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CME Minutes - Fall 2007 Semester

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  • September 5th, 2007

    • Agenda:


      1)      Welcome back!


      2)      Introduction of Officers:

      a.       President – Sarah Prince

      b.      Vice President – Matthew Prince

      c.       Secretary – Scott Frazier

      d.      Treasurer – Ariel Horton

      e.       Community Liaison – Melissa Matheny


      3)      Announcements / “What’s New” – Matt

      a.       Math and science tutors needed in the Academic Support Center – contact Dr. Nelles for more information.

      b.      Math Lab Assistant needed for 2:00pm class on Wednesdays – contact Dr. Nelles for more information.


      4)      Event Planning / Movie Nights / Meetings

      a.       Open forum for event and movie night suggestions.

      b.      Open forum for meeting day/time suggestions.


      5)      Faculty Meetings / Officer Representation

      a.       We will send representation to CME faculty meetings as necessary throughout the semester.  Please bring any questions/comments/concerns to the attention of a CME officer so that your voice will be heard!


      6)      Website Unveiling / Suggestions and Additions

      a.       Website will be online soon!


      7)      Voting

      a.       Events:

                                                                     i.      Member/Faculty hiking trip to Cunningham Falls – Date TBA

                                                                   ii.      Hershey Park in the Dark – Date TBA

      b.      Movie Night:

                                                                     i.      Casino Royale

                                                                   ii.      The Goonies

                                                                  iii.      Indiana Jones

                                                                 iv.      Fight Club (alternate)

      c.       Meetings will be held the first Wednesday of every month at 12:00pm in Stutzman-Sonaker room 204.


      8)      Questions / Comments / Concerns


  • October 3rd, 2007

    • Agenda:


      1)      Housekeeping

      a)      General Clean-up Expectations

      i)        We have many students using both rooms (16 and 204), please be courteous and clean up after yourself!  Do not expect someone else to do it for you.  The refrigerator in room 204 will be cleaned out every Friday.

      b)       Energy Conservation

      i)        When you leave a room, please turn out the lights.

      c)      Recycling

      i)        Please recycle plastic bottles, glass, and paper in the bins provided in room 204.

      d)      Keeping the Door Closed

      i)        The doors to both rooms (16 and 204) are to remain closed at ALL times – even while students are using the room!


      2)      Computer Usage

      a)      Games vs. School Work

      i)        The computers in room 204 are intended first and foremost for school related work.  While it is acceptable to use these computers for non-school related reasons (gaming, etc.), students who need a computer for school work have priority!

      b)      Room 16

      i)        We are working on gaining access to room 16.  This will primarily be a “play” room!  Let us know if you have any usage suggestions for this room.


      3)      Fundraising Ideas

      a)      Bake Sale – date TBA

      b)      Alumni Telathon – next semester?

      c)      Please contact Ariel or Sarah if you have any fundraising suggestions.


      4)      CME T-shirts and Banners

      a)      We are looking for a CME member to design a logo for the club!  The logo will be used for t-shirts, banners, and anything else we deem necessary.


      5)      Math Field Day

      a)      Will be held on April 25th and 26th.

      b)      We need volunteers and ideas!  Contact Sarah Prince with any suggestions.


      6)      Robotics Club

      a)      The brand new Robotics Club will be holding its first meeting on Thursday, October 11th at 2:00pm in Snyder 16.

      b)      Contact Seth Cook with any questions (


      7)      Elections to Take Place Next Semester

      a)      At the end of the spring semester, we will hold CME officer elections.  If you are interested in running, now is the time to start talking to current officers to determine which office you may like to hold! 


      8)      Visit to Jefferson High School

      a)      We may try to plan a visit to Jefferson High School to meet with students.  Date of visit TBA.


      9)      Fright Night Plans

      a)      Please arrange payment with Sarah Prince.  She will be collecting money during the week of October 8th through October 12th.  If you would prefer to purchase your own ticket, please let her know.  Tickets are $21.95 per person.

      b)      Transportation:  We are still working on transportation details.  Keep an eye on the website for more details (Fall 2007 Events page).


      10)   Open for comments/suggestions

      a)      Begin using Snyder Room 16 for meetings (we were pretty crammed during this meeting).  Sarah will look into this suggestion and let you all know before the next meeting.


  • November 7th, 2007

    • Minutes not yet available


  •  December 5th, 2007

    • Minutes not yet available