. The recipient may reapply annually for a maximum of four years.

Requirements for Scholarship Recipients

  • Attend and fully participate in the Multicultural Leadership Team training program.  Team members attend a seminar (non-credit) on Thursdays, 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
  • Participate in community service (45 hours of service per semester) and outreach programs or assist in the recruitment of under-represented students to Shepherd University. 
  • Assist in the planning and implementing of multicultural and social justice education programs
  • Attend the Multicultural Leadership Team retreat in the fall (Dates to be announced).
  • Participate in multicultural and social justice programs and activities on and off campus.

Return the completed Multicultural Leadership application by
(Late applications will not be accepted)

For more information, you may call us at (304) 876-5453 or fax us at (304) 876-5033.

This scholarship is funded by Shepherd University, the Shepherdstown Ministerial Association, and the Shepherd University Foundation.