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Multicultural Leadership Team

The Multicultural Leadership Team was established in 1991 for the purpose of developing an effective group of multiracial and multicultural student leaders that articulates the vision for a multicultural organization and inspires and motivates others to voluntarily participate in reaching the vision.


Members of the Shepherd Student Multicultural Leadership Team are full-time degree-seeking students committed to enhancing cultural diversity and improving race relations locally, nationally, and internationally. Members of the Team participate in a multicultural leadership development program that equips, challenges, and empowers them to demonstrate their commitment to cultural and racial diversity by helping to prepare others to live, learn, work, and succeed in a pluralistic society.


The Multicultural Leadership Team envisions Shepherd Student as an institution of higher education where administrators, faculty, staff, and students cooperate and collaborate to build and maintain a culturally and racially inclusive campus community that fosters respect and appreciation for people of all backgrounds.

The Team

2012 - 13 MLT - Team Building

2012 MLT - Retreat